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Lanky tall kid with a lazy eye, broken smile and a military haircut.

The Basics

Personality: Insatiable curiosity, stutters (maybe), too energetic for his own good.

Favorite Thing: Super science


Stats and Skills

  • Feet 5 (P.E. +3, Kicking +0, Dodge +2)
  • Guts 1 (Wind +0, Courage +0, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 4 (Shop +3, Punching +0, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 3 (Out-Think +2, Remember +2, Notice +2, Science +3)
  • Face 2 (Charm +0 Putdown +0, Connive +0)

Relationships: M.O.M. (3), Youth Club for Science(3)

Monster - Echo

An existential state. It is a mere glimpse of the everything, yet nothing.

Personality: His self-questioning and doubt is the only thing keeping us in our universe. While mirroring many other states of possibilty, their various realities are only the result of observation and could be destroyed by looking away. The resulting energy unleashed by the constant clashing of the various point of views can be harvested and unleashed in our own world.

Favorite Thing: Questions

Way to Hide: People might look right through it while looking inside themselves instead.

1 - 2 Existence 6d: Defend - Tough x 3, Shared

3 - 6 Chaos 8d: Attack. Gnarly x 3, Spray, Fire, Useful (Randomizing), Useful (Nietzsche)

7 - 8 Doubt 6d: Attack/Defend. Useful (Confusion, Regret, Introspection)

9 - 10 Inquisition 7d: Defend. Useful (Insight, Belief, Hypothesis)

The Real Deal...

Please Refer to Dynamike's Backstory