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The place is actually called Mrs. Frieda’s Home for Children, and it is a government sponsored halfway home for orphans and children that’ve been removed from bad home environments. So why’s it got a reputation so bad that it’s called on the streets “Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home for Terrible Freakish Children?”

Because it’s usually your own damn fault if you wind up in here. Everyone in this home has a secret. A past. A thing they’ve done or experienced that leaves a stain of guilt on their sleeve that they try so desperately to hide. And the bulk of them? Well, that’s the whole reason they’re here, and that’s why no one ever adopts them. What self respecting couple wants to adopt a kid they’ve heard was abandoned by their parents for electrocuting to death not one, not two, but three of the family’s housepets? Yeah, you guessed it: no one.

That’s not to say that everything is so bad. Or that everyone is so bad, for that matter. Some of these kids just can’t help it. They did their bad thing when they were much younger, but all the adults in this town just can’t see how well they’ve matured over the years. No amount of cutesy talk and good grades removes “burning your daddy’s tool shed” from your record.

Some kids are open about the things that brought them in here, some are not. Most are fairly happy go lucky and some were brought here because they were just that bad, and they haven’t exactly stopped being that bad. Heck, maybe you’re not even so bad. Maybe you’re just here by coincidence alone! Well kid, sorry to say it, but the luck of the draw isn’t on your side; no matter how innocent or how guilty you may be, you’ve wound up in Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home for Terrible Freakish Children.