Alice Gloeckner

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Alice Gloeckner

I am a six year old girl.

  • Move 2
  • Fight 2
  • Think 2
  • Speak 2
  • Care 3



  • It’s hard for me to concentrate when people are making noise.
  • It’s hard for me to like people when they boss me around.


  • I can run fast when Weisse tells me to.
  • I can be brave when bad people are being mean.


Positive Qualities

  • I am good at puzzles. (+2)
    • I am good at riddles. (+3)
    • I am good at reading. (+3)

Other Qualities

  • I am curious. (+1)
  • My parents like me best. (+1)

Negative Qualities

  • I see scary things. (-1)
  • I am not good at saying no. (-1)
  • People don’t like my brother (-1)


  • 7/7 - I feel fine
  • 7/7 - I feel sore (-2 point penalty)
  • 7/7 - I feel hurt (-4 point penalty)
  • 7/7 - I feel cold (-6 point penalty)

Wits: 6

Spirit: 10

Cool Stuff

Weisse: A white stuffed rabbit. The velvet on his nose is worn off and the buttons have long since fallen off his waistcoat and eyes. Clearly very loved.

  • Weisse is a good judge of character -- Weisse can tell me if someone is a bad guy. +1
  • Weisse is always in a hurry -- I want to be as fast as Weisse +2

Pocketwatch: A pocketwatch that Alice received from her grandmother. It is correct twice a day, and usually is wrapped around Weisse’s neck.

  • Stop time briefly-- Monsters get -3 to Fight because it cannot move as fast
  • Encourage teammates--- +2 to Fight
  • Speed up teammates -- +2 to Move
    • It’s so beaten up it would be hard to break it even more +1

Old Flyer Sled: A rickety old wooden sled with metal runner, that probably should have been revoked decades ago. It is painted red so obviously it is faster than other sleds.

  • SLED REALLY FAST + 1 to Move


My best friend is Weisse.

A grown-up I can trust is Mrs. Fitzsimmons, the old lady with all the cats next door whose grandson never visits.

I once lost an eraser. It was special to me because my teacher gave it to me for being the best at puzzles.

Scary Things

Monsters can’t hurt me when I am in my blankets or in the closet with Joel

Monsters can’t touch the pocketwatch that Weisse has around his neck.

I don’t go near hospitals because Joel warned me about them.

My biggest fear is my family not caring about me or not looking for me if I got lost.

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is that I am easily overlooked and ignored.

The thing that gets me into trouble is when I act out when I’m ignored.

When I get scared, I hug Weisse tight and try not to cry.

Tell me about your family

Joel is my big brother. He’s really good at drawing. He’s a little strange, but he’s still my big brother. I don’t even have to ask him to play tea party with me sometimes, but I wonder sometimes if he even likes me.

My mommy’s name is Silke. She works with numbers and wears suits and make-up and is pretty and is gone a lot.

My daddy’s name is Marco, and he works sometimes. When he is not working he sleeps and is grumpy. He is big and good at cooking food.

My biggest secret

Once I tripped and hurt myself and said Joel pushed me even when he didn’t.