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Road Trip Side Stories – Night of the Gaming Does

  • Description: School’s out for the summer, and wanderlust lives in the heart of teenagers – especially our protagonists. Unfortunately, their car has broken down along the way. Fortunately, they’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to Doesville, a medium sized city in the middle of America – utterly ordinary, utterly boring. Or so it seems at first. Because Doesville is home to a chilling secret, revolving around the hot new online game that’s been sweeping the city. Agriculture Quest: it’s free, it’s fun, and it never, ever ends.
  • Episode Time: 3:36:03

MaOCT – Sunny Vale with Ross Payton

  • Description: Recently, members of the Drunk and Ugly (joined by RPPR listener Patrick) got to play a game of Road Trip run by Ross Payton himself, as part of their Killsplosion Kickstarter! Welcome to Sunny Vale, a beautiful city that finds itself in the grips of constant monster attacks. The only thing standing in the way of Sunny Vale’s total destruction are the Sentai Rangers – martial artists and ninjas with a fondness for brightly colored outfits. Sunny Vale’s protectors are not all they seem, however – secrets hide behind the masks of the Sentai Rangers, secrets that must be uncovered at any cost.
  • Episode Time: 2:10:59

MaOCT – Requiem for a Toy Factory with Ross Payton

  • Description: It’s Monsters Friday again, bringing you an oldie from the early days of The Drunk and the Ugly, through a ransom event with RPPR’s own Ross Payton.  It through these games that we ended up bringing in Sam and Charlie eventually. In this adventure, following their victory over the Ur-Monster in the summer road trip, the daring Jimmy McPherson and Roy Ackerman receive an invitation to visit Cal Novelties, a wonderful toy factory whose owner has just passed and named them the successors to his toy throne, allowing them to become testers and designers.
  • Episode Time: 2:39:08

Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Grid Playtest

  • Description: The year is 2070.  The place; Seattle, WA. In this day and age, computers are built into your clothing, the internet is everywhere, and holograms / augmented reality are a practical interface with technology, rather than a simple novelty. There was a time when computers were totally and completely responsible for everything we did.  Artificial Intelligence was at our beck and call, managing all that was once done by man.  We were able to relax and work on self-improvement.  If you’ve seen any kind of science fiction film, you know approximately what happens next.  Well okay, things didn’t go full Skynet.  We weren’t THAT unprepared.  There were defenses in place, but likewise, the Artificial Intelligences have that second word for a reason.  Their definite power was removed and, to the casual observer, they were completely destroyed. Just like that pain in the ass toolbar that you got when you opened that email from the Nigerian prince, the victory by Grid Security was merely a ploy.  Slowly, the remnants of the AI began to surface.  No one’s sure where they’re coming from or why, but one thing’s certain:  They are returning.
  • Episode Time: 2:57:41

MaOCT – Pop Music Changes Everything

  • Description: It’s Friday, and there’s a party going down. The crack quasi-superhero team of weird kids at Argosy High School are absolutely ready to crash the party at Brian Summer’s mansion. There’s going to be terrible high school bands, terrible high school drinking, and lots of regrets. Of course, stranger things are at work. It’s up to Explosivo, the Cutlery Kid, That One Girl, Space Jam, and Hellsdale to get to the bottom of it.
  • Episode Time: 3:48:15

Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Devil’s Bazaar

  • Description: It’s May, 1997 in a suburb of New Orleans. Three young friends have just gotten their weekly allowance, and they’re looking for ways to spend it. Danny’s father has just put the finishing touches on a new tree-clubhouse: summer is beginning, and it looks bright as can be. That is, until Danny’s younger brother runs away from home. Danny, Felix, and Alpha race out into the wilderness to find him, and are plunged into an adventure they will never forget.
  • Episode Time: 2:15:57

Monsters and Other Childish Things – SkyMaul

  • Description: It’s time to take to the skies!  Christopher O’Brien, Tony Redhorn, and Eld Tsukimono (along with their rambunctious friends) are winging their way to fun and games at Sucrose Park. This isn’t your father’s airline, though. Can the friends survive horrors at 30,000 feet?
  • Episode Time: 2:45:13

Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Travelling Bazaar

  • Description: It is May in New Orleans, and there has not been a drop of rain in weeks. Three young kids, suffering in the dry heat of the hottest spring around, are trying to find something to distract themselves. First task: acquiring ice cream. These three kids will soon find themselves tossed into an adventure that will rival anything else they’ve ever seen. After all, the strange and twisting caverns of the Devil’s Bazaar are only one tendril of the market for the bizarre.
  • Episode Time: 4:04:32

Pop Music Changes Everything (Original Playtest)

  • Description: Found the old radio at Mom’s house- this went to the beach in Ocean City in the 1970s. My folks were believes in hanging on to stuff that still works.

Long ago, in the dawn of time, we ran games for our Sordid Dystopia kickstarter backers. This is one of the playtests.

Our heroes are a group of supernaturally powered young adults in a world that hates and fears them. They must survive, and thrive!.

  • Episode Time: 2:38:11

MaOCT – The House on Ivy Lane

  • Description: It’s just after Halloween, and some rowdy, totally normal, kids are getting up to hijinks in their neighborhood. One of them has heard about a mysterious house that belonged to a witch, and all of them are getting involved in this investigation. Zoinks.
  • Episode Time: 3:49:50

Monsters and Other Childish Things – Spring-Heeled Dance

  • Description: A few children are having an ordinary day off hanging out in a junk shop on a day off when a creepy guy walks into the store claiming to be “looking around” before snatching a young girl’s purse and running off. The other kids realize their belongings have been taken from them as well and begin to make chase. Just when they have their mysterious robber cornered, he springs up off a nearby wall and out of sight. Something is afoot.
  • Episode Time: 3:44:27

Monsters and Other Childish Things – Where Did the Colors Go?

  • Description:Being a kid is hard. Being a kid who faces down horrors from beyond time and space? Actually just a little harder.
  • Episode Time: 2:12:42

Monsters and Other Childish Things – InThralled

  • Description:Four teenagers with extraordinary abilities find themselves trapped in a strange prison, with no memory of how they arrived. They will need to work together to save themselves from a deadly danger.
  • Episode Time: 3:00:16