Linda Cantella

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Linda Cantella

Very sharp-looking, and not in the metaphorical sense. She has very accented facial features. Green eyes. Straight black, shoulder-length hair that is that is longer on the left side than the right.

The Basics

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 pounds.

Personality: Rebellious.

Favorite Thing: “Moon” Tarot Card

Stats and Skills:

  • Feet 3 (P.E. +0, Kicking +0, Dodge +0, Sneaking +4)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +1, Courage +5, Wrestling +5)
  • Hands 4 (Shop +0, Punching +2, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 4 (Out-Think +4, Remember +1, Notice +3)
  • Face 2 (Charm +0, Putdown +2, Connive +2)


  • Mary - Cool Half-Sister (4)
  • Craig - Formerly Alcoholic Father (3)
  • Aiden (2) - The Hermit
  • Diane (2) - The Empress
  • Zero (1)

Life Story

Delinquent. Grew up under an alcoholic father (Craig Cantella), mother (Alison) divorced, took Linda in custody battle. Later remarried to a richer man (Dereck Clark) with who would accept nothing less for his girl than the private academy he attended in his youth. Linda got tired of having no control of her life and started acting out in deference to his expectations. She's an average "C" student, but only because she puts no work into things. She sneaks out at night, going to bars and other such things.

Her dad cleaned up after the divorce, and she still visits him on the weekends. He's living with a new wife (Heather), and her daughter, Mary Brown, currently 21 years old and into the occult. Linda took interest in Mary and her hobbies, especially Tarot. Mary got Linda a tarot deck for her 14th birthday. It was eventually confiscated (except for the "Moon" card, which Linda keeps in her wallet nowadays).


1384817341.taykoe turnbull thoth comm.png

A man with a bird's head. Dressed in shabby jeans, leather work boots, solid color ringer t-shirt, green corduroy jacket, thick-rimmed glasses, and peddler's cap. Wears a glowing 5-string bass (designed to look like a crescent moon) on its back.

Way to hide: As the "Moon" card from a Tarot playing deck.

Bits and Pieces:

1 - 3 Moon Bass 9d

  • Defends(Bass Body), Attacks(Bass Dubstep Groove?), Useful(Inspiration), Useful(Omniscience), Tough x3, Sweet x1

4 - 7 Inverse Moon Bass 9d

  • Attacks (Crescent Moon Blade), Useful(Displace Image, Invisibility, “Bad Trip”) Gnarly x3, Wicked Fast x3, Awesome x2

8 - 10 Ironic Threads 9d

  • Defends, Tough x4, Useful(Be Cool), Useful(Be REALLY Cool)


1 - 2 Technocolor Body 8d

  • Defends, Useful (Technocolor Dream Experience), Tough

3 - 5 Rainbow Wings 8d

  • Useful (Flies), Hold (Hypnotize), Awesome x 2, Useful (Show the future with the power of RAINBOWS), Wicked Fast x 2, Sweet x 2

6 Aw Darnit, It’s the Weak Spot 4d

  • Useless (Exposed Heart), Bounce (Thunderous Recoil!)

7 - 9 Thunderhorn 9d

  • Attacks (Thunder! Thunder! Thunderbird!), Stun, Wicked Fast x 2, Tough, Gnarly x 2.

10 Misdirectional Thunderclaws 4d

  • Attacks (The Claws!), Splash

"The Artist"

1 - 4 Shadow Cat Frame 10d

  • Defends (Shadow Cat), Attacks (Manifestation of enormous fists, etc), Tough x 3, Hold (Did I say he can “summon” big hands?), Useful (Walk through anything), Gnarly, Useful (Shadow manipulation), Sweet x 2

5 - 6 Tools of the Trade 7d

  • Attacks (Knives, knives everywhere), Area, Awesome x 1, Wicked Fast.

7 - 8 Maw of Knives 8d

  • Attacks (summons a maw of knives out of nowhere), Gnarly x 2

9 - 10 Voice of Discord 8d

  • Useful (Temporary mind control), Sweet, Stun