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Seen first in Mrs. Frieda's as an investigator for the mysterious "GEIST" organization, which is only mysterious for the lack of public knowledge about such an unpopular and underrated ghost hunting company, Etsu is fourteen year old Japanese-American girl that understands the thoughts and motivations of others just as well as she speaks the English language. Which is to say not all that well at all.

For most of her young life, at least as far back as she can remember, Etsu was indoctrinated into the Monster Investigation Bureau as a special agent in training. There, she was taught two very particular talents: how to fight and how to shoot a gun. Due to being a child, she had a habit of straying off and acting individually, leading to more brain scrubbing than can be counted on a room full of fingers and toes, effectively breaking her growth as a human being and destroying her ability to comprehend things outside of concepts like freedom, capitalism, and the selfless fight to preserve these fundamental virtues. This all had something to do with the idea of testing indoctrinated agents against new agents, or something to that extent. Etsu honestly can't remember. She only has the memory that she was MiB, and a recollection of her final mission as an MiB agent.

The aforementioned final mission was several years ago, in the abandoned company mining town of Delta City, Colorado. There, the MiB agents encountered a threat they could not easily destroy, and all but Etsu was killed. She nearly died, but was rescued by a few select employees of GEIST, for whom she now believes she owes her life.

The Basics

Age: 14 (almost 15)

Birthdate: November, 1995

Favorite Thing(s): Target practice, sparring, and reasons to not speak English.


Etsu is slowly developing a personality as she recovers from eight or so years of brain scrubbing, a development mostly stunted by her lack of interactions with other children her age. At GEIST, she has, after all, sought only the mission ahead of her. She can thus be quite abrasive at times, calling anything she is not fond of "stupid" or "dumb," whereas anything she doesn't like is anything she has either a hard time understanding or a hard time pronouncing.

It's very possible to drag her along for just about anything, especially if there is a clear and defined purpose to it. She is, after all, predisposed to completing any task she is given--which she'll try, always.


  • Feet 3 (P.E. +2, Kicking +2, Dodge +1)
  • Guts 1/1(*) (Wind +2, Courage +2, Wrestling +1, Preternatural Cool +4)
  • Hands 5 (Shop +1, Punching +4, Blocking +1, Regulation Shooting Posture +3, Advanced Photography +2)
  • Brains 4 (Out-Think +1, Remember +1, Notice +2, Spot Weirdness +3, Strange Tech +2)
  • Face 3 (Charm +3, Putdown +0, Connive +0)

(*) permanent injury.


MiB Combat Training (3/4), GEIST Investigative Training (1/2), Nele (4), Manny (3), Caleb (2), Fashion (2), George (4)

MiB Combat Training

Though she barely recalls much of her actual time in the Monster Investigation Bureau, Etsu is still well trained to take down a target, be it a child or the child's B.E.M. She is consequently trained in hand to hand combat and firearms. This relationship is put to use whenever she has to do any of those.

GEIST Investigative Training

Etsu's training as a GEIST member is not quite as strong as her training in the MiB. Still, though, she's fairly decent at discerning clues and the like, and relating them back to spiritual disturbances. This relationship is put to use whenever she's investigating spiritual (or monstrous) disturbances.


Etsu met him back at that haunted halfway home awhile back. When she was sent to this school in Troy, she didn't expect to meet him again. They've talked a good bit, even attended a concert together. The part of it that really strikes her as strange, if not uncomfortable, is that he called her "a good friend" at one point. That being said, he once kissed her on the cheek . . . for good luck. And it kind of worked, actually. She might be okay with that. (spoiler: she's completely all right with that)


A second person who would be sad if she died. If he'd never said that, she'd have never stopped feeling capable of nullifying him if necessary. Etsu doesn't know how to feel about this. Good, bad, maybe somewhere in-between. He's a pretty all right guy once you get past the claws and teeth thing.


When he stopped hitting on her so much, Caleb turned out to be a pretty decent guy. He's willing to listen to her, like Manny, and really just . . . listen. Which is nice.


Fun fact: Etsu does spend time watching televised fashion shows and A&E specials about top models. She finds the drama ridiculous, but the clothing and the designs are all pretty solid. Etsu aspires to look good doing anything she's doing, regardless of the why or the where. And that doesn't mean globs of make-up, either. You're not supposed to cover yourself up to look good, you're supposed to look good on your own merits. Fashion is just a means of emphasizing this.


Another boy that Etsu attends school with. He's stuck up for her more than once when she was visibly displeased by something, and has actually supported her and didn't pressure her during a pretty rough moment.

Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)

Deprogramming The Indoctrinated