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Season 1

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 1 – Manny’s First Day

  • Description: In a nutshell, Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home for Children (its official name) is a halfway home for children taken from abusive homes. Why has it gotten the reputation that it has? Because most of the children here responded to the abuse in their homes with abuse of their own. Everyone has their own reasons for being here, and most of them are never going to leave this place with a new family. While everyone has secrets to hide, some kids have worse secrets than others: Some kids have “special friends” that would freak out everyone in the city, and others are slowly transforming into eagles. Not everyone has these kinds of problems, mind you, but a few kids within this establishment do. Mrs. Frieda’s is about the life and times of these children.
  • Episode Time: 1:49:33

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 2 – Let’s Go to the Movies!

  • Description: It’s Sunday at the Halfway House, and that means two things: Some boring missionaries from the LDS Church are going to come and give a short service The rest of the day is fairly open to whatever you want to do  (LAZY SUNDAY!) The missionaries at the Troy Ward have just switched out recently, and the new guy appears to be vastly different from the previous ones.  That doesn’t mean that the kids are going to treat him any differently, though. Following a very unusual service, the kids decide what to do with their day.  It turns out that Emma just heard about a new movie coming out, and she’s gotta see it now.
  • Episode Time: 2:41:47

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 3 – Family Home Evening

  • Description: So, the kids screwed up yesterday.  They went to go see a movie that Mrs. Frieda specifically forbid and were spotted by. . . someone.  When they had to hoof it, though, George decided the best way to escape was to call his giant firebird and fly back to the house.  In any case, Frieda knew that they went to that movie, and found a suitable punishment:  Helping out at the local LDS Church. During the previous night, the kids were serenaded by their local pastor and missionary Elder Dane.  The kids see the opportunity to go clean the church as a way to find out more about this very strange man.  Meanwhile, everyone else proceeds to clean or set up the church in their own ways (sometimes ways that they’ve invented).
  • Episode Time: 2:12:45

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 4 – Emma’s Birthday

  • Description: It’s late July at the halfway house, which is about the same as any time in the summer, except for the forgotten fact that Emma Vaerbond will soon be thirteen.  Mrs. Frieda’s not really one for ceremony, and Emma’s never been exactly vocal about the special day, especially since her “special friend” always likes to celebrate the occasion in his own way.  This year is no different. Odyn, owed a promise of “playtime” with Emma, has made it happen. He’s whispering in a few ears, setting up a few birthday surprises, and doing his best to make sure Emma never forgets this day. Emma’s friends?  Well, they just happen to be excellent pawns.
  • Episode Time: 2:58:14

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 5 – The Urban Ninja

  • Description: So, Sunday has rolled around again in the halfway home.  The kids are awakened again for more boring Sunday service, though following their experiences in the last week, they are eager to see who’s going to give the lesson.  Much to their surprise, they hear a familiar guitar being tuned up downstairs.  Elder Dane is, in fact, back. After the very unusual service, George hits Elder Dane with a bunch of questions, and Elder Dane offers to answer them at the Terje Haakonsen Skate Park later in the day.  If only the kids weren’t still grounded. . .
  • Episode Time: 2:58:22

Mrs Frieda’s Session 6 – This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Description: Once again, the kids royally screwed things up on a Sunday.  After another service by a familiar missionary, the kids decided to meet up with him in the skate park to “talk.”  Apparently “talk” now means “steal a dude’s guitar and cheese it.”  The kids managed to get away, but they haven’t gotten the guitar back to the halfway house yet. In the course of the action, though, they kids made a new friend.  He goes by the name of Nele, and his past is a tad confusing.  He says a lot of stuff about being a super soldier, but seems to lack any knowledge of everyday things, such as soda and how to get a rag wet. Additionally, the UFO enthusiasts (still on the hunt for the bizarre flaming streak that shot out from the Cineplex a week ago) have seen related activity somewhere around the Halfway House.  Frieda brought in the police to scare them off, but they always seem to come back for more. Also, that new attendant seems more focused on his bitchin’ wristwatch than he does on any of the kids.  If you get too close to him, his alarm goes off and he has somewhere to be.  Weird, huh?
  • Episode Time: 2:37:29

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 7 – Wherein Mrs. Frieda is Called ‘Fat’

  • Description: The kids at Mrs. Frieda’s can’t seem to do anything right. Plans go awry, monsters get called out, buildings get scaled, and now the cops are all over the building. Then, they had a dream featuring the one and only Elder Dane. Simply put, things got real. The kids are awakened in the middle of the night by police officers. The investigation has begun. As they’ll quickly discover, there are several things hidden in the Halfway Home that do not want to be found. Friendships are broken and others solidified and new ones discovered as the kids scramble to make plans to deal with the sudden threat of Odyn. This is where we get the most players ever in a Mrs. Frieda’s Game.  This trend continues for a while.  If you notice a slowdown in plot, this is the reason (that and the fact that these games start happening really late at night).
  • Episode Time: 2:19:17

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 8 – Here Come the Men in Black

  • Description: Alt Title: “Spider Queen and the Quest for a Better Watch” It’s been a few days since that fateful night and things are still busy falling apart. The police investigation unearthed Jingles from the basement and drew out Ty Soren from his room. The pool of blood triggered some deep instincts inside of Manny and sent him into a rage. Emma’s turned into a distressed dame and has been using Scott to console herself. George has been trying to put together an alliance against the resident Eldritch Horror. The police investigation hasn’t found anything, and now there are new sheriffs in town. They’re dressed in black suits and black shades and have an unnerving interest in “special” kids.
  • Episode Time: 2:41:07

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 9 – *Insert Rebecca Black Reference Here*

  • Description: It’s 7AM on a Friday, and the kids are ready to get down. George has ostracized himself to the roof and his shiny new guitar, hoping that Condor will return. Scott and Emma have been growing closer as Emma recoups from her night of terror. The media circus outside of the Halfway Home has begun, drawn in by crazed reports of aliens and UFOs and the very real murder investigation. What’s on the agenda for today? Well Emma has a meeting with a fairly shady dude somewhere on the rough side of town. Everyone wants to come with her, so what could go wrong? It’s time for some partying, partying (YEAH!).
  • Episode Time: 2:21:30

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 10 – Biting the Bullet

  • Description: We’re back in the middle of the madness with the Frieda’s kids! A trap was sprung, a girl was kidnapped, a miniature super soldier fatally injured, and a giant Mayan god-bird appeared in the middle of the ghetto. Nele’s still got bullets in him, and it’s up to George, Jingles, Ty, and August to break him into Frieda’s kitchen and pull them out. Emma’s in the clutches of the MIB with only the hope of rescue from her eldritch horror and the extraordinary Eagle-Boy and Devil-Child. Things are pretty bad.
  • Episode Time: 2:39:42

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 11 – Chaos

  • Description: Last time on Mrs. Frieda’s, things started bad and got much, much worse. The long-awaited showdown with the MIB ended with the Eldritch horror in tatters, bullets inside Manny, and a mini-nuclear bomb going off deep in the ghetto of Troy. On the plus side, Emma’s been rescued and Nele received medical attention. As the action recommences, the whole city is enraptured by the mushroom cloud hanging over the city. Now, it’s up to George and crew to try and race into the fray and save their friends. Can the kids find each other in the midst of a city falling to pieces?
  • Episode Time: 2:46:19

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 12 – Camp LaFey

  • Description: It’s finally time for the Frieda’s kids to get some R&R. What better place than a camping area deep in the woods outside of Troy? The kids are ready to go swimming, hiking, and generally just be kids, happy and safe. Of course, the camp holds some secrets. Creatures dwell here, ones that may not be quite so friendly to trespassing kids. Welcome to Camp LaFey, where absolutely anything can happen. Due to popular demand and also some scheduling conflicts, we’re gonna switch up the posting order on Frieda’s games and Road Trip games.  Frieda’s will be posted on Mondays, with Road Trip posted every other Friday.  If you want us to return to our old posting schedule, leave a comment below.
  • Episode Time: 4:36:49

Mrs Frieda’s Session 13 – Wherein the Gang Goes Shopping

  • Description: The kids have returned from their vacation, and the Halfway Home is safe once more. The city of Troy is busy recovering from the effects of a miniature nuclear bomb, but in the Halfway Home, love is in the air. In order to do their best to not deal with that problem, the kids are headed out to the Mall. First, they’ve gotta get some pocket money. Frieda has money, but how to get it? And once they have, who knows what awaits them out in the city?
  • Episode Time: 2:29:19

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway House Session 14 – Going Deeper

  • Description: The love triangle is in full bloom. Scott and Emma are going on a date to the movies (even if they both swear it’s not a date) tonight. After a series of hijinks at the house, (including Scott having to defend his woman from a weird mouth-breather, and the gang bathing Scott) they’re off into the city. Back at the house, Manny gets a phone call, and August begins experiencing some odd visitations. There’s someone who has a great deal of interest in him. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. . . Editor’s Note: This session is a wonderful example of a GM improvising a plot based on little notice. Side chatter and other fun stuff
  • Episode Time: 2:42:35

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 15 – Ghost Stories

  • Description: The love triangle is heating up. George has gotten wind of Emma and Scott’s date, and is on the warpath, trying to figure out how to win over the girl of his dreams. Emma gets a mysterious note attached to the scalpel she found at the Movie Theater last session. It is addressed to “O” from “Slash.” That night, the kids hear strange sounds on the roof. After an encounter with a strange young Asian girl on the rooftop, they’re led on a strange adventure to plunge the depths of the mystery below Frieda’s. Don’t listen to this one in the dark. Side chatter and other fun stuff
  • Episode Time: 3:05:45

Mrs Frieda’s Session 16 – The Love Song of Dash Princely

  • Description: It’s early morning on Friday and Frieda’s horrible, screeching voice is calling our protagonists to wake up, and get downstairs. It’s time to sign up for extra-curricular activities at school (since most of the kids would be prone to lighting fires, graffiti, and harassing the elderly if left to their own devices). After some extreme coercion to get Manny and Emma onto the bus, the kids are set off on the longest bus ride ever. A prank war ensues, Nele calls Emma fat, and George beats Manny in Rock Paper Scissors. (Also there’s a news report about some serial killer, but no one listens to it.) Important questions are raised during this session. Will Jingles ever get rid of creepy kid James? How many athletic teams can Nele be drafted for? Will George ever stop throwing Rock? And just who is this strange, constantly sparkling ladies-man named Dash Princely?
  • Episode Time: 2:42:57

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 17 – Operation: Group Hug

  • Description: It’s Sunday morning, as so often happens to the Frieda’s kids. All are awakened this time, however, not by Mrs. Frieda’s screeching, but by the sound of shearing metal, breaking plaster, and a loud thump onto the floor. In an unsurprising turn of events, Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, built sometime between the 1800s and the 1940s, doesn’t have ducts capable of supporting the weight of a young commando. The kids are going to be moved out of their room, in order to not choke on the atmosphere in their room which has now become pure asbestos. In the meantime there is coffee to be ingested, love triangles to stretch to the breaking point, and Scott’s being moved into Butch’s room. To hang out. With Butch. And all of his friends. Alone. There’s no way for this to go badly.
  • Episode Time: 2:24:41

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 18 – Mall Rats

  • Description: Operation Group Hug was a resounding success (except for August, he doesn’t count). The kids are moving into their temporary rooms, with emotions ranging from trepidation to annoyance. Emma is moving into the Rumourmongers’ room, and August secures their good behavior with the promise of a triple date with Donna, Daisy and Julie. There’s also a new attendant in the halfway home, and he’s up for taking the kids out to the mall. Hijinks, of course, ensue.
  • Episode Time: 4:02:49

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 19 – A Pack of Wild Dogs

  • Description: It’s a Thursday, and George smells terrible. He’s teamed up with Butch and crew to help fix the home (and secretly spy on Butch to find out exactly what he’s up to.) Unfortunately this means he’s been doing a lot of manual labor. Scott, rattled by his encounter at night with Butch and some strange hoodlums, has been keeping tabs on the young Mafioso.  Because Butch is indeed up to something, and our paranoid protagonists are going to find out what it is. What they find will change the fate of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home forever.
  • Episode Time: 4:01:26

Mrs Frieda’s Session 20 – “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”

  • Description: Big things happened last session to George, Emma, Scott, and Manny. This session (unfortunately) shows what happened to August during the events in the last session. It’s date night for August, and he’s got three oh so lovely rumor-smiths to take out to the movies. Nele is tagging along for some recon of the town. The Drunk and the Ugly is especially proud to present this session, namely as it shows the psychological break-down of a gaming group after a highly dramatic session.
  • Episode Time: 2:33:52

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 21 – The Manhunt

  • Description: After the showdown with Butch, Frieda’s is once again locked down by a police investigation. In the aftermath, George has gone missing. The kids go to look for him and only find Odyn in his shadow cat form. They learn from the eldritch horror that George has pulled a runner and taken off on the back of his Mayan God Bird. With the power check of Condor out of the picture, Odyn is free to play. He’s got the whole Halfway House to work in. It’s up to Emma and the rest of the kids to find George – and Condor – and bring him back before Odyn gets out of control.
  • Episode Time: 2:08:51

Mrs Frieda’s Session 22 – Recovering the Satellites

  • Description: After going into a fit of epileptic psychic backlash and nearly bringing Frieda’s crashing around down his ears, Ty wakes up in a hospital. It’s suspiciously quiet and empty as he makes his escape to return to the Halfway Home – it seems that Ty has someone watching over him. Meanwhile, for the first time in a long time, the kids enjoy a morning where nothing in the house is breaking, or exploding, or being terrifying. That is, until August gets a tip from his spider friends about the possible whereabouts of George. The manhunt will continue. In Condor’s absence, Odyn has been putting plans into motion. He is calling in favors and carefully setting up his dominoes. And now he’s ready to push them over.
  • Episode Time: 2:32:09

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 23 – The Lighter

  • Description: The kids survived the apocalyptic showdown with Odyn. Through a combination of Ty’s psychic powers, Emma’s resolve, and some last-minute help from Elder Dane, Odyn has been pummeled and the majority of his power broken. George has been brought back to the Halfway Home (with some interesting new tattoos), and has recovered from the coma he fell into after Condor was possessed by Odyn. As soon as he wakes up, he tries to leave again. George, the kids discover, is on a mission from Thunderbird, the great god-bird of legend. A long time ago, he completed what he refers to as “The Trials,” and gained Condor. He’s going through them again: he showed up back in Troy in order to find something at his mother’s old house. The kids, however, having just gotten George back, aren’t keen to let him run off again. And while Odyn may have been beaten, there are still things going on behind the scenes. Things are still in motion.
  • Episode Time: 2:23:34

Mrs Frieda’s Session 24 – The Fall of the House of Odyn

  • Description: Emma is having a dream. A very lovely dream: she’s on the roof, in George’s arms, kissing him before he climbs onto the back of Condor. Instead of flying away again, however, instead of winging away from Emma once more, blood starts coming out of his eyes. And he starts laughing. Hard, loud laughter, both he and Condor laughing, before they melt into a dark shadow with green eyes. “Julie Williams,” it says. “8pm, Tuesday.” Then she wakes up, at 8am on a Tuesday morning. Manny is having a dream. It’s a very lovely dream: he’s in a classy restaurant, a mix between a 50s diner and a smoking lounge, and he’s gorging himself on an incredible array of steak. It’s almost easy for him to ignore the laughter in the background, the shadows moving in strange ways, and the fact that the steak has become human flesh, familiar, tattooed human flesh. It’s 8am on a Tuesday. Julie Williams is missing. A young girl named Emma has “gone on vacation.” Odyn’s final plan has begun. He’s called in the last of his favors, and a horrible ritual is in progress. Unless the kids find a way to stop him, it will claim the lives of Julie and little Emma, and one other, someone very close to Emma Vaerbond’s heart.
  • Episode Time: 4:03:46

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 25 – If Words Could Kill

  • Description: Odyn has been defeated, but at a heavy cost. Julie Williams, chief rumorsmith and head popular girl, was lost inside the nightmare world Odyn created to trap Emma. Nele and Emma blasted their way in and recovered the little girl Emma, but Julie was consumed by Odyn. Emma and Nele survived, and through the combined efforts of all of the children, Odyn was destroyed. Now, the kids are standing in the aftermath. Julie is gone, and no one seems to notice that she is gone. It is only with the return of George, and Condor’s healing flesh, that there is the slightest chance to bring her back. And the love triangle, revitalized by George’s return, is stretching to the breaking point.
  • Episode Time: 2:29:23

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 26 – Summer’s Over

  • Description: It’s the last day of summer. The sun is rising, birds are singing, and Emma wakes up to see someone’s head peering in the window. She blinks, and the head is gone. Instead, a sack is sitting on the windowsill. The bottom is moist and bloodstained. It’s filled with ripped shreds of bloody meat. Someone, it seems, has left a present for Manny. Nevertheless, there are other pressing concerns: doctor’s notes to get out of gym must be acquired, Julie Williams must be visited in the hospital, Uncle V’s coming by to treat Manny to a bass of his own, and even though no one remembered, Scott turned 13 last week. It’s the last day of summer and an awesome – if belated – birthday party must be organized. The last diem of summer must be carpe’d, at all costs. This episode features a musical outro by the talented Jonathan Coulton, from his “Thing A Week” album series.  You can check out more of his stuff at his website.
  • Episode Time: 1:34:02

Season 2

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 27 – “If You Don’t Eat Your Meat. . .”

  • Description: Welcome back to the city of Troy, home to monsters, devils, and the kids from Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home for Terrible Freakish Children. This session focuses on the part of the gang who are attending Madison Faire, Troy’s High School, for the first time. Home of the Fighting Minotaurs, chock full of bizarre teachers and mysterious lunch meat, the High School holds many surprises. New faces are introduced, old faces are back, and somebody auto-tunes a rabbit. Summer is over. It’s the first day of school, and it’s going to be one you can never forget.
  • Episode Time: 4:05:05

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 28 – “You Can’t Have Any Pudding!”

  • Description: And the Frieda’s Season Premiere continues with Part 2: Middle School. Spring Crescent is, on the surface, perfectly normal. Normal things happen, normal teachers conduct utterly normal classes, and no one gets sucked into a Lovecraftian alien’s spaceship. Secrets lurk below the surface, of course. Secrets that hide behind walls and coat closets, secrets that want to spread and steal and hurt. Emma, Scott, and Jingles are dropped directly into this tangled mess. Joined by the psychic girl Molly, who survived her own ghost story, our plucky Middle Schoolers will face down evil.
  • Episode Time: 2:44:26

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 29 – After-School Special

  • Description: The kids have survived their first day of school! Slightly weary, and more than slightly weirded out, they return home, ready for a relaxing afternoon of taking care of business. Nothing can go wrong now. Minus the fact that August’s been missing for two weeks. They’re not sure how they let that happen. Truancy officers have come to the Halfway House looking for him, and he’s not answering his door. August, you see, has started down a very strange path. It’s old, so old, and coated in spiderwebs. He’s not sure where it leads, but he knows that somewhere, the Spider Queen is waiting for him. She holds the key to his history, and his family, and the reasons why his body has begun to develop such frightening characteristics.
  • Episode Time: 2:36:27

Mrs Frieda’s Session 30 – You Can’t Text on a Knife

  • Description: It’s Saturday, and the kids finally have a day to themselves. School is HARD. Of course, a free day can’t go without an adventure… This one begins with a text message, and a beaten up coffee can. Inside, riches, and a note. This discovery will begin a treasure hunt that will crisscross Troy and lead the kids back into their own history. Someone, it seems, has been paying particularly close attention to what they’ve been doing this summer. It’s up to the kids to track down the mystery before whatever’s behind it decides to stop playing games.
  • Episode Time: 2:26:26

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 31 – Trashing and Crashing

  • Description: The treasure hunt led the kids all over the city, and then back home as the sun began to fade on the horizon. They’ve got a lead – Rebecca Black, the reporter. But before they can track it down, the kids are locked inside Frieda’s for the night. Their new friend, Tim Rodgers, has some things to reveal to them. And the next day, a side trip to the strangest junkyard in America must be made.
  • Episode Time: 2:15:18

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 32 – I Hate Emoticons

  • Description: The strange treasure hunt continues! The gang, having survived their experience in the junkyard, are off to pay a visit to Rebecca Black. In the meantime, August is contacted by the High School’s Janitor-Sorcerer, Cecil. The cryptic information broker takes him out to get pizza, and makes him a deal. He’ll help August get rid of Buibui, if August tracks down a certain redheaded Irish boy. It seems like a solid deal, until it quickly becomes clear that Brendan is linked to some very scary stuff. Shadows lurk in his past.
  • Episode Time: 2:19:37

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 33 – Substance Abuse

  • Description: Continuing with the longest Sunday ever, Manny’s got tickets to ride. Five tickets, to be specific, to ride a bus to the backstage of the craziest concert ever. Infernal Banshee’s in town, and they’re about to rock Troy’s face off. Unfortunately, they’re missing their lead guitarist/front man/Duke of Too-Cool-For-School: Uncle V. Can the kids get the show to go on, or will the Power of ROCK fail?
  • Episode Time: 3:11:11

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 34 – A Perfect Day

  • Description: Welcome to Mrs. Frieda’s State Home, where nothing weird has ever, or will ever happen. Scott Valle, middle schooler, has chosen to play hooky from school with his friend Manny in order to play with G.I. Joes. This is a Frieda’s without monsters. Without shadows, where nothing lurks in the corners and in the minds of its occupants, in a Troy not pitted and cratered by the effects of those monsters. This session was conducted with a parallel text roleplay, telling George and Emma’s story. While not critical to the plot of this session, it adds a nice bit of extra character development.  That story can be read here.
  • Episode Time: 2:54:07

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 35 – Hoop and Stick Together!

  • Description: After some intense sidetracking, both in the real world and in strange collective alternate-reality dreams, the kids are back on the trail of the Coffee Can Mystery. After watching the DVD obtained from Rebecca Black’s office, the gang treks into the ghetto, ready to face down just what exactly has been lobbing coffee cans full of expensive junk across the city. What’s in store is something they could never have expected. Forces are beginning to gather against the special children of Mrs. Frieda’s, and their emissaries have already arrived.
  • Episode Time: 2:35:35

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 36 – Bad Reception

  • Description: Following the closing of the “Case of the Mysteriously Launched Coffee Cans” with the discovery of a playful robot, life resumes at Spring Crescent and Madison Faire mostly unabated. Emma’s visit to Troy’s nightclub district did not go unreported, so she’s got a meeting with the school counselor. Dr. G is, to put it simply, a very understanding guy. This session was conducted with a parallel text roleplay, telling a story with Scott and Emma. While not critical to the plot of this session, it adds a nice bit of extra character development.  Those stories can be read here and here.
  • Episode Time: 3:00:46

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 37 – Bad Reception

  • Description: This session, we return to the mystery-wrapped enigma that is Spring Crescent. Emma, joined by the strange psychic girl Molly Weits, investigates around the school. They stumble upon a certain coat room door, and once opened, it leads directly into LeFay National Park. Will the girls press on into possible danger and uncover the source of the mystery?
  • Episode Time: 1:57:47

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 38 – One-Man Two-Man Band

  • Description: Having discovered the first clue to the mystery of Spring Crescent, and rapidly retreating, the gang devises a plan to investigate further: they’ll get un-grounded, and go BACK TO SCHOOL. Naturally, there are a few objections. But they are silenced by the prospect of the annual Spring Crescent Fun Fair, an occasion that promises at least the approximation of Fun and Fairs. Will the kids succeed in their investigation, or will the looming threat of mediocre fun stagnate them all night?
  • Episode Time: 3:45:12

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 39 – Birds are Jerks

  • Description: The fight in the forest rages on. The bird-man and its army of, well, birds, is still threatening the wood sprites. The Spirit of the Forest is still missing. A strange altar has been discovered. And while a tentative truce has been brought up between all of the kids to overcome raging teenage emotions, tensions are still running high. Can the Frieda’s kids stop the bird threat and rescue the Spirit of the Forest before the sorcerer cult discovers them?
  • Episode Time: 2:31:36

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 40 – Tim’s Happy Afternoon

  • Description: The writing on the wall has changed. Literally. The strange graffiti being left outside of Frieda’s cannot be ignored. Someone who knows too much about Nele’s past is in town. And they’re leaving messages specifically for him. Where is N611? Where indeed.
  • Episode Time: 2:28:26

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 41 – The One Where Everyone Dies

  • Description: Manny’s gone. Kidnapped in the middle of the night by a mysterious assailant. George is going crazy. Caught between a Mayan God and the rejection of the girl he loves, he’s confused and angry and ready to hurt someone. Nele is in the middle of a self crisis, emotions and memories flooding in on his carefully crafted clockwork precision mind. All things are up in the air, waiting for their moment to fall.
  • Episode Time: 4:12:24

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 42 – Rehab

  • Description: Just about all of the Frieda’s group looks like they just went through a meat grinder. The confrontation with Newt started bad and ended worse. The kids are beaten, battered, broken, and some of them kinda died. A little bit. And then they got better. As it stands, they’ve gone to the only person willing to treat a group of supernatural poor kids who have a bad case of ran-into-a-super-soldier-itis: the Good Doctor. There’s no easy way out of this situation, and the consequences have only just begun to unfold.
  • Episode Time: 3:31:40

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 43 – Mother Monster

  • Description: Betrayal. Ferocious rage, deceit, attempted murder. Crushed bones, torn throats, and a few bullet wounds. It’s safe to say some people had their feelings hurt. Manny’s still in his coma. Nele is watching him like a hawk. Jingles is watching them both like a highly distractible hawk. Scott is coping with some new “body issues,” and George is coping with some “being a horrible person” issues. All of this fallout’s still settling…
  • Episode Time: 3:19:01

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 44 – Friends Are The Best

  • Description: The five-day Manny vigil is coming to an end: he’s finally waking up. The world’s gotten a lot weirder while he’s been away from it, and the gang will have to fill him in somehow. Will Manny ever be able to reconcile his repressed monstrous nature with his kind heart? Will his friends forgive him?
  • Episode Time: 2:06:06

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 45 – The Kids Finally Get A Break

  • Description: It’s time for some R&R. Finally, the kids can kick back, nurse their wounds, and enjoy their psych leave. It’s been a rough series of months, but at least the worst of it is over. No more super soldiers, no more serial killers, no more mad scientists, and no more murderous best friends. Just total calm and serenity. They’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Episode Time: 3:02:55

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 46 – An Inflammation of the Kidnap

  • Description: George and Emma are in the middle of a public park. Emma’s bleeding, her hair sawed off, crying into his shoulder. And it’s all George’s fault. He crossed about every line possible and betrayed his friends and somehow managed to cover his tracks. Scott, Nele, and Mann are still tracking George. Will they manage to uncover enough of the trail to expose what he’s done?
  • Episode Time: 3:28:08

Mrs. Frieda’s Side Stories – “Blood In, Blood Out”

  • Description: Manny’s had a hard time lately. He’s been going through some problems, dealing with some issues, and it’s about time that he has a chance to talk to a professional about it.
  • Episode Time: 1:48:52

Mrs Frieda’s Session 47 – Blood Rhino Rides Again

  • Description: Amazingly enough, through life-threatening situations, teenage drama and angst, and supernatural power convergences, life goes on. Our heroes have recovered a bit, and while wounds – both physical and mental – are still being nursed and secrets are still being kept, life’s not that bad. What this means, however, is that the greatest challenge of all still awaits: the High School Dance. Can the kids survive their first brush with teenage romance? Will the punch remain un-spiked? And most importantly, can anyone actually dance?
  • Episode Time: 2:28:13

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 48 – The Binding of Blood Rhino

  • Description: George and Tim stand in front of a secret swimming pool. The fancy (and not so fancy) clothes their friends were wearing are floating in the water. A crazed conspiracy kid is raving about the Underworld.  What’s left to do but jump in? Below the calm surface waits a portal to an Underworld maze. Its rooms are filled with deadly traps and strange monsters, and the only way out is forward. Can the kids conquer the maze and escape back to the real world? A Map of The Watery Maze
  • Episode Time: 3:03:16

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 49 – The Full Rugby

  • Description: The kids survived the Big Dance. Now it’s Saturday, and it is time for the Big Game, and the question must be asked: how exactly does one rugby? It seems like nobody really knows, and Coach Ditka’s plan is to toss some people into the mix and tell them to reach out and TOUCH somebody. This can really only end well. High contact sports are exactly what the doctor prescribed for a group of friends suffering from an inflammation of the kidnap.
  • Episode Time: 4:02:29

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 50 – Mostly Involves Robots

  • Description: The Rugby game has passed in triumph, and the strange showdown with the opposing team’s monsters has been resolved. What does that mean for our intrepid heroes? That’s right. It’s Robot Time.
  • Episode Time: 2:55:36

Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Grin and Bear It

  • Description: It’s field trip time for a few Madison Faire students. Where are they headed? The South Harston Museum of Art. For what purpose? Well, to be more cultured, obviously. What shenanigans will take place on the trip there? What awaits our heroes? Paintings? Sculptures? Perhaps, something more devious. . .
  • Episode Time: 3:03:41

Mrs. Friedas Halfway Home Session 51 – Ghost Adventures

  • Description: It’s the first day back for Emma at Spring Crescent: sporting a new haircut, and a shiny new feeling of intense peer judging. Will she survive the gauntlet of middle schoolers? Meanwhile, things are apparently stirring at the local Ackerson Mansion. A party is being held that Friday, and Dash Princely has invites to give out. Unfortunately, more ominous things than “videogames” and “hangouts” are stirring. The Ackersons have coincidentally hired GEIST and Etsu Hikane to investigate a strange spirit haunting their Mansion. Also meanwhile, Molly Weits, girl psychic wonder extraordinare, gets a sudden, oddly specific premonition. It directs her to the Ackerson Mansion. She knows that things are about to get deadly. Friday night: it’s all right.
  • Episode Time: 2:56:42

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 52 – Ghost Conclusions

  • Description: Our brave, bold, and daring adventurers are still trapped in a Haunted House. Doing their Scooby-Doo thing. There’s a horrible ghost in front of them, pit traps at their feet, and nothing but bad times ahead.  
  • Episode Time: 1:45:35

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 53 – Halloween

  • Description: It’s late October, and Halloween season is here. Time for costumes, candy, and good old fun times. There’s Trick-or-Treating to be done, and a Who-Can-Get-The-Most-Candy Contest to be had. Before all that occurs, though, it’s time to get on board the Friendship Guilt train.
  • Episode Time: 2:57:29

Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Bros Day Out

  • Description: In a rare moment of calm, non-shenanigans, Manny and Caleb are at the Mall, hanging out. The seasonal decorations are being swapped out, the Matinee is cheap and open later, and there are super cheap, terrible Halloween costumes up for clearance. Bros will be bros.
  • Episode Time: 1:47:52

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 54 – November Snow

  • Description: Troy is swaddled in the quiet, thick snow of Winter. The city is blanketed in calm and holiday spirit. Halloween has passed and the year is quickly tipping down towards its end. The heavy snow and canceled school days mean it’s time for the annual Winter trip to Camp LeFay. Snow Wars will be fought. A Snow Bastion will be built and fall. Two will find their paths joined. Two others will fray apart. The Spirit of the Forest is calling again. And with that, Frieda’s Season Two draws to a close. Comment, and join the discussion on our forums and let us know what you thought!
  • Episode Time: 3:08:50

Mrs. Frieda’s Side Stories – Curriculum of Conspiracy: October

  • Description: We return to Spring Crescent, already in progress. The unstoppable sass of Jingles, Molly, and Emma combined is tearing its way through the Middle School. Predictably, this lands them in Saturday detention. A Saturday detention in a school ripe with mystery and danger (and teachers who are huge jerks.) It’s time for the trio to get to the bottom of all of this. The Journey to Icelandia
  • Episode Time: 2:56:42

Season 3

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 55 – Badgerdome

  • Description: The gang is snowbound in LaFay National Park, and almost immediately gets Cabin Fever. No matter how many board games are played, cups of cocoa are drunk, or snowball fights are held, the kids are quickly going stir crazy. Can they survive several days of winter wonderland, or will relationship drama and the perils of being teenagers overcome them?
  • Episode Time: 3:28:15

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 56 – The Reaper Cometh

  • Description: George and Caleb have been propositioned for a deal with Zero, an emissary of El Vasio Alma – The Nothing Soul. Whoever he is, and whoever it is he exactly works for, they have astounding power. An enormous sinkhole which leads to a strange supernatural maze in Washington State was uncovered, simply to prove a point. Zero is sending an agent – someone named The Reaper – to Troy, as a measure of support in good faith. Who is this mysterious Reaper, and what secrets does he hold?
  • Episode Time: 3:27:49

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 57 – Cleaning House

  • Description: Tim, having suddenly regained free will, has some errands to run. There are people he needs to talk to, and plans he needs to hammer together in order to take down Slash Hackman. Justice needs to be served, and Tim owes debts. Other preparations are being made to attack Hackman; Emma has a favor to call in from Elder Dane, and Nele is determined to train her and Scott in self-defense. Meanwhile, strange events are building up again in Troy. The Mayor of Troy has a new direction in the search for Slash Hackman, and someone is trying to track down Etsu.
  • Episode Time: 5:37:27

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 58 – Monster Mash

  • Description: Tonight, a Massive High School party shuts down half of Troy. One man was reported as claiming it to be both “off the shizzle” and “straight rock and roll dope, yo.” It’s time for the Frieda’s kids to get their party on. Can Manny avoid being ruthlessly hit on by Banshee Queen? Can George woo Etsu away from Nele? Will Eldar Dane actually show up to this High School party? Will anyone get drunk and throw up on Dr. G? James – Tim Rodgers Manda – Manny Matt – Scott Valle, Caleb “2Dope” Andrews Nate – Emma Vaerbond, Etsu Hikane Sam – George Fillburn Charlie – Nele Zach – Eldridge Tsukimono</description>
  • Episode Time: 4:29:37

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 59 – Fight Club

  • Description: The kids all had one hell of a party. Punch was drunk, dances were had, time shenanigans were played with; people got drunk, got lucky, got dumped. George and Eld managed to save BQ from a sudden medical emergency through judicious application of supernatural means, and everybody got home safely. Which means it’s back to the grind; school must be dealt with, and there’s that serial killer running around that they still need to do something with.
  • Episode Time: 3:42:19

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 60 – Rat Triangle

  • Description: The kids are staring down the double barrels of Finals Week, and none of the high schoolers have studied. An emergency study session is called, with the whole team assembled. Meanwhile, Emma and Scott are babysitting Dash Princely’s girlfriend’s younger sister, who is giving off all kinds of monster mojo vibes. What secrets does this girl hold, and how much will engaging Molly to find out screw things up? Can the study session be a success? How funny exactly is a really big hat? Will Molly reveal the crucial information she possesses? How exactly do you study for World History? These questions and more, on Mrs. Friedas.
  • Episode Time: 3:53:32

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 61 – Counterstrike

  • Description: Having uncovered crucial information about the manner in which Slash Hackman uses mind control, the kids of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home are quickly coming to the realization that they have very nearly waited too long to deal with this threat. The race is on to trace Slash’s last known location, find him, find whoever he has coerced into working for him, and bring the monster himself down. Can the kids press on and bring him to justice? Or will they find themselves in death ground, with no other option but to fight? No chatter this week kiddies.
  • Episode Time: 4:40:48

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 62 – Speak Your Mind

  • Description: MEANWHILE, ALREADY IN PROGRESS: Tim, Etsu, and Jingles find themselves on the edges of the final confrontation with Hackman. A hostage situation is underway, and it’s calling for an ex-MIB agent to deal with it. A band of exhausted, beaten, and broken kids emerges from the aftermath of the Hackman showdown. Can any of them ever be the same?
  • Episode Time: 3:50:11

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 63 – Open Your Mind

  • Description: Hackman is defeated. The last major threat of Odyn’s grab for power sits alone in a cell, gibbering, mad. The kids of Mrs. Friedas Halfway Home are triumphant. Despite the appearances of ghosts and regrets, old and new, it is time to lick their wounds, eat pancakes, and hash out what the hell to do now.
  • Episode Time: 3:04:30

Mrs Frieda’s Session 64 – The Mandatory Christmas Special

  • Description: It’s a few days before Christmas, and Troy is decked out for the holidays. The spirit of Christmas is in the air, and all of the Frieda’s kids are scrambling to get their shopping done. But not even Christmas is safe from bizarre occurrences. Something strange is going on in the Troy County Mall, and it has our intrepid heroes wrapped up in its grip. Can they survive the Christmas Nightmare?
  • Episode Time: 4:11:49

Mrs Frieda’s Session 65 – Grin and Bear It (Part 2)

  • Description: Christmas was survived, and successful. Unfortunately, nothing stays peaceful these days in Troy. Eld has an unhappy visitor, Butch has returned from a visit to South America and is looking well the worse for wear, and George and Caleb have an offer for him. Troy is darkening, and an old evil is stirring in its shadows.
  • Episode Time: 5:20:42

Mrs Frieda’s Session 66 – Bait

  • Description: Boxing day, how does it even work? There are last minute gifts to be delivered, and a few last dregs of Christmas spirit to be rung out of the holiday. With the oncoming New Year, the truly bizzare Dash Princely has disappeared into thin air, and Troy is introduced to the one danger it could never have expected: politics. Will the kids be able to find Dash? Does anyone even care? And what the heck is even up with those sparkles?
  • Episode Time: 3:00:25

Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 67 – Switch

  • Description: It’s New Years Eve, and the city of Troy is in the middle of a truly bizarre political crisis: the Mayor is literally insane. Meanwhile, George and Etsu are being haunted by a strange ghostly entity; but it remains to be seen whether or not the ghosts of the past will be the ones that endure. There is a mystery to figure out, and so many shenanigans to get into.
  • Episode Time: 3:19:31

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 68 – Exile Vilify

  • Description: The crazy mayor has been defeated. His utterly inane plot was foiled easily by the kids of Mrs. Frieda’s halfway home.  In addition, George, Manny, and Caleb survived their chance encounter with the Grinning Man and the nightmares in Brendan Kerrington’s head. It is January now, and George is having bad dreams. His old sins have come back to haunt him, and they will have their justice.
  • Episode Time: 4:52:28

Mrs. Friedas Session 69 – Scott’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

  • Description: It’s January 12th. Troy is swathed in snow, and the kids of Troy County Public School have a snow day ahead of them. Unfortunately, for Scott Valle and Emma Vaerbond, that means chores: specifically, babysitting. A wild troupe of the young children who live on the second floor are itching for adventure of the pirate variety. A treasure hunt is in their future, and X, of course, marks the spot. This episode is the final contributor game for the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter.
  • Episode Time: 4:44:22

Mrs. Frieda’s Session 70 – The Quest for the Condor

  • Description: George is having a bad week. Almost all of his friends hate him (for good reason), his home is gone, and his best friend is a Mayan god who has gone missing. There is exactly one lead to follow: Chichen Itza. It’s up to George, Caleb, and Etsu to travel there and track down Condor. The road to Chichen Itza, however, stretches out into the dark, and it is stained with the blood of history. Please note: this game was played live, and as such, is not up to our best sound quality! Our apologies. 
  • Episode Time: 1:41:53

Season 4

Mrs Frieda’s 71: Scott’s Odyssey Part 1 – The Cyclops

  • Description: Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home for Terrible and Freakish Children makes its triumphant return with Season 4: Scott’s Odyssey. When we last left our heroes, they had been torn asunder by internal strife and relationship drama. Now, Scott, Manny, Emma, Nele, and Eld are off into the great frozen yonder: Alaska. Somewhere out there is a family for a certain Bird-Boy, and it’s up to the kids to make the long journey to her door. First step? Finding a bus that will take them to Alaska.
  • Episode Time: 3:59:15

Mrs Frieda’s 72: Scott’s Odyssey Part 2 – The Lotus Eaters

  • Description: Scott Valle is the most wanted bird-boy in America. A private investigator, working for a vague yet menacing major corporation, was trying to track him down. The man’s intentions: drugs and kidnapping. The kids survived, intact. The journey must continue, nevertheless. A hot dog stand is open, and a scrawny young man is waiting at the bus stop. Destiny beckons down the long grey strip of highway that crosses America.
  • Episode Time: 3:51:45

Mrs Frieda’s 73: Scott’s Odyssey Part 3 – The Lotus Eaters

  • Description: Persistencia: land of beauty, incoherence, and brilliant confusion. The bus carrying the Alaska-bound adventures slipped carefully across the bounds of reality and ended up firmly in this swirling chaos. In order to escape, the kids must unravel the inherent logic of Persistencia and make a deal with someone who is probably much, much worse than the Devil.
  • Episode Time: 2:44:10

Mrs Frieda’s 74: Scott’s Odyssey Part 4 – Circe

  • Description: The kids made their deals with the Shopkeeper, in order to save a great many people. A blinding person, full of color, was spotted in Persistencia. The bus ride continues. Scott is charging North, across America. Alaska awaits. But another challenge lies ahead of him, one that he (and his companions) might not survive.
  • Episode Time: 2:39:01

Mrs Frieda’s 75: Scott’s Odyssey Part 5 – Circe (Part 2)

  • Description: The journey has been stalled. They’re lacking in transportation, and the next bus is in 24 hours. Canon Lake is 25 miles too far, and the kids have a powerful need to get out there. So of course they decide to hunker down and go eat some waffles. That is, until some pretty significant changes start coming in on their bodies. The kids have to scramble to make sure that their new “improvements” are not observed by the small town.
  • Episode Time: 1:42:05

Mrs Frieda’s 76: Scott’s Odyssey Part 6 – Circe (Part 3)

  • Description: The wayward travelers found themselves whisked off to the Closetland. This is hell, pure and simple. Monstrous things abound, each of them with utterly alien intentions, and every step brings more and more torment. Can our heroes survive the grim reaches of the Closetland?
  • Episode Time: 3:46:53

Mrs Frieda’s 77: Scott’s Odyssey Part 7 – The Underworld

  • Description: Everything sucks, and everyone hates everything. The kids have managed to return to their hotel rooms, filled with new questions and an awareness of the very real danger they are in.
  • Episode Time: 2:55:40

Mrs Frieda’s 78: Scott’s Odyssey Part 8 – The Siren

  • Description: The long journey to Alaska swings north now, to a small town wrapped in snow and cold, filled with dread and waiting for liberation. Here, Megacorp has its hands in some very nasty things. It’s up to the wayward travelers to free the town.
  • Episode Time: 2:24:35

Mrs Frieda’s 79: Scott’s Odyssey Part 9 – Calypso

  • Description: Mount Pleasant has been taken over by a possessed horde. The locals are all under the sway of something malevolent; only a few people are still free, and their numbers are dwindling. The horde must be stopped, with one decisive blow. It’s up to Scott and the rest of the gang to save the snowy town from its doom.
  • Episode Time: 2:34:03

Mrs Frieda’s 80 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 10 – Phoenicia

  • Description: Mt. Pleasant was saved, even if not from the desecration of its innocence. The group has moved on – their full destination ahead. But there is a moment of nightmare in store. Their new location is imbued with darkness. There, a traveler waits – a Wanderer in the Dark. Following him will lead the group onto a path that will change their lives forever.
  • Episode Time: 3:23:46

Mrs Friedas 81 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 11 – Homecoming

  • Description: The final leg of the Alaska journey is in progress, the bus now full of slightly awkward tension and with one hundred percent more legendary swords. The border crossing out of Canada is dead ahead. Beyond, Juno and the truth. Scott is close to finally knowing his family’s history and the secret of his existence.
  • Episode Time: 2:40:47

Mrs Friedas 82 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 12 – The Suitors (Part 1)

  • Description: Scott has returned to a home he never knew. The journey is over, but the adventure isn’t done. Now he must tear a city apart in order to find any trace of his history, and survive the worst that MegaCorp can throw at him.
  • Episode Time: 3:25:10

Mrs Friedas 83 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 13 – The Suitors (Part 2)

  • Description: It turns out that Ithaca, Alaska, is riddled with danger and secrets. There is a brooding presence hulking off the coast of the city. Meanwhile, the group has split up to investigate Scott’s family history and the town itself while Scott delves deeper into the magical abilities he has discovered.
  • Episode Time: 2:41:01

Mrs Friedas 84 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 14 – The Suitors (Part 3)

  • Description: Eld and Kageko, along with the help of the mysterious Zero, infiltrated a secret research installation in Ithaca. They ran smack into a running battle between security and the base’s test subjects. They were forced to hide out with the help of the base’s AI – Ellie. Meanwhile, the rest of the group continued their investigation. Tempers rose, and Manny and Eddie ran off. Things are coming apart at the edges. Scott must plunge forward, to discover the truth of his heritage and the things that were done to his family.
  • Episode Time: 3:05:02

Mrs Friedas 85 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 15 – The Suitors (Part 4)

  • Description: The thrilling downhill slide into completely awful experiences for Scott and his compatriots has momentarily plateaued. Scott and Nele are being held in confinement by the secretive organization that runs the base, while Eld works as quickly as he can to hatch a plan to break them out. Meanwhile, Manny finds himself continuously plunged into worse and worse situations.
  • Episode Time: 3:27:16

Mrs Friedas 86 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 16 – The Suitors (Part 5)

  • Description: The kids are knee deep in the brainwashed governmental murder men. Their only ally is an AI whose loyalty is dubiously programmed. It will take all of their brain power and planning and more than their fair share of luck to make it out alive.
  • Episode Time: 3:27:10

Mrs Friedas 87 – Scott’s Odyssey Finale – The Suitors (Part 6)

  • Description: Finally, the end has come. Eld, having stopped the city’s complete and utter destruction, takes a moment to smile as he plunges to the street below. Leviathan has arisen. It’s up to Scott and his traveling companions to fight and defeat the monstrosity. Can they plunge into hell and come back alive?
  • Episode Time: 4:17:36

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 88 – The Decision to Bust Heads

  • Description: Troy is being infiltrated. Out of the corner of the eyes of those who are touched by the supernatural, quiet men with blank faces are appearing everywhere. The men in black have come to Troy, and they have come to kill. All of the pieces are in place. They are beginning to make their final moves.
  • Episode Time: 3:09:16

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 89 – The Calm (Part 1)

  • Description: Having made the decision to stand and fight, the ragtag defenders of Troy must team together and find some way to defeat a monumental government agency and their killer death robots. And for some, this will be the final moment of peace. A chance to say things unsaid. A chance to be kids, for just one more day.
  • Episode Time: 3:01:25

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 90 – The Calm (Part 2)

  • Description: Meanwhile, high above America, a crew of tired, sore, and badly beaten youths fly home.  Troy is ahead, surrounded and on the brink of war. Their last moments of peace are found here. A homecoming is arranged. A date planned. Thunderclouds bloom ahead. A city is waiting for its reinforcements.
  • Episode Time: 1:33:42

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 91 – The Storm (Part 1)

  • Description: A plane, carrying weary reinforcements for a besieged city, flies in low over Troy. A war council, convened. Apologies and contrition exchanged, and reunions conducted. The clock is running. The war has come. This episode features absolutely excellent music from Within the Giant. Check them out here!
  • Episode Time: 3:51:39

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 92 – The Storm (Part 2)

  • Description: Mr. Siva has disappeared. Fenix and Julie are leading an MIB strike team on a wild goose chase through Troy. Etsu and Nele infiltrated the MIB headquarters, and discovered that the secret organization is using the Underworld to move troops and war machines. The balloon has gone up: the war has started early. There is only time for a few moments of last planning before Troy is plunged into fire and blood. This episode features absolutely excellent music from Within the Giant. Check them out here!
  • Episode Time: 3:25:57

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 93 – The Storm (Part 3)

  • Description: The battle is joined. Across Troy, fighting erupts as supernatural forces engage the despotical shadow government strike teams. For those desperate few fighting for their lives, the situation has never been more dire. Today’s sidechatter contains spoilers! Be sure to listen AFTER THE EPISODE! This episode features absolutely excellent music from Within the Giant. Check them out here!
  • Episode Time: 3:34:50

Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 94 – The End

  • Description: A reckoning, heard. A battle fiercely raged. A tide, turning. It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end. Will the children of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, their friends, and their loved ones survive the firestorm of violence that have swept over them? Who will find their way clear to emerge blinking into a new day? It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end.
  • Episode Time: 2:19:54


Mrs. Frieda’s Postmortem and Q&A

  • Description: Hello Internet! We sat down with some of you lovely folks live and talked about Friedas for a really, really, really long time. For those of you that missed the live hangout, this is your chance to listen to us talk about your favorite characters and Frieda’s as a whole.
  • Episode Time: 4:18:53