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Robert Hodgins Must Die!

  • Description: Boomtown, circa: Sterotypical Old West. A town lies choked beneath the dust of mining, deceit, and corruption. One man stands above it: the good Reverend Robert Hodgins. Friend to all,  recovered convict, man of God: he is generous, earnest, hard-working, and the town’s last hope to overcome ruin. Naturally, he’s gotta die.
  • Episode Time: 2:44:43

The Ice

  • Description: The Ice: home to penguins, subzero temperatures, and a research station full of crazy criminal scientists. The web of lies, deceit, and booze they’ve weaved is barely holding together at the seams. Will any survive the cracking of The Ice? This was the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter Ransom reward game: our good friend Claes was kind enough to throw a lot of money our way, and we thought it best to give him the silliest, drunkest, ugliest game we could in return.
  • Episode Time: 2:51:50


  • Description: Hey guys, So we’ve had a good run here on the Drunk and the Ugly. It’s been a good time. We’ve had laughs, we’ve cried like babies, we’ve made depraved jokes. But all of that’s about to change. Now, we know you voted on Fiasco this month (and we’re still posting it, as you can see by the above title, since you’re apparently able to read anyway) BUT. We’ve decided to make the switch to a new format of entertainment, one that we think is arguably for the better. Without further ado, here’s Matt, with the update news: “THE RECORDING GOT MESSED UP BECAUSE OF SHENANIGANS.  I THINK THE MIC WAS PLACED ON THE TABLE WRONG AND SO YOU CAN HEAR EVERY FOOTSTEP THROUGH THE HOUSE. SORRY ABOUT THAT.  HERE’S A PONY GAME FOR YOUR TROUBLES. REFRESH THE PAGE IF YOU DON’T SEE IT.”
  • Episode Time: 2:28:06

News Channel Six

  • Description: Action News Six is at the back of the local news pack, and it’s time for some desperate measures to bring them up into the fore. Can the misfit reporters and news team succeed and find fame and success? Or will they crumble into a bevy of hilarious infighting and constant sexual trysts?
  • Episode Time: 3:08:15

White Hole

  • Description: Space station in peril? Check. Warrior aliens with a blood feud? Check. Hand-wavy quantum physics, Star cult zealots, and stupid people desperate to escape? Check, check and check! Welcome to Star Station Sigma, at the edge of the White Hole.</description>
  • Episode Time: 2:53:34