Caleb "2Dope" Andrews / Shawty McKean

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Short kid with short brown hair, blue eyes, and lip ring. Decently muscled, but not a bodybuilder. Typically clad in a visor beanie, t-shirt and jacket or sports jersey, some cheap chains, baggy jeans, and hi-top sneakers.

The Basics

AGE: 14

HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: 5'5" and 160 lbs.

FAVORITE THING: His Airsoft Deagle

PARENTS: Joel and Karen Andrews. They’ve learned to put up with the 2dope madness because they “know” that this attitude is just a phase and he’ll grow out of it.

PERSONALITY: Generally sorta tough and acts like he's in a rap video to anyone he doesn't know too well. To his friends, he's definitely a lot more reserved and calm, and generally willing to go out of his way.


By The Numbers

  • Feet 2/2 (P.E. +2, Kicking +0, Dodge +1)
  • Guts 5/5 (Wind +0, Courage +3, Wrestling +2)
  • Hands 3/3 (Shop +0, Punching +2, Blocking +0, Pop It Like It's Hot +2, Sweet Double Bass +5)
  • Brains 2/2 (Notice +4, Out-Think +1, Remember +0)
  • Face 4/4 (Charm +0, Putdown +2, Connive +0, "Street Cred" +3)


  • Manny (3/3) - His first and, so far, only friend since moving to this stupid town.
  • Grand Theft Auto (2/2) - Used typically to enforce “thug life”
  • MySpace Fans (2/2) - Cuz all gangstas have a myspace page


Caleb's a regular "street" kid from Albany, New York (but he won't admit that without a lot of prodding). He moved here sometime during the summer (it's presumed, these kids don't recall seeing him in Middle School, but he seems to know a lot about things in this town and about the kids in his class). As "street" as Caleb acts, he lives in the Suburb of Dairy River and lives a home life that is anything but "street."

His Monster, Shawty McKean, is very obviously permanently crippled. Caleb will admit that Shawty had gotten in a bad fight and it hurt him a lot. He doesn't say much more.

MONSTER: Shawty McKean

Description: 3-Foot Tall Bipedal Rabbit crackling with black lightning. Every time he makes contact with a surface, he discharges a shockwave of negative energy.

Personality: Slow and pensive, with a flair for the dramatic. Speaks with the voice of James Earl Jones.

Favorite Thing: Knowing Everything.

Way to Hide: Hops into Negative Space. He can jump in with a simple flash, or he can rend reality with his claws and walk through a gaping portal of black lightning.

Note: Shawty is a weaker monster, having been defeated a long time back by very powerful forces.

1 - 3 Hopping Feet 7d:

  • Defends (dodge), Useful(Jump 5 mins into the past or future), Sharing

4 - 7 Distorted Body 7d:

  • Attacks (Tesla Fur), Defends(Warp Spacetime), Awesome x2,
  • Useful (Bend Light, Telepathy, See Across this Reality and Beyond)

8 - 10 Tearing Claws 6d:

  • Attacks, Useful (Cut open doors in space), Gnarly x2, Wicked Fast x1

Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)

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