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This is Me

My name is Hadrian “Grim” Grey

I am a 10 year old boy

My birthday is March 1st


  • Move 4
  • Fight 5
  • Think 2
  • Speak 2
  • Care 3


  • I Feel Fine: (9)
  • I Feel Sore: (18)
  • I Feel Hurt: (27)
  • I Feel Cold: (36)

Belief: 3

Wits: 6

Spirit: 10



  • I can think well when I’m hurt
  • I can speak well when I have my eyes closed


  • It’s hard for me to fight when I have to fight a girl
  • It’s hard for me to move when my shoes are untied


Positive Qualities

  • I Am Athletic +2
    • I know how to use a hockey stick +3
    • I know how to skate +3

Misc Qualities

  • I am a street artist +2
  • I care about people in need +3

Negative Qualities

  • I’m a trouble maker -2
  • The police know my face -1

Cool Stuff

New Hockey Stick: Fight +2

Spray Paint: Makes lines monsters can't cross

Chain of Knowledge: Think +2

Heelies: Move +3

Foam Sword: Fight +3


My Best Friend is everyone! I guess I don’t got a very best friend, I can get along with lots of people.

The one grown-up I can trust is my mom. She’s pretty cool and lets me get away with a lot. I wish she wouldn’t kiss my scrapes in public though.

Once I lost my favorite hoodie, I could fit everything in the pockets, it was so big

It was special because my dad gave it to me before he left and it smelled like his cigars

Scary Things

The one place monsters can’t get me is in my room. I hide all of my spray cans in there and they hate that stuff.

The one thing monsters can’t touch is the super bright orange spray paint color. I put it on everything, it looks like a traffic cone!

I don’t go near my dad’s closet because Mom says his important stuff is in there and she wants it to be all there when he comes home.

My biggest fear is alligators. Once I had a dream that one ate my mom. It was the worst, but I’ll pretend to like them because they’re cool. Don’t tell anyone.

When monsters are around I paint more. Monsters don’t like the smell or the colors, especially not the orange. I think they hate orange the most.

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is my hair. Mom always tries to brush the knots out and it’s awful, plus most of my friends are blonde. It’s kinda cool to be different though, I guess.

The thing that always gets me into trouble is my spray paint. It’s really fun to put colors on blank walls but not everyone likes it.

Tell me about your family

My family is small but cool. Maybe it’ll get bigger some day.