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On the outside he’s a skinny kid in tight jeans who likes to wear big shirts and hoodies. Under that he’s a freckled young devil; horns, tail and all. Manny does all he can to keep these parts of him a secret. Big hoodies are the best to hide his wings; the little things have a tendency to twitch without him willing them too. His reddish brown hair hides his horns well enough…and his eyes and most of his nose. His fingernails are sharp and strong, the tips of his fingers are starting to callous from being bitten by his jagged teeth.

The Basics

Life Story

Age: 14 (though he’s mentioned that his uncle throws him random birthday parties throughout the year. He’s just tried to keep up)

Favorite Thing(s): Rare meat, nice people

Personality: “I’m nervous about a lot of things…” Manny does his best to be a normal kid. He can be pretty silly and likes to roughhouse with his friends (where roughhousing involves him being tossed around) However he does get really self conscious about his weirdness, and hides it any way he can. He’s comfortable enough to at least walk around his friends with his devilness out in the open, but if any of them point it out or prod him about it he gets pretty flustered. Manny also lives his life based on the teachings of his Uncle V. Though he might not understand everything Uncle V ever told him, he knew it was cool. Manny loses control of his rational mind whenever hungry or exposed to blood.

By The Numbers


Feet 4 (P.E. +4, Kicking +1, Dodge +3) (Sneaking +3)

Guts 5 (Wind +2, Courage +2, Wrestling +3)

  • (Healing +5 (Useful: Monster Regeneration/Immunity:Fire)

Hands 5 (Shop +0, Punching +0, Blocking +2) (Bass +4)

  • (Scratching+3 Attack, Wicked fast x1)

Brains 3 (Out-Think +2, Remember +1, Notice +3)

  • (Bloodhound +2)

Face 5 (Charm +2, Putdown +0, Connive +1)

  • (Teeth+4 Attack Gnarly x1 ) 0


Uncle V = 5. Manny’s prime caretaker. Rock musician, part time nudist, all time ladies man.

George = 3. A strong and kind of responsible friend. Manny looks up to him and considers him a best friend.

Scott = 1/2. Fellow weird kid. Manny and Scott seemingly don’t have very much in common, after all, Scott reads...books. But the more they bond over their strange monstery awkwardness, the more they realize that they’re pretty much like the brothers they never knew they had.

Nele = 1/2. Saved Manny’s life. He feels pretty grateful and is amused by the super soldier’s social retardation. He’s also pretty concerned about his safety.

August = 1/2. Manny appreciates having a ‘normal person’ friend. August is like George in that Manny secretly looks up to him.

Emma = 1. Without Odyn, Manny can start seeing her as a friend...a non-threatening friend.

Jingles = 1. She’s got some moxy, and also pretty good company when you’re recovering from a sanity breakdown.

Tim = 1. Apprehensive at first, Manny grew to trust the handykid with his greatest secret, and even empathizes with his troubles.

Molly = 1. This girl is strange, but he doesn’t think she’s as bad as people have made her out to be.

Caleb (2dope) = 1. A pretty chill bro, Manny likes having some friends with slightly more normal lives than his.

Brenden = 1. Whatever this kid’s deal is, he totally needs a friend. Manny’s willing to fill that role.

Weird Relationships

Beast Instincts = 4. The beast inside.

Odyn = 2. Saved Manny’s life. Grateful yet very intimidated. Manny knows his place.

Dr.Marcus = 1. A medical professional who knows how to deal with strange teenage monster anatomy.

Blood = 4. Manny is on his way to becoming somewhat of a connoisseur of the stuff. He’s realized that he can recognize different individuals based on the scent of their blood.


Backstory Stuffs

Manny doesn’t know a lot about his life. He never knew his parents or why he looks the way he does. He just knows the simple things he likes: Eating meat, sleeping, and not being picked on. Manny’s been raised by his uncle for as long as he could remember, but the life of a rock star is tough enough without having to care for a devil kid.

Uncle V once enrolled Manny into a school where he immediately became miserable. Kids would push him and bully him for being weird, girls would laugh at him, and once a teacher even spit on his face. This made Manny become very reserved, grow his hair out to hide his budding horns, and have an intense want for a real friend. Uncle V eventually pulled him out of the public school, deciding to pay for a private tutor, one who knew how to keep their mouth shut.

Despite his wild rock star life, Manny’s uncle actually attempted to teach Manny values and morals. Don’t steal unless you really have to. Don’t lie unless it will keep you out of trouble. Don’t bite because you could cause someone to need an amputation. Most notably though, Uncle V has instilled an interesting view of justice in the boy. He’ll stand up against what he thinks wrong, even if it’s stupid to do so.

It should be noted that Manny’s entered the halfway home at a very tender time in his life. While awkwardly facing puberty, he’ll also have to deal with his devilish features becoming more difficult to conceal. His horns can only stay small enough to hide behind his hair for so long…

Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)

Sympathy for the Devil