Fenix Phibrizzo

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By the Numbers

Age: 15

Stats and Skills:

  • Feet 4 (Dodging 2 Kicking 0 P.E. 2 )
  • Guts 4 (Courage 3 Wind 0 Wrestling 0 )
  • Hands 2 (Blocking 0 Punching 0 Shop 1 )
  • Brains 4 (Notice 2 Out-Think 2 Remember 2 )
  • Face 2 (Charm 0 Connive 2 Put-down 1 )

Weird Abilities:

  • Wings of Flame (Guts) 6d Attacks (Burn!), Utility (Glide), Burn, Gnarly


  • Julie 5

Weird Relationships:

  • Dime-Store Fantasy Novels 2
  • Hope 6

Life Story

A difficult and sometimes outright ornery boy, Fenix has trouble putting up with anything he deems not worth his time. Which is most things. After having a dream about being caught in an inferno, he woke up to find his house on fire. The cause: a pair of immolating wings that sprouted from his back. Due to him being in the room and the fire starting there, police believe he started it himself, though a lack of evidence (such as any way to start or accelerate a fire) prevented him from being arrested for it. Still, he was sent to a psychologist, whom he refused to talk to, thus garnering him a reputation as unstable.

While not exactly friendly most of the time, he’s not intentionally rude either, and for the most part looks much more intimidating than he actually is. Dressing in all black and being a good head taller than most of his peers probably isn’t helping his image.

His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, leaving him to be raised by his father, Garv, who runs a bar and has a small alcohol problem (though he tries his best). After their house was nearly destroyed by fire, they moved into the small apartment above Garv’s bar, Obsidian.

While Fenix’s wings only comes out when he uses his powers, their presence has left strange burns on his back, so he rarely goes shirtless.