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Little Fears: Original Edition

Little Fears – LaFey National Park (Part 1)

  • Description: The kids of Leytley Creek elementary are off on an expedition to LaFey National Park, a nature preserve 50 or so miles from the city of Troy.  After a long drive, the kids jump off the bus and get ready for some wilderness adventure.  It’s strange, though: the birds are silent, and there’s nothing to catch in the lake.  Worst of all, the groundskeeper has gone missing.  Oh well, he’ll turn up in good time. . .
  • Episode Time: 2:38:11

Little Fears – LaFey National Park (Part 2)

  • Description: The campers had a run in with some weird kids last night.  Were they children?  They looked like children.  In any case, the scheduled hiking trip today turned up a weird little site in the middle of the campgrounds.  When one of the campers stayed there too long, she felt like she was being watched.  What’s going on here?
  • Episode Time: 2:48:56

Little Fears – A Nightmare in Mount Pleasant

  • Description: Middle-schoolers Tommy Clarke and Regina Kai are headed into school in the rural suburban town of Mount Pleasant, North Dakota, on the last day of school before Winter Break. Everything starts normally, until the entrance hall of their school becomes an endless hallway full of unmarked doors. Tommy and Regina have been plunged into the heart of a nightmare. Their only hope is to unravel the mystery before it consumes them forever.  This game, run in Little Fears, was spawned from an idea that Matt had for a Road Trip side-encounter. He wrote up the session and promptly never used it in Road Trip. Instead, he revised it into the psychological horror genius you have before you.
  • Episode Time: 3:21:18

Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

Little Fears – Monster Masque

  • Description: Once again, disturbing things are afoot in Mt. Pleasant, and it’s up to Tommy and Regina, with their new friends Dawn and Alisa, to set them right. Kids are getting hurt, in very strange ways. A bully’s bike breaks while he’s riding down a steep hill. A girl has gone missing. And whatever is doing this is just getting started. This session was written by Nate for the Little Fears scenario contest, and can be found (for free!) on the Little Fears Facebook page. Check it out, but don’t spoil yourself!
  • Episode Time: 2:54:37

Little Fears – The Fall Harvest

  • Description: Welcome one, welcome all, to the Polk County Annual Harvest Festival! We’ve strung up the lights, pitched the tents, and set the carnival rides whirling. It’s the beginning of Autumn. The apples are red and ripe and the dough is all fried. The first winds of Fall are blowing. But beneath the merriment and festivities, just underneath the good smells drifting on the late August wind, there is something foul. Seeds have been planted. Harvest, and the time of reap, comes soon.
  • Episode Time: 3:42:01

Little Fears – The Longest Night of Your Life

  • Description: Christmas is a magical time of anticipation and wonder for children around the world. The night before Christmas is all too long and the night after so short. Some children love Christmas so much, they want it to never end. What is it about this time of year that entrances so many people? Is there a magic inherent to the season or is it really just the collective will of countless believers pooling their want into a single night? With so many children putting so much effort into a single wish, surely it can’t go unanswered forever. There must be a tipping point, the snowflake that causes the avalanche. For most, like so many childhood dreams, the wish goes unfulfilled. For one little boy though, that wish seems have come true. He must be the luckiest kid in the world, right?
  • Episode Time: 1:52:45

Little Fears – Camp Quartz Lake

  • Description: Camp Quartz Lake is home to some weird and quirky folks. The kids who come here for their camp experience are sure to get an odd one.

It’s halfway through the first session, and things are getting spooky as all get out.

  • Episode Time: 3:19:24

To Hell And Back

To Hell and Back Session 1 – Orientation

  • Description: Welcome to Ellerbe’s Manor for Wayward Children. I’m sure you signed your contract, but did you read the fine print? Oh, don’t worry about the locked doors and the barred windows: they’re there for your protection. The Manor is here for you, and so are its caretakers and staff. Of course, they only come at night. Can you survive until the stroke of midnight?
  • Episode Time: 2:48:43

To Hell and Back Session 2 – Everything is Terrible

  • Description: Dawn is breaking, and Gene and Nicky have survived the night. They fought off a strange monster who appeared to be made of hamburger, and began uncovering the keys to the secrets of the manor. The keys correspond to several of the locked doors. Now Gene and Nicky have to investigate as much as possible while the sun is still shining. Because when night falls, the orphanage is fair game for the monsters who watch it carefully. Can the children survive the night? This session unfortunately ends suddenly due to recording corruption. This is addressed in the finale. Our apologies. 
  • Episode Time: 2:22:04

To Hell and Back Finale – Revelations

  • Description: The manor is insidious, constantly setting its inhabitants on the edge of madness. Gene and Nicky have so far heroically resisted, but how long can they hold out? They attempt an escape, only to find that they should have read the fine point in their contracts. The time of midnight is drawing close. Can the children keep their heads – and their souls?
  • Episode Time: 3:24:28

Ichor Falls

Little Fears – Ichor Falls Part 1

  • Description: The once-abandoned West Virginia mining town of Ichor Falls lies always shrouded in mist. It crouches like a slick mushroom in a river valley, brooding. Abandoned by the world for several decades, new inroads are being created. The Elysium Group, the land’s new owners, are attempting to revitalize the near idyllic Falls, welding modern design to repaired turn-of-the-century ruins that slouch in decay. It is 1986, and four middle-schoolers have moved with their families to take up residence in the new Ichor Falls suburb, Elysia. Their parents have told them that it’s a wonderful new opportunity for them and the family. That things can be different here, no matter what came before. But Ichor Falls watches the passing of time as a face in a tree. History dwells here, thick and choking and rotten. Stories whispered in the grey light of day become real and inexorable in the night. From the depths of its mist, poised inside the edge of dusk, Ichor Falls waits for a day that comes all too soon. Ichor Falls is written by Kris Straub, and is absolutely worth checking out.
  • Episode Time: 3:25:40

Little Fears – Ichor Falls Part 2

  • Description: The first month of middle school in Ichor Falls, 1986, began calmly, with a trip to the Rand Historical Society Museum. For the local kids, it was just one more inundation of the town’s boring history. For four students, newly moved into the town, it was the beginning of something they will be forever unable to explain. The students found and read a book of local stories, some of which seemed to possess supernatural powers. The story of The Stitched Man brought forth a nightmare into the bedroom of Thomasine Goode. Some dark, malevolent thing has turned its eyes upon the newcomers, and it wants them for its own. Can the four friends survive the darkness that Ichor Falls brings to bear? Ichor Falls is written by Kris Straub, and is absolutely worth checking out.
  • Episode Time: 3:47:24