Joel Gloeckner

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My name is Joel Gloeckner

I am an 11 year old boy

  • Move 3
  • Fight 3
  • Think 6
  • Speak 2
  • Care 2



  • It’s hard for me to run when I’m depressed
  • It’s hard for me to think when I’m scared


  • I can speak well when I’m rambling
  • I can be nice when other people are sad or depressed



  • +2 I’m good at drawing
    • +3 technical diagrams
    • +3 dark scetches


  • +2 I’m good at writing
  • +2 I beat the crap out of monsters
  • +1 I’d do almost anything Mette
  • +1 Grimm is someone I try to emulate look up too


  • -1 I’m slightly unhinged
  • -1 My parents don’t give a shit about me
  • -1 People think I’m creepy


  • Feel Fine -- 7/7
  • I Feel Sore (-2)--7/7
  • I Feel Hurt (-4)--7/7
  • I Feel Cold (-6)-- 7/7

Wits: 9

Spirit: 7

Cool Stuff

März: A brown stuffed rabbit in with a red coat. He has a tea pot in one hand and a tea cup the other.

  • +1 Cheer Joel up and keep him sane. Usually with tea.
  • +1 Care

Salamander Forget-Me-Not (1)

  • Spiritus Invictus: allows a Care check to invoke a lingering “memory.”

Scooter: Move +2

Hat: Speak +3


My best friend is my sister. She’s also my only friend. Also Grimm and Mette and Chris... I don’t have many friends, so it’s hard to chose a best one. but Lori is my best best friend, if that’s a thing

The one grown-up I can trust is März. He's over 18

Once I lost a friend. She didn’t die, she just disappeared. She was special because she was the only one that I was that didn’t think I was weird. It hasn’t done good for my paranoia.

Scary Things

The one place monsters can’t get me is my walk-in closet

The one thing monsters can’t touch is my notebook.

I don’t go near hospitals because I think they’ll do experiments on me.

My biggest fear is someone abducting my sister or me (especially aliens).

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is that I have problems with empathizing with people.

The thing that always gets me into trouble is snooping around and being a creep.

When I get scared, I get jittery and can’t think straight. Sometime I flee or try to tear out the throat of what is scaring me.

Tell Me About Your Family

Alice is probably the last person that cares about me. Mom and dad (Silke and Marco) barely notice me some time. Maybe it’s cause they don’t like me. Maybe someone or something is trying to make them forget I exist. Maybe they’re in on some big conspiracy. Whatever, the plus is I can do pretty much do whatever I want. Alice is cool though.

My Biggest Secret

A kid made me mad enough to push them down a flight of stairs. Don’t remember the why and how, all I remember is the results. They think it’s an accident. Last time I saw them they were in a wheelchair. This is around the time I consider how messed up I was. But then I found a friend.