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Doug Price

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He’s tall for his age, with dark hair that’s parted in the middle. Wears jeans and shirts from Immortal Fashions that make mention of the store he bought them from. His dad manages the local Burgertown, managing to get him a part-time job there (despite how he’s just under the age limit).

The Basics

Age: 14 (15 in September, though)

Favorite Thing: Immortal Fashions Inc. TM © (Esquire)

Personality: Outgoing, Non-Confrontational, and Passive-Aggressive. Manipulative Bastard


  • Feet 5 (P.E. +3, Kicking +0, Dodge +0)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +3, Courage +1, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 2 (Shop +2, Punching +0, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 2 (Out-Think +1, Remember +1, Notice +2)
  • Face 5 (Charm +3, Putdown +0, Connive +3)

Relationships: Marty Price (2/3), Immortal Fashions Inc. (1/2), Geromy, the Cat City BattlePet BattleMaestro (1)

Life Story

Doug Price is your average kid, living an average life in Mount Pleasant, an average middle class suburb. One day, he came home after an average day at school to find his parents fighting about an average mistress. Following a few months of average domestic squabbles and an average divorce proceeding, he was left with his average father, and they moved into a pretty average apartment complex.

Doug’s mother eventually remarried to some buff Grecian dude. Doug’s only met him once, and didn’t care for him, but then again, he never really cares for anything his mother does. He also has a half-sister (Jenny something-or-other) that he doesn’t talk to.

It may not have ever shown, but the divorce did have an effect on Doug. He and his parents were never particularly close (since they both worked during the day), but they left him his videogames. He probably wouldn’t have made it through the divorce proceedings without BattlePet Network. After the separation, though, the money for games ran out and he learned to appreciate more physical activities. BattlePet (and his old life) sorta drifted to the wayside about the time middle school rolled around. He joined the Casimir Polaski Junior High cross-country team and jumped into the poser crowd.

Despite his outward appearance, Doug’s a nerd at heart. It just takes really nostalgic stuff and/or videogames for that side to present itself. He watches BattlePet Network, but he’d never admit to it (though occasionally he slips).

Monster - LeadBot the Useless Robot


A man-sized robot with an old color TV for a head and skinny arms and legs made from some kind of conduit. Hands and feet are somewhat oversized. Doug dressed him up like a hipster to make him look “a little more refined”.

By The Numbers

Personality: Really enthusiastic about everything. Probably somewhat ADD. If insulted, he’ll take it as a compliment.

Favorite Thing: Videogames

Way to Hide: Teleports back to his ship

Bits and Pieces

  • 1 - 3 CPU and Comm-Link 9d:
    • Attacks(Orbital Laser Cannon), Gnarly x2, Wicked Fast x2, Useful(Teleport) Useful (Infra-Vision)
  • 4 - 6 Skintanium Alloy 10d:
    • Defends, Tough x3, Bounce x2
  • 7 - 8 Hydraulic Limbs 8d:
    • Defends (Dodge), Useful (Heave-HO!), Attacks (Taser Knuckles!)
  • 9 - 10 Stereo Speaker System 7d:
    • Useful(Stun / Resonate), Attacks (THESE GO TO 11!), Area x2

The Downlow

He’s actually from space. He came down to earth for reasons unknown and forgot his mission when he crashed down. His original head was destroyed, and so his repair program replaced it with the first available object. There is a spaceship in high earth orbit that he’s in constant contact with. He can draw on its powers from time to time to do extraordinary things. He just doesn’t quite understand how it works.

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Exp: 4/16


  • +1 Guts, +1 Courage: The Grinning Man drove Doug to being scared shitless. Eventually Doug got tired of being scared and just started getting angry. He grew all kinds of crazy and raged his way through the horror. “STOP STANDING THERE AND JUST FUCKING DO SOMETHING!”

. . .for the Camera

  • +1 Notice - Leadbot’s a dumb. I gotta start looking for things myself.

Frog of War

  • +1 Face, +1 Charm: Doug’s a party kid. Went to the party place and hung with the party people. Also stole the party stuff.


  • +1 Face: Doug's a great dude when he's got a constant supply of rainbowpium.