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Kid - Everett Nike

Everett 2 by manda.png


Mother: A drugged up hippie who constantly forgets where she is and what her daughter’s name is. Everett still loves her and has taken it upon herself to be the responsible one of the house.

Father: Estranged. Left when Everett was very young, possibly to continue his drug habit, maybe even to stop it. Whatever. She hasn’t seen him in forever and pretty much hates him for leaving her and her mother alone. The only good thing he ever taught Everett was how to swallow pills without needing water.

Birthday: October 20th (Libra. 12 years old)

Gender: Female

Grade Level: Middle School

Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Curtis Duval

Appearance: Short, brownish/orange eyes, freckles, light blonde/strawberry blonde, flat chested

Personality: Tomboyish, abrasive, intolerant of stupidity, bit of a perfectionist

Favorite thing: Sweets. Cakes, cookies, candy of all kinds.


  • Mother 3: Feels responsible for her well being
  • Father 1: Despises his leaving
  • Daniel 3: Wishes to god she never met him, but being a saucy broad it was inevitable. Spending more than five minutes in his presence often results in her smacking him.


  • Feet 2 (P.E. +0, Kicking +2, Dodge +0)
  • Guts 2 (Wind +0, Courage +2, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 3 (Shop +0, Punching +2, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 3 (Out-Think +4, Remember +1, Notice +4)
  • Face 5 (Charm +0, Putdown +4, Connive +0)

Monster - Prince BOS (“boss”)


Actually not a Prince; it was just an affectionate nickname for him. He appeared to Everett when she was very young, shortly after her father left. Everett has begun to assume that he is actually a wayward knight of some kind, looking to ally himself to a princess like in all the fairytales. Everett just happened to fit the princess description at the time, and thus their friendship began.

Appearance: Twelve foot tall horned beast knight with iridescent feathery wings/hair. Wears a mask to hide his facial features aside from two big shining blue eyes. When not in use, his sword hovers at his back.

Personality: Strong silent type. He does not speak vocally, but rather through telepathic imagery. He dotes on Everett like a big, muscular mother hen. He is usually very calm and always obeys Everett’s wishes to solve her own problems, but years without a decent battle have left him a little restless and eager to pick up the sword.

Way to hide: His feathers can manipulate light to make him appear invisible when he wraps himself or other things in his wings.

Favorite Thing: Tea parties. Everett’s favorite game as a little girl, Bos grew to love them too. Now any time he is upset, the promise of tea (real or imaginary) in a little plastic cup always perks him up.

Bits and Pieces

  • 1 - 2 Shitkicking Boots 9d: Attacks (kicks/stomps), Gnarly x1
  • 3 - 4 Otherworldly Form 7d: Defends, Useful(Invisibility, Flight), Tough x1
  • 5 -6 Big Muscle-y Arms 8d: Attacks (FALCON PAUNCH!), Defends (Block!), Gnarly x1
  • 7 Head 5d: Attacks, Tough x1
  • 8 - 10 Babe the Big Blue Sword 10d: Attacks, Defends (Parry), Gnarly x1, Area, Awesome x2

What I did on my Summer Vacation:

During the Sucrose Park fiasco, Everett realized that she’s going to have to be a little more tactical. Especially if she keeps getting paired with Daniel, like the trend seems to be. She’s learned to keep a better eye out for strange things, and to think ahead if a problem is going to be tough.

  • Outthink +2
  • Notice +1

Everett’s favorite means of showing her frustration is hardening her fists and callusing her knuckles.

  • Punching +1

Spending so much time with the dunce has made her feel a little more comfortable around him. She’s learning how to convince him to go along with her ideas, and also is finding some humor in his antics. However this may also have a reverse effect on her own performance, as she has had notoriously bad rolls whenever around him.

  • Daniel relationship +1