Diane Baker

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African American. Hair straightened and put in a somewhat poofy high ponytail with brown highlights. Wide round eyes. Wears a nice green dress when not in uniform. Always wears her sister’s pearl necklace.

By The Numbers


Favorite Thing: Her sister Annabel's pearl necklace. Given to Annabel by one of her boyfriends. She kept it longer than she kept the boyfriend. She gave it to Diane as a birthday gift. Diane treasures it, especially since her sister doesn’t have as much time to spend with her anymore.

Stats and Skills

  • Feet 1 (Dodging +0, Kicking +0, PE +1)
  • Guts 3 (Courage +3, Wind +0, Wrestle +0)
  • Hands 4 (Blocking +0, Punching +0, Shop +2)
  • Brains 3 (Notice +3, Out-think +3, Remember +2)
  • Face 5 (Charm +3, Connive +1, Putdown +0, Cash +3)


  • Linda 3
  • Mom and Dad 1
  • Knitting 1
  • Older Sister Annabel 3
  • Pete Willows 2

Life Story


Linda - Diane might have been intimidated by her before, but now Diane believes that the investigation has formed a bond between the two. And Linda seem like a nice person deep down inside.

Mom and Dad - When they came to America, they were nothing more then a French business man and a Moroccan pharmacist. Together, they were able to build Baker Pharmaceuticals, a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Their business takes first priority and they rarely have time to spend with their family.

Knitting - Diane took up the hobby when she was 10 and has grown proficient in it since.

Older Sister Annabel - Age 19. The closest family member Diane has at any given time. Bookish and serious, Annabel will most likely be the one to head up the company. Recently, Annabel has started undergoing the training to take on the role of a supervisor. Diane looks up to Annabel and is proud of her achievements. However, Diane worries that her sister is becoming just as distant as her parents.

Pete - Pete and Diane met two years ago. Diane had tripped and fallen during the mile run of the presidential fitness test. He helped her up and she decided to thank by offering him dinner at a fancy restaurant. Soon one thing lead to another and they have been going steady ever since. Diane likes to dote on Pete with gifts, although she notices he seems to appreciate the gifts she makes by hand more then the ones she just buys. She sometimes worries that he pushes himself to hard in his endeavors, but trusts he knows what his limits are. Common interests include going to beaches, stargazing, and game-show tv.


Appears as a strong demon(Red skin, horns, pouted ears...) in an overcoat. The overcoat is filled with various herbs and bit of jewelry, as well as a compass. Despite his demonic appearance, his face makes him look gentle and non-threatening.

Bits and Pieces

1 - 3 Herbal Remedies 10d:

  • Useful(Mediarama) Awesome x2, Spray, Area x2

4 - 7 Strong Body 10d:

  • Attacks(fists), Defends, Useful (lift things), Tough x5, Wicked Fast x3

8 - 10 Sage Wisdom 9d:

  • Useful(Find a lost object), Useful (invisibility), Useful (Identify ailment), Awesome x2, Sweet x1, Sharing