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A moderately tall, stocky kid, George stands out from a crowd with his shock of thick, tangled brown hair and his newly acquired Mayan warrior-paint tattoos. He's so far refused to talk about where they came from. He's been known to sport red, bulky headphones, and is hard to find separated from his Les Paul. He normally wears his black Boston T-Shirt and Cargo shorts, even in winter. He's recently gotten some new threads though.

George has taken up smoking as of recently.

The Basics

AGE: 15. He was in Chichen Itza on his birthday. Or somewhere like Chichen Itza.

FAVORITE THING(S): His “Boston” CD given to him by his father, Painting (nuclear explosions)


In the words of a great man, George is ALPHA AS FUCK.

George is in control. He’s always in control. If he isn’t, he’ll find a way to GET in control. It’s all he really knows how to do.

When he can, he takes unflinching responsibility for the well-being of those he counts as friends.

George is operating under a slightly misinterpreted re-telling of Camus’ “The Stranger”, and Sartre’s “No Exit.” George sees the world as being full of possibility and that his choices are his own; what he has missed is that choices have consequences. They must be accounted for.


  • Feet 2 (P.E. +4, Kicking +0, Dodge +0)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +1, Courage +4, Wrestling +3)
  • Hands 2 (Shop +0, Punching +0, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 5 (Out-Think +4, Remember +3, Notice +4, Guitar +4)
  • Face 4 (Charm +2, Putdown +2, Connive +5)


  • Existentialist Texts (4)
  • “Boston” (4)
  • The Les Paul (4)
  • Etsu Hikane (3)
  • Manny (3)
  • Dad's Lighter (3)
  • PAAANDAA (3)
  • Caleb (2)


Absent father after the age of five, left him only a single album (Boston’s self-titled) and a chain-smoking, abusive mother.

Long story short, George wanted to help his mother. So, at age 8, he decided he would make her quit smoking. The first time, he threw out all of the ashtrays in the house. She bought more. The second time, he threw out all of her cigarettes. She bought more.

The third time, he lit an entire pack of cigarettes and put them out on his mother’s chest. Then he lit the bed on fire. George still thinks that part was an accident, but he’s not sure it matters. Passed out drunk, she didn’t notice until it was too late.

George was packed off to foster care and spent several years shifting around between parents.



Description: An anthropomorphised condor with wings of pure flame. He speaks in a replication of George’s mother’s voice (this is not accidental, Condor knows this soothes George.) Condor can change his appearance from a normal condor size to an immense one.

Personality: Mayan God Bird. Can perceive the webs that coat life and has knowledge of the world that he really shouldn’t. Wants to act as a “spirit guide” for George. Condor is a product of a much, much older heritage, and so his guidance does not always fall into line with modern law, or morality. There’s nothing to be gained by George coming to harm, and little will stand in the way of Condor when outside forces threaten George. Condor is one who never asks a question without knowing the answer.

NOTE: Condor and George ARE capable of speaking telepathically, but George is not aware of this. Condor knows that if his mind is in contact with George’s for an extended period of time George will be unable to function at all. Condor has spoken to George in times of intense stress and chaos, out of necessity and because his mind is distracted enough at these times not to bubble out his ears.

DOUBLE NOTE: Since George went to Chichen Itza and had his encounter, and then re-went through the Warrior’s Trials, George and Condor are much, much closer.

Favorite Thing: Flight. Battle.

1-3 Flame Wings (10d)

  • Attacks (Flame Tornado), Defend, Gnarly x2, Area x2, Sharing
  • Useful (Flight, Open Underworld Portals), Sharing

4-6 Talons (7d)

  • Attack (Quick Claws), Defend, Tough x2, Wicked Fast x2

7-8 Spirit Morality (10d)

  • Useful (Spirit “Guidance”) Awesome x2, Sharing

9-10 Medicinal Flesh (7d)

  • Useful (Reverse necrotic decay) Defend, Tough x2, Sharing

Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)