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Black unkempt hair which appears to be prematurely graying. Has piercing blue eyes which turn red when he activates his Combat Sense. Somewhat lanky, yet muscular. Wears a black, skintight full body suit which has several slots for armor. Sometimes wears a oversized army jacket and khaki pants over the full body suit a holey white poncho over an oversize white wife beater and and jean dyed hot pink. Has a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck and on his left chest.

The Basics

Age: 14(?)

FAVORITE THING(S): Writing letters to Nell, His picture of him, Col. Nikolaus, and Nell, Combat training.

Personality: Socially awkward. Type A person. Often relates to things as missions. Has low empathy for strangers. Often tense yet cool. Does not understand concepts like “love”, “friendship”, and “bathing”. Extremely loyal.


  • Feet 4 (Dodging +1, Kicking +3, PE+3, Sneaking+3)
  • Guts 4 (Courage+3, Wind+2, Wrestle+3)
  • Hands 4(Blocking+0, Punching+2, Shop+3) Nerve Strike
  • Brains 3(Notice +1, Out-think+1, Remember+2(to dress -1)) Combat Sense
  • Face 2(Charm+2, Connive+0, Putdown+0)

Weird Powers:

  • Nerve Strike 3-Attack, Gnarly, Wicked fast
  • Combat Sense 3- Useful (Bullet time), Useful (Find weakness)


  • Col. Nikolaus +2
  • Nell +2
  • Manny +4
  • August +1
  • Etsu +1
  • Jingles +1
  • Emma+2


  • Weapons+1/2

Mission History:

N616 (or Nele) created in super soldier cloning project. For years, he was sent out on (usually assassination) missions and then thrown back into a preserving tank until he was needed again. One day, his handler, Col. Nikolaus, decided to put an end to this immoral cycle and smuggled Nele and Nele’s “sister”, N611( or Nell) out of the secret base that they were being held in. The Colonel gave them both a few hundred dollars and sent them in opposite direction, so they would be harder to find.

Origins of Project Cherub

The Incident on Dybis Island

New Year’s Resolution

Procured on Site:

Urban Ninja: Manny +1 (Caught his sent)

This is why we can’t have nice things: Manny+1 (Trust Exercise), PE+1 (Building Scaling), Out-think+1 (Mission Tactics)

Where in miss Frieda is called fat: August+1 (We had a moment), Sneaking+1 (Trying to observer while staying hidden)

Spider queen and the quest for a better watch: Sneaking+1 (Hid from MIB) , Charm +1 (So innocent)

Shit went down on Friday: De-scared hands (Bird Juice)

Biting the Bullet: PE+1 (Building Scaling while injured)

Chaos: De-scared feets. (Pain don't hurt)

Camp Lefay: Wind+1 ("How long can I hold my breath?"), Manny+1 ("You're Okay!")

The Gang goes Shoping: Remember+1 ("She look familiar...")

Inception: Shop+1 (Video games are awesome)

Ghost Stories: Etsu +1 ("Nele's got a gurrrlfriend"), FACE +1 (Nele go to show off his bod).

Operation: Group Hug : Manny+1 ("I think I'm your guardian angel...")

MallRats: Sneaking+1 (Ceiling Nele is watching you sleep)

The Best Session Ever: Kicking+1 (for going all Tony Jaa), Jingles+1 (She helps people for the sake of helping people. This is something Nele can respect)

“I’m gonna get my man”: Emma +1 (In the war against Odyn, she may be the most powerful ally to have. Now, Nele knows she's (most likely) on their side)

Recovering The Satellites: Brains+1 (What doesn't take over your mind makes it stronger)

The Lighter:Wrestle+1( Nele seems to be good at getting in and out of small openings) Remember +1 (Nele had story time with the group. War story time, to be specific.)

The Fall of the House of Odyn: Emma +1 (They've been to Hell and back together), Courage +1 (Nele went to Hell, by the way.)