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August is of average height and build, with a rather long face and wispy blonde hair. Has a predisposition towards long sleeved button-up shirts, usually plaid, usually subdued colors. 14 years old.

The Basics

Favorite Thing: His collection of pulp fiction. They help him feel closer to his father and grandfather.

Personality: Not known to cause too much trouble. Is perfectly willing to stick up for himself if need be, though.


  • Feet 3 (P.E. +0, Kicking +0, Dodging +0, Soccer +2)
  • Guts 3 (Wind +1, Courage +3, Wrestling +0) Urticating Hair, Web Sac
  • Hands 4 (Shop +2, Punching +0, Blocking +0) Sticky Fingers
  • Brains 4 (Out-Think +2, Remember +2, Notice +2)
  • Face 3 (British +3, Smarmy Bullshit +3, Connive +1)


  • Urticating Hair 3 - Attacks, Wicked Fast
  • Web Sac 3 - Useful(make silk)
  • Sticky Fingers 3 - Useful(sticks to erryting)


  • 3 - Father, Jefferson Hughes
  • 1 - Grandfather, Baxter Hughes
  • 2 - Manny
  • 1 - Nele


  • 3 - The ancient African spirit, Buibui

The Reel Deel

August’s grandfather was the millionaire adventurer, Baxter Hughes. On one of his many trips to the Heart of Africa, he encountered a lost tribe of natives who worshipped the spider god, “Buibui,” who took on the form of Goliath Birdeaters to interact with them. Baxter himself had several encounters with the spirit during his time there, and eventually was forced to defend the tribe from invaders. In a last ditch effort to save the people he had come to know and love, Baxter accepted a loaded deal Buibui offered. Buibui would grant him the strength and the powers of the Spider in exchange for his firstborn son on his 21st birthday. The spirit would “take back what Baxter was lent.”

Years later, Baxter and his native wife, Adila (“Justice”), had their firstborn son, Jefferson. Jefferson was a rebellious child, though he followed in his father’s footsteps in his own way. He moved to America at 18 with his “hussy,” Marylin (as his father put it), to get out from under his father’s shadow and make his own way. Marylin had August a mere 6 months after they were married upon arriving in America.

2 years later, Marylin and Jefferson died in a car wreck. Unbeknownst to any of the family, Buibui decided to use Jefferson’s body after the wreck as a temporary vessel, morphing it as best it could, while slowly changing August to be “a more appropriate host befitting the Spider God.” August was taken into a New England boarding school and remained there until the family money ran out at 13 years. He was shipped off to the nearby city of Troy and has been residing at Mrs. Frieda’s for almost a year.

Look out, here comes the Spider Kid!

“Family Home Evening” (2):

  • At the end of the day, Manny invited himself into August and Tyson’s room, where they bonded over Mario Kart 64 (Manny +1).

“This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” (4):

  • August used his charming British wit to ease the Gossip Girls’ suspicion of Nele (British +2). Vague memories Jefferson’s tales of Grandad Baxter start to arise with Condor’s reveal (Remember +2).

“Wherein Mrs. Frieda Is Called Fat” (3):

  • August egged on the fight between Manny and Nele (Putdown +1). He helps patch up Nele afterwords and they have a bonding moment over family or lack thereof (+1 Nele).

“Spider Queen and the Quest For a Better Watch” (2):

  • At the end of a grueling day of interrogation, Manny revealed his “true nature” to August as some sort of devil... demon... child... thing. August thought it was way cool (+1 Manny).

“Biting the Bullet” (2):

  • August’s interception of the warden utilized MAXIMUM MOSY (+2 P.E.).

“Chaos After the Bomb” (3):

  • August tried to play the hero and look for George (+1 Courage, +2 Dodging).

“Camp LaFey” (2):

  • A little well-needed R&R! (+1 Brains).

“Inception” (3):

  • YOU AREN’T MY FATHER (+1 Baxter Hughes).

“Ghost Story” (2):

“Mall Rat” (2):