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Call of Cthulhu – Deep in the Bayou (Part 1)

  • Description: Louisiana, 1926. A desperate group of Cajun residents around the small town of Montegut has posted a large reward for any information related to a series of missing persons. The victims were apparently snatched from their homes with little trace. Enter the rival teams of Castle Investigations and Coen Investigations. The two teams are enigmatic duos of P.I.s, hard-boiled and ready to take on anything. As the session opens, they have high-tailed it to Montegut to crack the case of the missing Cajuns. What awaits them is a town conspicuously clean, conspicuously uniform, and secretly deadly. Their journey will take them through the town and its secrets, and deep into the bayou, where a greater horror works.
  • Episode Time: 2:01:47

Call of Cthulhu – Deep in the Bayou (Part 2)

  • Description: Last session, our protagonists witnessed the murder of one Patrick Whitaker by vicious unearthly monsters. Carrie Coen was driven briefly insane upon witnessing this murder, and her partner and Castle Investigations began separately digging into the case. Vince and Mike backtracked Whitaker’s trail and found his car destroyed, in a manner as if his attackers had been enjoying the hunt. Anthony Campbell, learned of the Owl’s Brotherhood and that the murdered Patrick Whitaker was on a mission to visit someone named “Mallard,” a “crazy old hermit” in the Bayou on their behalf. As night descended, Castle Investigations took up residence in Montegut’s hotel, setting up an ad hoc darkroom. The best photo, crystal clear, showed two dog-monsters made of flesh and bone, the smaller tearing into Whitaker’s throat, the larger staring directly into the camera with a scary, dark intelligence.

Call of Cthulhu – Just Vengeance

  • Description: Hartford, Connecticut: the North End. One of the most dangerous districts in one of the nastiest cities in America. It’s a grey, snowy morning in the middle of Winter 2010, and horrible things are afoot. One Kevin Goff has been found brutally murdered in the remnants of his car. Something has literally torn him limb from limb in the night, leaving the evidence sitting in the middle of the street. Now a team of FBI investigators must attempt to track down the killer before they strike again and set off a wave of violence across the North End. Because Kevin Goff is not a simple victim of gang violence; he is a man with terrible secrets.

Call of Cthulhu – Lover Before The Ice

  • Description: 1967 Brazil: RYAN WHITEHEAD, hot off the success of his first novel (Man Jesus with the Golden Arm) has become a revered author in the growing American counter-culture. Described as “the next Hunter Thompson rising from the swamps of Southern Gothic,” the author has his pick of book deals and assignments. Seeking to cash-in on his long-awaited success, Whitehead signs a contract with Blammo! magazine for a cover piece. The determining factor in his decision? Free tickets to Brazil and a per diem for alcohol. The piece is meant to cover construction of the Transamazon Highway. After the coup of ’64, the military government promised the people they’d cut a highway through the untamed jungle that ran the length of the entire river. Rumor has it that the encampment of the workers, nicknamed “Little Altamira,” is a lawless border town of drugs, sex, and every other vice imaginable. The town limps behind the steamrollers, rebuilding itself every day so it can party all through the night. Blammo! is eager for a piece over this lawless bordertown in Whitehead’s inimitable style. At the insistence of the author, accompanying is ALBERT CAPCHKA, Ryan’s life-long friend, lawyer, and drug dealer. Making sure the boys actually do some writing at the end of all their partying is GABRIELLA LARENTINO, a Portuguese immigrant, editor for the magazine’s feminist coverage, and all-around professional stickler. Together, they head down the river to intercept Little Altamira as it cuts its way across the jungle. Then things go terribly wrong, of course.   This was one of the Skype sessions run by Hebanon Games and RPPR’s own Caleb Stokes, for his successfully funded Kickstarter “No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression.” Be sure to check out Hebanon Games ASAP!
  • Episode Time: 2:58:38

Call of Cthulhu – Revelations

  • Description: 1938: Toil, Illinois. A peaceful town that has weathered the hells of the Great Depression on the backs of its hard-working inhabitants and their soybean crop. Toil is a good town, a righteous town, a place for good people to live and grow. But Toil holds claim to a desperate secret. And now that secret is about to be unleashed. Revelations is a product of Hebanon Games, and can be found here.
  • Episode Time: 2:51:40

Call of Cthulhu – Die High Playtest

  • Description: The News 88 Heliteam is a crack team of journalists, seasoned in the field. They’ve seen it all. Until now. It’s July of 2012, and the News Team is finishing a report on a police chase winding its way through Chicago when they see something horrific happen at several hundred feet in the air. The upper reaches of Chicago hold a terrifying entity, and it won’t take an ace reporter to figure out it can get very lonely up in the sky.
  • Episode Time: 3:40:32

Call of Cthulhu – Operation: Carpetbagger

  • Description: June 30th, 1944. The Allied Invasion of Europe is less than a week away, and the 492nd Bombardment Group – the “Carpetbaggers” – are building up to a massive concerted effort to drop spies and supplies to resistance groups inside Fortress Europa. Their delivery vessels are specially modified B-24 Liberators designed to be as stealthy as possible. The nighttime missions are dangerous and desperate, and it will require a mixture of daring, skill, and tenacity in order to survive.
  • Episode Time: 2:29:42

Call of Cthulhu – The Night Floors

  • Description: When a missing girl’s apartment turns up a disturbing amount of evidence, three NYPD detectives find themselves plunged into something beyond their wildest nightmares. As the man said: sometimes you can check in whenever you like, but good luck leaving.
  • Episode Time: 1:55:49

Call of Cthulhu – Cold Dead Hand

  • Description: It’s Monday, August 19th, 1991. Yesterday, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev was removed from office in a coup arranged by hard-line communists in his government. Protests against the coup are breaking out across the Soviet Union. Nationalist insurgents in the various Soviet republics are declaring independence from the illegitimate State Committee for the state of emergency. This story follows members of a Soviet Spetsnaz, or Special Forces, unit chosen for their political prowess and physical fitness. After months of intense training and as much as two years of service in Afghanistan for some, they are hardened combat veterans. Many suspect that the coup plotters intend to use the reliable Spetsnaz units to bully the opposition into line. However, fate has intervened and this Spetsnaz unit has been kicked out of bed for a less political, but even more pressing assignment.
  • Episode Time: 3:16:41

Coyote Cops

Call of Cthulhu – Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays

  • Description: Last month, people began disappearing near the southern edge of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, west of Phoenix, Arizona. As the Arizona highway patrol and the Apache tribal police began to investigate, they noticed more disappearances connected to that area. Tourists and locals have vanished along State Road 70 along with an Apache sheep rancher, Victorio Begay, and his wife and kids – plucked seemingly right from their beds. The national press has already picked up the story, dubbing the stretch of road “The Devil’s Highway.” FBI Special agents Erin Honeycutt and Barnabus Keene  have been brought in to head the investigation – using the pretext that since there were no bodies, the disappearances are kidnappings and not murders. But State Road 70 hides a dark secret, one that will kill to protect itself.
  • Episode Time: 2:51:29

Call of Cthulhu – Disciples of the Worm

  • Description: Having survived their encounter with the entity known as The Traveler, Special Agents Keene and Honeycutt find themselves tasked by Ms. Green to investigate a multiple homicide in the desert. There, they find a man clinging to life, and a door that opens onto an ancient, horrible secret.
  • Episode Time: 2:29:47

Fall Without End

Call of Cthulhu – The Fall Without End (Part 1)

  • Description: 1931: North Peak of Mount McKinley: from base to peak, it is the tallest mountain on land, and 3rd highest point above sea level on the entire earth. At 20,320 feet tall, its twin peaks dominate the horizon for much of the Alaskan wilderness, prompting the natives to call it Denali, meaning “the tall one.” Mount McKinley holds a prize for those daring enough to climb it, but the mountain is fierce. It will not give up its summit easily. The Fall Without End is a Hebanon Games Scenario. It can be found here.
  • Episode Time: 2:17:41

Call of Cthulhu – The Fall Without End (Part 2)

  • Description: Halfway to the summit of Mount McKinley, three teams of prospective American Heroes cling to the ice in desperation. Above them, their goal lies swaddled in creatures that defy imagining. Below them, only failure and the sweeping of their names from history. Which will they chose? The Fall Without End is a Hebanon Games Scenario. It can be found here.
  • Episode Time: 2:11:39

Dead Letter

Call of Cthulhu – Dead Letter (Part 1)

  • Description: ATTENTION CELL M: Contact Point: University District Post Office, Berkeley, California Date/Time: September 6th, noon Mission Objectives: Determine the source and the nature of the biological anomaly. Determine level of involvement of the intended recipients of the biological anomaly. Determine level of threat to national security and public safety created by whomever or whatever is responsible for the biological anomaly. Neutralize any immediate threats with a minimum of exposure. If violations of federal law have been committed, determine whether charges can be prosecuted without exposure of the public to information about preternatural or paranormal phenomena. If those responsible can be brought to justice without exposing the Group or the existence of preternatural or paranormal phenomena, then do so.   If the threat of exposing the Group or the existence of preternatural or paranormal phenomena is too great, “alternative methods” of resolving the situation are authorized. Be seeing you…
  • Episode Time: 1:56:11

Call of Cthulhu – Dead Letter (Part 2)

  • Description: The Delta Green agents have arrived in the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana, and are on the trail of the mysterious package sender and Amalgamated BioCorp. Old secrets and deadly new ones will be dredged up.
  • Episode Time: 3:28:59

Call of Cthulhu – Dead Letter (Part 3)

  • Description: Amalgamated BioCorp is making good old fashioned zombies with a brand new recipe. Unfortunately, their backers have arrived to begin an accounting. Dr. Arnold Crisp, aiding the investigators of Delta Green, has put himself squarely in danger. The future of a great many things will be determined here in the mountains, where dead things walk and talk.
  • Episode Time: 2:30:05