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SAFE – 3 Little Bros and the Big Bad Carl

  • Description: A couple months ago, we wanted to do a session, but had no ideas for what to play.  Alex told me to make something up on the spot.  I had no idea what to do, so he proposed something about holding out in an apartment against a zombie apocalypse.  I was all for that, so we made some characters.  What I didn’t realize was that they made a bunch of fraternity brothers.  From there, everything went crazy.
  • Episode Time: 2:25:39

SAFE: Hell is Other People (Part 1)

  • Description: Two small town cops are called onto the scene of a strange burglary.  A wealthy old woman was the victim of a home invasion, but strangely not a lot of value was stolen.  Just one safe was opened and a set of antique knives taken.  The only thing remaining in the safe?  A single rusty stroke.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:56

SAFE – Hell is Other People (Part 2)

  • Description: Things are falling apart at the seams in Crescent Hill, Pennsylvania. Gang or ghost, something is responsible for this chaos. After their horrible encounter in Room 6, Newman and Crawford are beginning the investigation in earnest. What lies in store for them?  The answers are rooted in events hundreds of years ago, and are more awful than they could ever imagine.
  • Episode Time: 4:16:16

SAFE – The Templar Knights of Notre Dame

  • Description: The Templar Knights of Notre Dame – an order founded to bring the light of Our Lady of Grace to San Luminaris. They serve as guardians of the peace and protectors of the common man from the perils of the darkness. On their journey home, a textile merchant and his son find themselves embroiled in an adventure that will change their lives forever. Character generation stuff Random side break where we find this weird random town name generator
  • Episode Time: 2:39:27

Specific Crim: Pacific Rim

  • Description: The Kaiju threat to the Pacific Rim was thought to be contained – until a new rift opens, and a new generation of un-bloodied Jaeger teams have to charge into the fray and defend the world.
  • Episode Time: 3:00:52

1000 Blank White Cards

  • Description: In August of 2013, Drunk and Ugly Headquarters was taken over by a fervent desire. We required additional pylons. Once built, we got pretty drunk and we played a pretty silly game. 1000 Blank White Cards is a feast of entertainment for the discerning adult. It features cards made up on the spot, with hilarious rules, hellaciously terrible drawings, and is, in the end, always rigged. Score Sheet
  • Episode Time: 2:12:47

Base Managers Playtest

  • Description: We take a minor diversion from our more standard PIXIE stories to travel off-site to the island base of Warehouse 35, a research facility re-appropriated from a Soviet complex at the end of WWII.  We observe things from the top-down and on a more macroscopic level, following administrators as they deal with threats to both Russia and themselves. It may be rough as an agent on the field, but it’s even rougher as the ones at the top.
  • Episode Time: 2:28:18