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Welcome to The Drunk and the Wiki!

This Wiki holds information for all things related to gaming by The Drunk and the Ugly. For the most part, our campaigns are easily a month a year really far ahead of the games we're posting, so specific information related to a campaign (namely a Plot Threads article) is probably not going to sync up with the games you have heard and will likely contain some spoilers. Additionally, any character sheets for Monsters and Other Childish Things contain a few written descriptions of why characters have spent experience, and will also have spoilers in them for this reason. You can still view the pages without much consequence, as the experience spendatures are at the bottom of every character sheet.

Active Campaigns

The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine

Legend of the Five Rings

Ugly Talk

A branch of the Drunk and Ugly podcast, Ugly Talk discusses concepts from film, TV, videogames, and other forms of media and how to apply them to traditional games. Join us as we discuss things, because we know things.

All Episodes can be found here

News Episodes


Various episodes that don't fit under the AP section.

Detailed Campaign Information

Road Trip

Details on the adventures of Max, Charlie, Daniel, Everette, and Doug as they continue to try and save the world from the Cult of the Underworld.

Mrs Frieda's

The complete setting for Mrs Frieda's Halfway Home for Freakish Children. This details all of the information that players have access to for this campaign. Additionally, there exists some extra information players have included about their characters that may or may not ever show up in any games.

Shin Megami Tensei and Other Childish Things

A mini campaign based on the Shin Megami Tensei series, these games take place in 2005, in the small town of Athens. Included here are character sheets for Aiden Raine, Linda Cantella, Tony Redhorn, and Diane Baker, as well as their respective "Personas." The campaign was played with a slightly modified version of Monsters and Other Childish Things. It also happens to take place in the same universe as Mrs. Frieda's and Road Trip.

Monster ISS

A mini campaign featuring delinquent students who end up in more than just detention.

Little Fears

Our ongoing campaign. Follow the adventures of Grim, Mette, Joel, Alice, and Ginny as they keep their neighborhood safe from that which bumps in the night.

AP Archives By System

7th Sea
The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine
Base Raiders
Better Angels
Call of Cthulhu
Capes and Cowls
Complete Bull$#!@
Don't Rest Your Head
Eclipse Phase
The Thunder and the Whirlwind
Engine Heart
Fear Itself
Legend of the Five Rings
Leverage RPG
Little Fears APs
Little Fears Campaign
Maid RPG
Monster ISS APs
Mrs. Frieda's
Project PIXIE
Road Trip APs
Shin Megami Tensei
Powered by the Apocalypse
Dungeon World
Monster Hearts
The Harvester
Summer Camp
Red Markets
Sordid Dystopia
Justice For All
Ship of Fools
United We Stand
Spirit of the Century
Star Wars
Fate Ascendant
The Quiet Year
Trail of C'thulhu
Warhammer 40k
Dark Heresy
Rogue Trader
Wild Talents
Ashton City Heroes
Prominence SC
The Initiative

Game Systems


Nate's Homebrew Pokemon game. Contains the rules and some character sheets.

Complete Bullsh*t!

Another Homebrewed game by Nate. Designed to have the same play and feel as early MS Paint Adventures comics, such as Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth.

Sordid Dystopia

Created by Nate this book contains both the system and setting for all of the Sordid Dystopia games, as well as adventure Reflecting the Soul, and the full campaign Ship of Fools.

Shameless Plug

In case you came here from punching random addresses into your URL bar in your browser, I'd like to let you know that we have a podcast and a facebook page.

Lets Plays

We also do Lets Plays on our youtube channel: Here