Jenna Middleton

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My name is Jenna Middleton

I am a 10 year old girl

DESCRIPTION: Jenna is tall for her age, but always seems to be smaller than she really is (it’s a combination of her quiet voice, her long hair, and her giant glasses). She’s got long brown hair and brown eyes, and big thick brown coke-bottle glasses. Since getting it, she constantly carries Tommy’s camera on a strap around her neck.

A child of very recently divorced parents, JENNA believes that she is the cause of their breakup. Her successes are motivated by a desire to make her parents proud, and mend the damage. She has a cousin named Tommy who lives in Mt. Pleasant. Tommy’s dad is a photographer and Tommy’s a big camera lover. For her birthday, Tommy sent her his first camera (which still works great!) and a note that says “It’s good at lighting up the darkness.” (Tommy’s weird sometimes.)

  • MOVE 2
  • FIGHT 2
  • THINK 4
  • SPEAK 3
  • CARE 3



  • I can FIGHT well when I’m in a corner.
  • I can MOVE well when I’m in a crowded space.


  • It’s hard to THINK when I’m scared in the dark.
  • It’s hard to SPEAK when I’m talking to authority guys.


  • I FEEL: Fine _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • I FEEL: Sore _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • I FEEL: Hurt _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • I FEEL: Cold _ _ _ _ _ _ _






  • I AM CREATIVE (+2)
    • I am good at Photography (+3)
    • I can come up with strange solutions (+3)


  • I am persuasive (+2)


  • I need glasses to see (-1)
  • I have asthma (-1)


Tommy’s Camera: It can harm monsters, and take pictures of any kind of monster

  • (+2 Damage, 1 Cool Ability)
  • Traps the monster in a picture for a moment, slowing it down. (-3 to enemy CHASE)
  • “It’s Good At Lighting Up the Darkness” (1 Cool Ability)


My best friend is nobody, I’ve only just moved here from Mt. Pleasant. I’m really close to my cousin Tommy though!

A grown-up I can trust is my mom...I guess? She was pretty nasty the whole time my parents were breaking up. I can trust my dad too but he’s not here.

I once lost my pet hamster. He was special to me because I would hold him while my parents fought and then he ran away and then they split up.

Scary Things

Monsters can’t hurt me when I’m sitting in bedside table light.

Monsters can’t touch my awesome camera.

I don’t go near the laundry room in my house because there’s something growling in there.

My biggest fear is not hearing from my dad anymore.

Tell me about your family

My parents are “divorced” which means they hate each other now and that my dad can’t come see us. My mom and I live in Thebes in a small apartment and I hate it.