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Kid - Daniel Kerington


Tall, lean, and well-muscled for his age. Daniel is actually about as strong as a mid-twenty something in fairly good shape, which most certainly defies what most expect from a fourteen or fifteen year old boy.

Parents: Harold and Susan Kerington

DoB: 6/10/1996

Favorite Thing: Damsels in Distress and Sweet Corn

Personality: HEROIC! Daniel generally tries to help anyone and everyone he can, making him appear decidedly heroic by nature--especially since he’s only good at hitting things . . . like bullies or other such antagonists. He beats himself up endlessly if he ever fails to save someone in a time in need.


  • Feet 2/3 (P.E. +5, Kicking +0, Dodge +2)
  • Guts 3/4 (Wind +1, Courage +5, Wrestling +3) (5 total, -1 point of scar damage)
  • Hands 5 (Shop +1, Punching +0, Blocking +1, Swordplay +5)
  • Brains 4 (Out-Think +4, Remember +0, Notice +0)
  • Face 2 (Charm +5, Putdown +0, Connive +0)


Saucy Broads (5)*, Distressed Dames (2), “The Meek, the Weak, and the Wounded” (3)

* This is pretty much just Everett.


  • Sword-cane: Width +1 (with scars)

Monster - Mille e Unas Taglio (One Thousand and One Swords)


Four unique swords. The first three of them have intricate chakrams around the hilt, acting as handguards.

  • La Primera Noche - A thin, black chakram-sword, constructed to grant the unbridled power of fire.
  • L’Seconde Allument - A thin, silver chakram-sword, built to emulate the encompassing range and power of lightning.
  • Il Terzo Tempesta - A serrated edge chakram-sword, built to mirror the quickness, grace, and tenacity of storms.
  • Saishuu no Houka - A zanbatou, six feet of sheet metal on a long stick. This weapon has no elemental theme.

My monster’s personality: Calm and collected. She shares Daniel’s heroic tendencies (thus her attraction to the boy as her retainer), but is vastly less vocal about it. She rarely, if ever, speaks to anyone but Daniel. Modern marvels confound her; she is incapable of understanding machines, mechanical devices, or modern fashion senses.

My monster’s history: Mille is the wayward spirit of a legendary heroine of antiquity. Legends say that in her pursuit of justice, she mastered one thousand and one swords. As a “monster,” she does not manifest physically, as she is little more than a ghost. Instead, she follows around hosts with strong warrior spirits, granting them use of several of her powerful swords. As she has (supposedly) a thousand and one to choose from, she usually grants these heroic figures weapons that mesh well with their personalities.

My monster’s favorite thing: Salvation of the weak, the meek, and the wounded.

My monster’s way to hide: Coins. Unless manifested, all four blades are reduced to small, unique coins that Daniel carries in his pocket. As Mille herself is just a wayward spirit, she is constantly “hiding.” Relationships that my monster has stolen or borrowed: None, yet

Bits and Pieces

  • 1 - 2 La Primera Noche 8d: Attacks (blade), Defends (chakram hilt), Burn, Immunity (Burn)
  • 3 - 4 L’Seconde Allument 7d: Attack (blade) Defends (chakram hilt), Useful(Stun), Splash x 1
  • 5 - 7 Il Terzo Tempesta 8d: Attack (blade), Defends (chakram hilt), Wicked Fast x3, Gnarly x 2, Useful (controls wind)
  • 8- 10 Saishuu no Houka 9d: Attack (blade), Defends (blade/hilt), Tough x 3, Area x2

What Were We Doing, Again?

Experience: 2/45

  • +1 to Face (originally 1), gained from physical resistance gained from being hit in the face so many times.
  • +1 to Courage (originally 4), gained from having the Courage to face down the Sentai Rangers.
  • +1 to Guts (originally 4), gained from having the Guts to withstand Everett’s attacks when she was driven mad by the Pink Ranger’s weapon.
  • +2 to P.E. (originally 3), gained from the rigorous exercise of training with Charles Hammerfist and running all the hell around Battletopia.
  • +1 to Hands (originally 4), gained from the experience of swinging Mille around for so long, up until the end of Sucrose Park.
  • +3 to Swordplay (originally 2), gained from the experience of wielding Mille regularly all summer, up until the end of Sucrose Park.
  • -1 to Guts (originally 5), lost due to scar damage taken when he was run through by the Grinning Man.
  • +1 to the Saucy Broads relationship (originally 2), evident in his ever growing devotion in ensuring Everett’s safety--so much that he pulled himself out of a hospital bed, gaping hole still in his chest, and fought off echoes of the Grinning Man to rescue her, regardless of the harm done to his body to do so.
  • +1 to Wind (originally 0), gained from the trauma of being blasted in the face by a Buttz fart. It certainly knocked him out, but he’ll be ready for it next time.
  • +2 to Out-Think (originally 0). Daniel . . . is . . . he's getting smarter. I . . . what?
  • +2 to Brains (originally 1). Hm. Maybe it had something to do with eating that apple. Wait, what? It-- it keeps happening. His brain is working better with time.
  • +1 to Blocking (originally 0). Man. I . . . I really need to work on that. I mean, hell, I can do this with a sword, but not my hands? That's kind of lame.
  • +1 to Charm (originally 1). Peaceful negotiation is the way, man.
  • +1 to the relationship with Saucy Broads (originally 3). When he was fighting Finn again, he was nearly killed. In the end, one thing got him through it: "I want to see Everett again."
  • +1 to the relationship with The Meek, the Weak, and the Wounded (originally 2). Had to defend his friends, had to get a gun and shoot their way out.
  • +1 to Shop (originally 0). Did I mention he shot a gun? That was weird. First time he ever did that.
  • +1 to the relationship with Saucy Broads (originally 4). She said he could live with her. Not just stay at her house sometimes, but actually live with her. And then, he could've sworn during his fit of depression that she called him her boyfriend. It's . . . it's something he's filed away to ask about later.
  • +2 to Out-Think (originally 2). The Cult thinks fast. Daniel thinks faster.
  • +3 to Charm (originally 2). Finally, it's come to pass that not everything should be solved by punching it. Throughout this journey, Daniel's slowly grown to talk things out more and more. By now, he's gotten incredibly good at it.