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My name is Chris Zalien

I am a 10 year old boy.

My birthday is August 27th.

I am a Leader and a Thinker.

I have green eyes and short blond hair. I’m usually very well dressed; I like to make a good impression, especially on adults.

I also wear a pair of thick-framed glasses; I don’t actually really need glasses, but I like how they make me look smart.

  • Move 2
  • Fight 2
  • Think 4
  • Speak 5
  • Care 2



  • It’s tough for me to talk to people who mistreat me.
  • It’s tough for me to think when I’m scared.


  • I can move better when following a plan.
  • I can care more when it’s about people who’ve been nice to me.


  • 6/6 Fine
  • 6/6 Sore (-2)
  • 6/6 Hurt (-4)
  • 6/6 Cold (-6)

Belief: 10

Spirit: 8

Wits: 8



  • I am Smart (+2)
    • I’m good at planning (+3)
    • I have an excellent memory (+3)


  • I’m good at speaking to adults (+2)
  • I’m good at keeping my composure (+3)
  • I’m good at public speaking (+1)


  • I’m weak (-2)
  • I’m uncool (-1)
  • I have a stupid name (-1)

Cool Stuff

My Glasses

  • Smart people wear glasses! Therefore, glasses make you smart! (+3 Think)

My Family’s Logo

  • No one’s better than the Zalien Family! (-1 damage)

The Wristband My Brother Gave Me

  • He’s my brother, and he can fight, so I can fight too! (+1 Fight)

Homing Easter Egg of Holding

  • Can hold as much of any one thing/substance as is needed (1 point)
  • Is incredibly accurate (+2 Move)

Awesome Fedora Mette Gave Me

  • It ain’t no thang. (+2 to Care for Wits checks)
  • You have to listen to the one in the Fedora! (+3 to Speak checks)


My best friend is Joshua, a computer whiz.

A grown-up I can trust is my brother, Bart.

I once lost my watch. It was special to me because my brother gave it to me.

Scary Things

Monsters can’t hurt me as long as I’m at the library.

Monsters can’t touch my coin collection.

I don’t go near Alger St. because my brother got mugged there.

My biggest fear is that I’ll disappoint my family.

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is my weak body. When people won’t listen to what I have to say I don’t have anything to fall back on.

The thing that gets me into trouble is my desire to prove I’m right.

When I get scared, I rationalize the situation, and think of why it can’t be as bad as it seems.

Tell me about your family

I live in a house with my mom, my dad, and my brother. My mom and dad own a bunch of stores and spend a lot of time visiting them and looking at records. My brother is in highschool and is really popular, especially with girls.

My biggest secret

I don’t actually need to wear glasses; my mom and dad both wear glasses and it makes them look super smart, and I want to look smart too.