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Red haired, short (4’9), scrawny, and precocious (“quit wearing clothes like that, you look silly”). She has five tally marks carved into the right side of her face, a scar she almost always hides with her bangs. The wound was actually so bad that some of her right-side teeth had to be pulled and are permanently missing.

In the eyes of those around her, Emma is a generally precocious and sometimes mischievous young girl. She’s exceptionally intelligent and tactically devious, defeating everyone in her age group--and even most adults--in any and all battles of wits. She’s seen as carefree, happy, and confident, which all awards her a number of friends in school--friends she usually “leads” in all intellectual pursuits.

Under the surface, though . . .

When she was eleven, she was assaulted by her father during a fit of drunken fury. He carved tallies into her cheeks, despite her protests, and after kicking him in the crotch, she ran away. She’s been with child services ever since.

This is problematic for her “style” in many ways, of course. From what the folk running the half-way house can tell (and actively try to restrict), Emma fancies older boys (late teens/early twenties) for being intellectually on par with herself and has no qualms actively seeking an older boyfriend. Secondly, she does science with plants that may or may not be legal according to United States law. Apparently she used to sell them as raw materials for pharmaceutical companies.

The second issue, which only a very select few are aware of, is that Emma is haunted by an eldritch horror from beyond time and space. He tells her to do horrible things. Sometimes she listens.

The Basics

Age: 13 (just turned)

Favorite Thing(s): Science, mischief, and legally questionable gardening.


Needlessly mature for her age, Emma is mostly all right with everyone around her until one of two issues come up: 1. aggression, or 2. lectures about what girls her age should and should not do. Emma prefers to live without boundaries, which can often get her into trouble, especially when she’s doing something or the rather that a girl shouldn’t ever do before the age of 18. Or 21, for that matter.

Honestly, she just doesn’t care about age rolls. She’s been through hell and back before, and may as well have aged a decade in a single night. Emma thus feels superior to those of her age group, consequently refusing to subscribe to her prescribed age rolls.

Despite her intellectual standing, however, Emma is emotionally immature for her age. Though she will, for example, look for intellectual equality in a boyfriend, most boys of that age seek something more than just intelligent conversation, which, though her style of dress suggests otherwise, is not something she is emotionally able to deal with, at least not in a healthy and productive way.


  • Feet 3 (P.E. +2, Kicking +0, Dodge +2)
  • Guts 3 (Wind +2, Courage +5, Wrestling +1)
  • Hands 2 (Shop +1, Punching +0, Blocking +1, Greeting* +3)
  • Brains 5 (Out-Think +4, Remember +0, Notice +3, SCIENCE +4)
  • Face 3 (Charm +2, Putdown +3, Connive +4)

*Showin’ ‘em her stabs.


Madness (5), SCIENCE (1), George Fillburn (5), Scott Valle (5), Manny (3), Nele (2)


This relationship comes into play only when her monster has convince her to do something psychotic. Under these circumstances, Emma will use this relationship for all dice rolls whilst in a fit of madness. She spends QT with this relationship by being around other people, hearing about crimes and human catastrophes, and generally being pushed around or screwed over.


Emma has always valued science, so much that she habitually applies it to a number of things, often to things that cannot be science’d.

George Fillburn

George is one of “Emma’s boys.” She’s very attached to him and unwilling to let him get into horrible trouble--but trying to control George is like trying to keep a raging fire contained. Emma and George are extremely close; earlier, they may very well have been an "item," considering their closeness. Now, with Scott and her "officially" dating, there's a bit of a wrench thrown into that. Recently, that wrench has become four times its original size. George kissed her. On the lips. Which wouldn't be such a problem if Emma didn't have some manner of feelings for him.

Scott Valle

Another one of “Emma’s boys.” Emma once doted on Scott like a wounded kitten meant to be protected, but when the tables were turned, Scott defended her to the very best of his abilities. Emma and Scott's relationship has progressed in a strange way, evolving into mutual dependency and then finally becoming an outright monogamous relationship. Scott is now Emma's boyfriend, and she honestly couldn't be happier about that. Or, rather, everything was completely fine before George kissed her . . .


The third and most recent of “Emma’s boys.” While he was previously not particularly close to Emma, the act of saving her life has indebted her to him. She has become attached to him, and genuinely cares whether he lives or dies. Recent events have proven that Emma seriously wants to take her boys, Manny included, and protect them. When it was threatened that Manny might go away from the home, when his uncle was offering to take him back, Emma was genuinely sad. She would miss him if he weren't with them.


So, all right. He once tried to punch her in the face. That was probably before they got to know each other? Actually, Emma still doesn't know much about him. Whatever, he redeemed himself when he openly offered to protect her.

Life History:

“The Weak and the Wounded”

  • A short story centered around Emma’s previous relationship with a man named David Pavlin and the circumstances that lead to her confinement to Mrs. Frieda’s.

“Lattes and Autobiographies”

  • A short dialogue between Emma and David, shortly prior to their relationship, wherein Emma explains her life story and why, exactly, she is mentally advanced well beyond her years.

"Awkward Discoveries"

  • One day in the halfway home, Emma discovers something-- or someone, rather --she was never supposed to know about.

Odyn (Monster)


Full Name:Одна тысяча и каждый ножи Odyna Teseyacha e Kajoi Nojy(One Thousand and One Knives)

Appearance: Massive and hulking, Odyn (as he’s often called) is a solid-state spirit with an ethereal body that mirrors not his original body, but his soul. He is seven feet tall and appears to have skin of stony horrorterror.

Personality: Malicious, sadistic, mischievous, and manipulative, Odyn does far more harm to his “children” than good. He’ll effectively haunt them and progressively ruin their lives, all the while acting as if he has their best interest in mind. He’ll often even act as if he is there only true friend in the world, yet has no qualms manipulating those he haunts (and even those around them) into committing highly nefarious acts.

He sounds just like he’s been voiced by Mark Hammil.

Other Stuff: Odyn feeds off of negative energy like humans feed off of food. It is his sustenance. Because children more easily succumb to his wiles, he will “haunt” emotionally insecure children, tormenting, taunting, and goading them into committing various nefarious deeds. The more nefarious the deed, the more delicious it is to him.

Although he is a spirit now, mythology has it that he was once a real, living person, who was once the arch-enemy of a legendary heroine said to have mastered a thousand and one blades. Where she used her nearly limitless arsenal for the protection of the weak, the meek, and the wounded, he used his arsenal of one thousand and one knives for the torment of those very same people.

Favorite Thing: The torment of the weak, the meek, and the wounded.

Way to Hide: He often makes his home within the jagged and empty parts of a damaged child’s soul, where he hides more often than not.

Bits and Pieces

  • 1 - 3 One Thousand and One Knives (9d)
    • Attack (blades), Defends (Blades), Bounce x 2 (Counterattack), Wicked Fast x 2, Useful (Sharing)
  • 4 - 6 Ethereal Body (8d)
    • Defends (Stony form), Bounce x 2 (Counterattack)
  • 7 - 8 Jaws of Life and Death (8d)
    • Attack (teeth), Gnarly x 2
  • 9 - 10 Voice of “Reason” (7d)
    • Useful (Coercion), Sweet x 2, Shock (Hypnosis)

? ? ?



Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)

How I Spent My Life in Hell