Justice For All

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Justice For All is a sequel to the Ship of Fools campaign.


Justice For All Session 1 – The End is the Beginning

  • Description: We return, listeners, to the Isle of Night, home of the Umbra, and the secrets of the world. Several months have passed since the shipwreck of the Duquetimme and the subsequent showdown with Bazzi. Three of the “elski” sailors — Christian, Edouard, and Yeager — have chosen to stay and live in the village of Nachsun. They seek knowledge, freedom, and rest. As we enter the scene, word is spreading of a hunting party gathering to trace the trail of a human, one left over from Bazzi’s landing party. The trail will lead them deep into the Isle of Night, and begin a journey to uncover secrets buried deep in the dark.
  • Episode Time: 3:18:49

Justice For All Session 2 – Ugly Truths

  • Description: The lesson was learned: we don’t go to Vaden. The next morning, Roland comes to visit Uszhi, serving out her master’s punishment. Awakened from her truancy nap, Uszhi refuses to help with his request: building a home. Unfortunately for her, Niklas, watching from the trees, forces her to help. In the meantime, another journey into the wilderness is forming. The destination: the old academy. Nachsun’s academics, Edouard, and the Umbra hunting party will travel deep into the heart of history, and uncover secrets that will set terrible things in motion.
  • Episode Time: 2:57:34

Justice For All Session 3 – Friends and Foes

  • Description: The journey into the wilderness was successful, if a bit terrifying. Christian discovered some interesting texts that point him further down the road to the true history of the Umbra. Uszhi, that night had an…encounter that was quickly solved. The Umbra want answers. One of their own was nearly murdered by one of the exiles, and they want answers. Unfortunately, the things they seek lie in the dead city of Vaden.
  • Episode Time: 2:20:39

Justice For All Session 4 – Passing the Torch

  • Description: The party returned to the Academy in order to uncover evidence that would support their suspicions of the origin of the Umbra. They found it. The almost forgotten murderous race, the Shades, were used to create Umbra. After a stand off with one of the Exiles, the party returned to Nachsun, intent on spreading their new-found knowledge. Uszhi made friends with a female Exile, who observed her bathing and approached her. Unknowingly, the two were observed in turn by Niklas. Time will tell what the grizzled hunter will do with his new knowledge, and how the relationship between Uszhi and Adora will blossom. The future of Nachsun hangs in the balance. The tipping point is coming soon.
  • Episode Time: 2:44:00

Justice for All Session 5 – The Tipping Point

  • Description: Several weeks after the encounter with the Exiles, Paskal runs through the town, calling a town meeting. Roland is about to reveal the true nature of the Umbra to the gathered masses. His message will trigger the wrath of the Exiles. Nachsun stands on the brink of civil war. Diplomacy is impossible. Nachsun’s choice is clear: wait for war to come to their doorstep, or travel to Vaden and slay the Exile King. The final battle looms. The fate of the Umbra hangs in the balance. Things are sliding. The tipping point will come soon.
  • Episode Time: 3:03:35

Justice For All Finale – Old World Relics

  • Description: The Lejuene’s kids have been kidnapped by the Vaden Exiles. Uszhi is following Adora to an uncertain destination. Roland, Edouard, and Niklas are busy trying not to be killed by Sar. Things are going well. All of the lines of fate have brought our heroes into Vaden. Who will emerge is in doubt. The last notes of the song of the Umbra are being played. All stories must end.
  • Episode Time: 3:08:35

Total Length: 17:33:10