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Jingles as depicted by Hannah
Jingles as depicted by Sean

A petite little bundle of undead muscles and ligaments. Jingles takes great care to brush her hair over her right eye. It creeps people out, and she doesn’t want that! It’s not like her other large yellow eye doesn’t do enough of that. Her hair is not quite long enough to hide the uneven stitching that curls up from the right corner of her mouth or across the bride of her nose, but it’s better than nothing. She prefers turtlenecks or high-collared jackets so she can pull them up. Wears gloves if she can-- if not she goes for long sleeves she can hide her battered hands in. Heavy clothes in hot weather do not really bother her since she can’t perspire, but she remembers that wool really itches and avoids it at all cost.

The Basics

Story Stuffs

Favorite Thing: A small chest of antique-looking medical books, as well as a well-thumbed collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. All essentially dead weight since they are all in German, and she doesn’t remember ever speaking it. But she can’t bear to part with them, regardless.

Personality: Jingles can’t remember much of what her life before undeath was. However, if that is the past, then you oughta learn to put it behind you, right? That diem isn’t gonna carpe itself, you know! More than a bit of a goody-two shoes. Jingles is often quite shy upon first meeting, though this is because she knows her appearance is kind of scary and she doesn’t mean to scare anybody! Quite sunny and cheerful, and very rarely in a somber mood despite being undead. She tends to speak what’s on her mind, even if it is kind of rude. However, since she is tiny and non-threatening, the correct term in this case would be ‘such a precocious little scamp.’

By The Numbers


  • Feet: +2 (P.E. +3, Kicking +0, Dodging +2,)
  • Guts: +4 (Wind +3, Courage +3, Wrestling +0, ) (Forgetting to Breathe +2* Tough)
  • Hands: +4 (Shop +4, Punching +1, Blocking +0, ) (Mini-Medic +3*)
  • Brains: +4 (Out-Think +2, Remember +1, Notice +3,) (Katzen Augen +2*)
  • Face: +3 (Charm +2, Putdown/out-dated/obscure racial slurs +3, Connive +0,)


  • Forgetting to Breathe: Useful(zombie endurance), Tough
  • Mini-Medic: Useful
  • Katzen Augen: Useful (low-light vision)


  • Pet mice: 0
    • Her pet mice became test subjects to further her medical skills. R.I.P itty biddy whiskersniffers
  • Eroina: 3
  • Ty: 1
    • A really nice guy who is also Jingles’ new roomate apparently!
  • Etsu:
    • A Japanese girl (who is not so full of crap), who strengthened Jingles relationship with death.
  • Butch: 1
    • Well he likes Halo and was also homeless so they have some common interests!

Weird Relationships

  • The Good Doctor: 1
    • Eroina’s ‘father’
  • Auntie N: 1
    • A good colleague of The Good Doctor. (More like a mother than an auntie, but it doesn’t have that ring to it!)
  • Death: 2
    • Doctors heal to prevent death, don’t they? But then, Jingles needed death to become what she is now. ...It’s weird.

Experience Spends

In Which Mrs. Frieda is called Fat:

  • Jingles gained a relationship with Ty, her new roomate! She also got a +1 to Putdown (originally 0) because she called Ms. Frieda fat to her face and also retaliated against a concerned police officer with a ‘your mom’!. She is rather upset that she got taken away from where she was squatting in the basement because she never wanted to be a bother to anyone. She is putting on a brave face because there seems to be enough ruckus going on in the half-way house already, but is quite worried about her trunk of books in the basement.

Spider-Queen and the Quest for a Better Watch:

  • Jingles just kind of derped around and sassed off to a MIB after being bolstered by Ty’s own defences +1 to Courage and a +1 to Out-Think for doing this!

Shit Went Down on Friday

  • Jingles got scared, mostly. SCARED OF NELE, SCARED OF THAT FIREBIRD, SCARED BECAUSE HALF THE PEOPLE IN THE GROUP ARE SUDDENLY GONE. Of course all this shit goes down on the one day Jingles decides to step outside.

Biting the Bullet

  • When Jingles plays doctor, she plays to win. +1 to window Punching, +1 to Shop, +1 to Mini-Medic, and she has gained a significant weird relationship with Death.

Chaos After the Bomb

  • Jingles was kind of a hero! She helped with the tear gas and then did the doctor thing again! +1 to Courage, and a +1 to Remember because she retold practically the whole story to Emma and Scott!

New Adventures of Louis and Quack/Camp LeFey

  • Jingles saw a fairy oh my lord and then she went on an adventure and she was out in the woods and caught some bugs and it was so much fun. The forest spirit made her kind of uncomfortable because she wasn’t sure how to respond when the conversation turned towards death. +1 to Brains for noticing April and being a clever girl on that adventure.


  • Jingles apparently “owns” at these digital gentlemen games of skill such as Halo. +1 to Hands.

Ghost Stories

  • Jingles ain’t afraid of no ghost. And is still “owning” at this gentlemen’s game. +1 to obscure/out-dated racial epithets/putdown. Her talk with Etsu (WHO WILL NEVER APPEAR AGAIN FOR SURE) and the dealings with ghosts has lead her to strengthen her weird relationship with Death.

The Love Song of Dash Princely

  • Jingles almost got a getaway at the beginning there! +1 to P.E.

Operation Group Hug

  • Jingles lectured about the female reproductive cycle and sat through her first Mormon session. Plus 1 to Putdown for being a prat for making fun of the boys being emotional and a plus 1 to Out-Think for the lecturing. The group hug at the end of the session has led her to feel awkward about being on the fringe of the core group. She’ll have to re-assess how she feels about being friends with all of them.

Mall Rats:

  • Jingles was the Halo-monger. She now has a tentative alliance with Butch, and her Notice improved due to hours of Halo.