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Episode 1 – The New Liberators

  • Description: Welcome to the Ashton Borough of Lexington, Virginia. Things are about to go to hell. Crime is on the rise and it is up to a new set of masked vigilantes to put it in check. For these young heroes, theirs will be a trial by fire.
  • Episode Time: 2:36:48

Episode 2 – Earth, Wind, and Fauna (Part 1)

  • Description: Hot on the wheels from their first success, the Ashton City Liberators are looking for a new bust to make.  It appears, however, that they’re not alone in their efforts.  There has been a string of assaults on students from Northern Lexington High School.  More bizarrely, a string of vandalism cases is causing some unrest in the community.  The Liberators have their work cut out for them.
  • Episode Time: 2:14:20

Episode 3 – Earth, Wind, and Fauna (Part 2)

  • Description: The vigilante troublemakers Flora and Fauna are still tearing their way across Ashton, and Mike Bentley is now in their sights. It’s up to the Liberators to come to the rescue, if they can.
  • Episode Time: 2:46:13

Episode 4 – The Joker and the Thief (Part 1)

  • Description: Ashton City is never stable. When a string of vandalism and assault around the city roars to life, it is up to the vigilantes to dispense justice. Their new adversary is of the theatrical variety. Playing cards featuring diamonds and spades are being left at the crime scenes. And all things become more complex as a new mask shows up on the case. Will the Ashton City Supers solve the case? Find out now!
  • Episode Time: 2:16:39

Episode 5 – The Joker and the Thief (Part 2)

  • Description: With the Ashton City Heroes completely baffled by their new adversary, they find themselves attacked from all angles. Opposing vigilantes are stacking up with slanderous vandalisms to put the pressure on. Can they keep the city safe, or will the Heroes be overcome?
  • Episode Time: 3:57:52

Episode 6 – In the Name of the Sun (Part 1)

  • Description: The High School’s Anime Club is gearing up for a big night, and they’ve turned to the local heroes for protection. Which sounds crazy, but someone is attacking school athletes in a magical girl costume. There’s a maniac on the loose, and it’s up to the Ashton City Supers to put a stop to him
  • Episode Time: 2:12:02

Episode 7 – In the Name of the Sun (Part 2)

  • Description: The masked villian posing as a Magical Girl is on the prowl for a big score. The anime club’s event is kicking off and the young Ashton City heroes are called upon to serve as security. Can they maintain their secret identities, enjoy the party, and save the day all at the same time?
  • Episode Time: 1:24:02

Episode 8 – The Tall Summers

  • Description: No rest for the wicked, nor teenage superheroes. A gang of boys is causing trouble on the east end. And to make things worse, a new super group has shown up, ready to rock the world of the Ashton City Heroes. They’re here to challenge the Ashton Heroes to prove who is the strongest once and for all.
  • Episode Time: 2:29:35

Episode 9 – Cooking the Books

  • Description: Diamonds and Spades are back in the game and up to their usual mischief. Though it appears their aggression is turning directly towards the Ashton City Liberators. It’s up to the Liberators to protect. . . themselves.
  • Episode Time: 2:36:05

Episode 10 - Streets of Ashton (Part 1)

  • Description: The Ashton City Heroes have been hard-pressed keeping their streets and school safe. They’ve done battle with the fiercest foes this side of Interstate-95, and put them down as hard as they can. But a new menace is rising, one that they might not be able to contain.
  • Episode Time: 1:48:34

Episode 11 - Streets of Ashton (Part 2)

  • Description: Ashton city is on fire. The Ashton City Liberators are engaged in a fight for the safety of their city and their lives. Can they triumph, or will they be ground under the evil of vigilantism?
  • Episode Time: 3:28:38

Episode 12 - All The Kings Men

  • Description: After crushing the menace of a prostitution ring in Ashton, the city’s young Supers are settling back into their normal schedule. But nothing stays normal, and nothing stays quiet in Ashton for long.
  • Episode Length: 2:28:12

Episode 13 - All The Kings Men (Part 2)

  • Description: The Ashton City Liberators and the Tall Summers have been collaborating on the takedown of one Jamie King, and following some research, the combined groups have found their way to his hideout: an old nip joint on the East End. Plans are set, and now it’s time to commit. Death to tyrants in Ashton City.
  • Episode Length: 2:40:59

Episode 14 - Beacon Street

  • Description: All of the King’s men have fallen and their leader has been dethroned. Beretta’s name has been cleared, and Giant Slayer’s beast has gone missing. One solved problem breeds three more for the Ashton City Supers.
  • Episode Length: 2:53:08

Episode 15 - Shopping With Song

  • Description: Metra Crowell is a strange, strange girl. For the beaten and bruised Ashton City Heroes, she presents a perfect mystery to be solved in their down time. And when new problems crop up in the High School, she might be the only one who can help the most.
  • Episode Length: 2:54:56

Episode 16 - Summer Is Coming

  • Description: Ryder is back and he’s missed a bunch of action. The Ashton City Heroes have to get him back into the swing of being a hero. High school life also beckons, as the school dance is coming up. Can our intrepid heroes find dates and save the day? Probably not.
  • Episode Length: 4:02:29

Episode 17 - Nailed It!

  • Description: An underground fighting ring has sprung up under the detection of the Ashton City Liberators. A former backyard wrestling association has picked up major cred and even more major funding, and has begun to attract pugilists from all over the city in fights resulting in real injuries. Worse, the heroes have heard that many students from their own school have gotten mixed up in the action. Can the city’s heroes end such barbarism?
  • Episode Length: 3:06:18

Episode 18 - Trust Fall

  • Description: Love is in the air, and villainy is afoot. Problems abound for the Ashton City Heroes, in their backyards and in their hearts. Can they keep it together through hormones and teenage angst to keep the city safe?
  • Episode Length: 3:02:05

Episode 19 – The Showdown

  • Description: After stumbling into an underground fighting ring, the Ashton City Heroes are plunged into a fight for their lives. But when a new challenger appears, the tables will be turned.
  • Episode Length: 3:18:03

Episode 20 – Save The Dance

  • Description: After surviving a brutal fight ring, the Ashton City Heroes face their toughest challenge yet: A School Dance. Will the heroes fall prey to teenage hormones? Or will something else rear its ugly head? Find out this week as the Ashton City Heroes “Save the Dance”.
  • Episode Length: 2:52:39

Episode 21 – Short Change Hero

  • Description: The day after the school dance, and things have not settled into normalcy for our young heroes. They need to regroup and sort out their own teenage selves while out in the Ashton City nights, an expert thief is stalking.
  • Episode Length: 3:32:52

Episode 22 – City of Villains

  • Description: After the revelation that someone has put a bounty on their heads the heroes try to go about their normal lives. But the promise of money and a fight has lured old and new challenger to Ashton. Can the Heroes survive in this “CITY OF VILLIANS”?!
  • Episode Length: 2:49:52

Episode 23 – Some Heroes

  • Description: After barely surviving the onslaught of a full city’s worth of villians, the Ashton City Heroes are weary of the bounty hanging over their heads and those trying to collect it. The heroes attempt to eke out a few mundane days. Can they possibly find a safe harbor from the storm, or will our young vigilantes be worn down to dust?
  • Episode Length: 3:56:28

Episode 24 – Hot Rider

  • Description: It’s time…to get XTREME. Dirt bike racing has come to Ashton City, and along with it, a host of troubles. Old faces and new threats have come crawling out of the woodwork. Their goals? Collect the bounty on the heads of our vigilantes.
  • Episode Length: 3:18:47

Episode 25 – The Longest Sunday

  • Description: Sunday night in Ashton City: streetlights, bright neon, and more crime than you can shake a stick at. For our heroes, what should have been a routine patrol quickly explodes in their faces, and becomes much, much more.
  • Episode Length: 4:24:17

Episode 26 – Rumor Has It

  • Description: The anti-vigilante Fauna wrecked the day of both MegaGirl and Spring-Heeled Jane, while they managed to uncover some new secrets of her abilities. Kageko was trapped by Diamonds and Spades, then soared into rescue King Rush and Tankgirl. All in all, an eventful night. Of course, their troubles aren’t over yet.
  • Episode Length: 4:03:43

Episode 27 – Where Ryder Improves His Social Skills

  • Description: Who are you afraid of? A revolving door of vigilantes and villains, and someone is taunting the Ashton City Heroes. Everyone loves a good riddle, but some riddles hide more than twist endings…
  • Episode Length: 3:56:11

Episode 28 – Off the Deep End

  • Description: After stopping petty crime, being trapped in a sewer, shoved into ISS, and hunted by bounty fiends, the Ashton City Heroes are ready for a break. Too bad they won’t get one.
  • Episode Length: 4:25:41

Episode 29 – Giant Slayer Saves the Day

  • Description: It has been the longest week. Kidnappings, revealed identities, rogue anti-vigilantes targeting the city’s crime elements, and a ridiculous riddle – and Giant Slayer missed all of it. Of course, this is Ashton City, and one never stays out of trouble for long…
  • Episode Length: 3:06:54

Episode 30 – Over My Head

  • Description: Diamonds has a tank, Fauna has been removed as a threat in as roundabout a way as possible, and now the heroes must plan a way of getting to Null. A typical week in Ashton; straight from danger into danger. But first, school beckons and exams loom.
  • Episode Length: 5:25:16

Episode 31 – All Fall Down

  • Description: The architect of the bounty on the Ashton Liberator’s heads has been found. They finally know the name of their enemy: John Greystone Jr. Yet before they can act, the heroes are called into action to save Spades from the nefarious Tattooed Man!
  • Episode Length: 4:22:57