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The Tricentennial – Character Creation

  • Description: Part 1 of 3 of a spontaneous game of Engine Heart by Viral Games.  If you are unfamiliar with Engine Heart (and don’t want to click the link), the basic setting is robots in a post-human world. In this session, we create the characters that we will take to DC to solve mysteries in the Smithsonian in the distant year of 2076.

Characters created in this session:

Matt: KLEEN-SCRP-2455 (“Squeegee-bot”):  General purpose cleaning and window-washing robot

Sean: TERRA-DRILLER (“Drill-bot”):  Subway maintenance and digging robot

Nate: APA079-X (“APOX”) – General-purpose android.  Detective of Human and Synthetic Crimes.

  • Episode Time: 1:02:10

The Tricentennial – Session 1

  • Description: Following a duration of wandering through the wastes, looking for any human life, APA079X has finally made his way back to DC to get new orders from the FBI main office.  He crosses the border into the District and is greeted with. . . flags?  Why are there flags everywhere?  What’s going on at the Smithsonian?  Why won’t this drilling robot shut the hell up? These stories and more in our first adventure through the District of Columbia on the 300th anniversary of America’s independence.
  • Episode Time: 2:33:17

The Tricentennial – Session 2

  • Description: Following a long line of investigation (and deputization), the robots have come to Smithsonian AI Director #7, who apparently has information regarding the Smithsonian’s plot to take “One of Everything.” Hijinks and stories continue in this conclusion of Engine Heart: The Tricentennial.
  • Episode Time: 1:40:19

One Shot - In Transit

  • Description: On a long road across America, a motley crew of apocalypse surviving robots are searching for the last remaining settlement of humans. Their journey is tipped upside down upon the discovery of a set of tire tracks outside of an abandoned town.
  • Episode Time: 2:35:00