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My name is Mette-Jane Dorma

Nickname(s): Mette, Mette J., Mette Jane, Miss Dorma

I am an 11 Year Old Girl.

Birthday: September 29th (as a guess; she is every kind of libra ever)

Short, scrawny, and has short, blonde hair that looks almost white-ish in the sun. She is extremely cheery, but forgets things quickly. Apparently of Asian descent. Probably homeless. Definitely homeless.She’s about 4’11 and usually in the whereabouts of 85-90 lbs, depending on how much she has to eat (or how much adults limit her when they let her stay for dinner).

Mette is almost always nice to people, and is willing to help just about anyone out for any reason. She’s either super energetic and easily distractable, or she’s just asleep. There is no in-between. Although incredibly sweet and amiable, if not incredibly short-sighted and short on the book-smarts, Mette actually has a bit of a meaner side to her. It’s subtle and unintentional, but she can act selfishly (prioritizing a boy she likes over other people, for instance), and if she’s put under enough stress, she’s capable of snapping at someone and yelling at them, whether they deserve it or not.

  • Move 5
  • Fight 1
  • Think 2
  • Speak 3
  • Care 5



  • It’s hard for me to Move when I don’t know where I am.
  • It’s hard for me to Care when people treat me bad.


  • I can Fight well when it’s a monster.
  • I can Think well when I have time to concentrate.


  • 9/9 Fine
  • 9/9 Sore (-2)
  • 9/9 Hurt (-4)
  • 9/9 Cold (-6)

Spirit: 7

Wits: 8

Belief: 3



  • I am Small (+2)
    • I can squeeze into tight spaces (+3)
    • I am very super agile (+3)


  • I am absolutely adorable (+3)
  • I fight monsters! (+2)
  • Mette-Medic (+1)
  • I am observant (+1)


  • I Get Confused (-1)
  • I Don’t Fit In (-1)
  • I’m Homeless (Among the Missing) (-1)

Cool Stuff

A Super Awesome Paper Fan that causes HURRICANES and CUTS THE WIND and REALLY SUPER AWESOME stuff like that! (10)

  • When open, it creates gusts of wind!
  • When closed, it can pull wind in a direction she chooses.
  • The tip of the (closed) fan can cut things (+3 Fight)
  • It blows monsters down! (+2 damage)
  • It pushes monsters back (-2 Fight)
  • It slows things down (-1 Move)

Snap on bracelet of FRIENDSHIP! Grimmy gave it to her. It is a symbol of friendship. (3)

  • Act faster when she’s with her friends (Move +3)

A paper fan depicting a pleasant hillside (2)

  • It shoots WIND BULLETS (Move +2 when attacking)

A red flower themed two piece bathing suit (3)

  • My bikini is super cute (Speak +3 . . . mostly against adolescent boys)

Belted butterfly pajamas

  • It let’s me fly~! (Move +1)


My best friend is I dunno! I have a whole bunch of friends, now. I don’t want to choose!

A grown-up I can trust is Grimmy’s mom!

I once lost my memories, it was special to me because now I can’t remember anything anymore!

Scary Things

Monsters can’t hurt me when I’m running away!

Monsters can’t touch my . . . my . . . my fan! Yeah! My fan!

I don’t go near that old house back in the place starting with a T because . . . because . . . uh . . . I don’t really remember, but it makes me feel weird to think about.

My biggest fear is being forgotten by everyone. : (

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is my body, I guess? Or, I mean, how I look. ‘Cause, like, no one ever, um, no one ever sees me, I guess. Like I’m just sorta background stuff, you know? And I think it’s ‘cause of how I look. : (

The thing that gets me into trouble is really kinda weird. ‘Cause a lot of people are just like hey what are you doing here, you shouldn’t be here, and then they get mad at me if I hang around for too long or something.

When I get scared, I run and hide! Unless it’s a monster and I can beat it up. In that case, I beat it up.

Tell me about your family

I remember . . . uhhh . . . I dunno! There was this lady and this guy and they talked a lot. Or maybe they yelled. Or maybe they were super nice. I can’t really remember!

My biggest secret is . . . I can’t remember! Is that a secret? Oh . . . man, I better not tell anyone! Oh! Oh! Wait! I remember! A lot of people at that one place, uh, ummm, Prigg Sentence? I don’t really remember! But a lot of them asked me if I’d go swimming with them. I don’t really remember why but there was this lady that didn’t want me to go. But I went anyways. And I think . . . o-oh, yeah. Th-that’s why it’s a big old secret. I remember, now. ‘Cause when I got there, everyone took off their clothes and, uh, swam. Without clothes on. Called it dinny skipping or something! And it was the most embarrassing thing ever. D-does that count as a big secret?

What was your life like before? I don’t really know. I remember a place that starts with T I think, and a lady, and, um, I think that’s it! I’m sorry. I wish I could be more helpful. : (

Have you made contact with your old life? If so, how did it go? If not, why not?' I don’t even know where to begin! I’d like to at least know, though. I mean, even a tiny something.

Where are you now? A place called Thebes! . . . Actually, wait, that starts with T, doesn’t it?

What have you been doing? I’unno. I have a few really good friends now, though. I stay with them.

Do you want to go back home? Well, I wanna know where home is first, you know!

If not, why not? I . . . I never said I didn’t! I just said I wanna know where it is. But no, really. All my friends have parents, and I can’t remember mine. If I could meet them, maybe I’d remember better.

What’s the last thing you remember? A hill. A nice meadow on a nice hill. And the wind. Every time I think about it, it makes me smile. But then I saw something weird.

But now there’s this place and a green boy took my fan. I found it, by the way. And I found some new friends, too. But . . . but I . . .

Why do you think it happened? I dunno. I can’t really remember!