Anthony Redhorn

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Anthony Redhorn

Shy and quiet, and prone to latching onto and elevating acquaintances to higher levels of trust and friendship than he should for the sake of being able to say he has a friend. His social skills are very much lacking and he has an awkward sense of humor.

The Basics

Age: 12

Favorite Thing: His dream-catcher

Stats and Skills

  • Feet: +3(P.E. +3, Kicking +0, Dodging +0,)
  • Guts: +3 (Wind +3, Courage +2 Wrestling +0)
  • Hands: +2 (Shop +0, Punching +0, Blocking +0, )
  • Brains: +4 (Out-Think +2, Remember +2, Notice +5,)
  • Face: +3 (Charm +1 Putdown+0 Connive +2)


  • Owls 2
  • Sylvia Redhorn 3
  • Charles Redhorn 1
  • Aiden Raine 2
  • Linda Cantella 2

Life Story

Owls. Tony loves owls so much. They remind him of his good friend, Muut.

Sylvia Redhorn. Tony’s older sister. A much more outspoken person in comparison to Tony, Tony really admires her and strives to be more friendly and sociable like her.

Charles Redhorn. Tony’s older brother. A smooth operator who is much more knowledgeable than him. Though their relationship is a little strained since Tony inherited Redhorn, he still looks up to Charles, especially regarding his know-how on Redhorn mythology.

Aiden Raine. They are awkward silent observation bros!

Linda Cantella: Record Store bonding. NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND.


Redhorn has been handed down and has found its way back to his family line since god knows when. He feels proud about it, and doesn’t really think of Redhorn as a monster, but as the actual Redhorn figure from mythology. He occasionally feels some guilt about being Redhorn’s host because he is not very knowledgeable about his heritage otherwise.

For a monster, Redhorn is not very monstery-looking. In fact, he looks essentially like a spectral Native American man with shockingly red hair, save for one strange feature. Or rather, two. In place of his earlobes he has two grinning faces, which act and speak independently of his normal face, and that whenever he’s visible he seems to shift like he can’t really decide what plane of perspective he wants to exist on, (which is understandable to Anthony, considering that he’s a personification of the cardinal directions in some myths.) Redhorn is a jovial sort of guy, and Anthony doesn’t seem to have much control over him. Anthony is often humbly requesting assistance rather than ordering Redhorn around. Redhorn comes and goes and he pleases, and has a tendency to laugh at the slightest provocation. Sometimes even when he is hiding in Tony’s gauges, which can be awkward.

Bits and Pieces

1 - 3 North 9d:

  • Useful (Obstuficate Direction), Defends, Tough x3, Area x3

4 - 6 East 9d:

  • Attacks (Red Arrow), Wicked Fast x3, Gnarly x2

7 South 5d:

  • Useful (Portable GPS)

8 - 10 West 8d: