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Project PIXIE Session 1 – Recruitment

  • Description: Russia breeds strange folk. The strangest of the Mother country’s children are the psychics. There is an organization that makes use of these gifted children: an organization that no one talks about, and whose name is never breathed in the halls of the greatest nation on Earth. But this organization has work to do. And it needs those children with a particular set of skills.
  • Episode Time: 2:31:01

Project PIXIE Episode 2 – A Creepy Thing in Lyceum 239

  • Description: After being recruited by the secret arm of the Russian government, the young psychics are given their first mission. It will take them into extreme danger. Can these young recruits become the best of the best? Or will they fall in the line of duty?
  • Episode Time: 3:55:48

Project PIXIE Episode 3 – Mold

  • Description: The PIXIE facility is a bastion of secrecy and deception. For the young Russian psychics, this just means there are countless things to explore. Unfortunately, some secrets are meant to stay secret, and some hidden things are much more dangerous than others.
  • Episode Time: 3:13:01

Project PIXIE Episode 4 – Molds

  • Description: A sentient mold has run amok in the PIXIE facility. Massive quarantine procedures are now in force. The young psychics have been trapped in their rooms for hours. Anitchka is wandering the facility as a ghost, and is the only one who knows that poor young Vlad is the Mold’s next victim. Decisive action is called for, but with no power, and trapped in individual rooms, what can they do?
  • Episode Time: 3:17:40

Project PIXIE Episode 5 – Lockdown

  • Description: The Russian Psychics, having survived the assault on the base and its sinuses, are in for a break. Unfortunately, they won’t get one. No rest for the psychically charged weary.
  • Episode Time: 4:12:55

Project PIXIE Episode 6 – Dreamers

  • Description: Previously, the PIXIE facility had an infiltrator who was after the organization’s secrets. Mikhail and Anitchka confessed their feelings for each other, and no one was surprised. In the days following the intrusion, the psychics recover and are introduced to a new method of warfare. They will learn to delve deep into dreams and return, laden with secrets.
  • Episode Time: 3:56:04

Project PIXIE Episode 7 – Bug Hunt (Part 1)

  • Description: The psychic team finished their dream training, passing with flying colors. They’ve all reconvened – except for Mikhail. Who seems to be missing. There is no rest for the psychically gifted and patriotic youth.
  • Episode Time: 1:47:59

Project PIXIE Episode 8 – Bug Hunt (Part 2)

  • Description: Last time, the Russian psychics got in deep. The project is sending in a one-woman backup team. Sasha must race against time to rescue her friends and comrades in arms from a horrific fate.
  • Episode Time: 1:47:34

Project PIXIE Episode 9 – Crash Test

  • Description: Happy 300th AP everyone! We flashback to just after the mold attack. Sasha and Cherry spend some bonding time together in the wake of the dire situation that unfolded in the base. Unfortunately, you never stop training when you work for the Motherland. And now Sasha and Cherry will find themselves tossed out into the wilderness to survive on their own.
  • Episode Time: 3:28:17

Project PIXIE Episode 10 – Two Minutes to Midnight

  • Description: The continuity of project PIXIE finds itself smack-dab in the middle of another flashback. A mission to St. Petersburg has gone wrong, somehow. The psychic operatives of PIXIE regain consciousness in an apartment they don’t recognize, having lost their memory of what they were doing. The psychics must gather their memories and pierce together evidence in order to save themselves and complete their mission, before it’s too late.
  • Episode Time: 3:38:53

Project PIXIE Episode 11 – Ursa Murder

  • Description: Another flashback. The base is quiet. Anitchka has accidentally stolen a clock, and is now off to explore the base and make new friends. Interesting mysteries await her.
  • Episode Time: 3:21:17

Project PIXIE Episode 12 – The Big Top

  • Description: After being abducted for training, Sasha and Cherry return to the base, to find that their work is not yet done. It’s time to put all of their training to use.
  • Episode Time: 5:45:30

Project PIXIE Episode 13 – Mission: Moon (Part 1)

  • Description: An international conflict plagues the Project:  American satellites dispatched to the moon have moved close enough to being scanning the surface and detecting the Project’s installations. These satellites are not mere scientific probes, they are weapons launched by an enemy organization known as the Monster Investigation Bureau. With other agents on pressing assignments, it rests on the young psychics to make the journey into space to destroy the satellite threat. Unfortunately, none of them are trained for space missions…yet.
  • Episode Time: 4:18:23

Project PIXIE Episode 14 – Mission: Moon (Part 2)

  • Description: After several very long subjective time dream minutes, the Russian psychics have finished their training and are ready for their space mission. Now, they must travel to the Cosmodrome and board the rocket that awaits them. The Moon is calling their name.
  • Episode Time: 3:22:05

Project PIXIE Episode 15 – Mission: Moon (Part 3)

  • Description: Six young adults are stuck in a tiny capsule, floating through space for five days. The moon is somewhere in front of them, their mission awaiting. The kids will have to put their hasty training to use in order to keep the ship operational and to be sure that their long journey in the night doesn’t come to an unfortunate early end.
  • Episode Time: 2:31:07

Project PIXIE Episode 16 – Mission: Moon (Part 4)

  • Description: After five days in space, the Russian psychics have confirmed that the Earth is still present, and they are still in space. Things are getting a bit stir-crazy inside. Luckily, their destination is in sight, and their mission is about to truly begin.
  • Episode Time: 2:39:46

Project PIXIE Episode 17 – Mission: Moon (Part 5)

  • Description: Having arrived on the moon, the psychics of PIXIES are given a lovely welcoming committee and a tour of the moon base. Secrets lie on the moon; secrets, and those who keep them.
  • Episode Time: 3:37:18

Project PIXIE Episode 18 – Mission: Moon (Part 6)

  • Description: After raging a fierce battle against robots across the moonscape, the psychic strike team has returned to the moon base, having secured its safety for the moment. Wounds need to be patched, and celebrations need to be held.
  • Episode Time: 3:09:16

Project PIXIE Episode 19 – Mission: Moon (Finale)

  • Description: The space mission is approaching its final conclusion. It’s time to bid goodbye to the Moon compound and launch back to Earth.
  • Episode Time: 3:13:25

Project PIXIE Episode 20 – Alyce in Purgatoria

  • Description: Having plunged through the depths of SPAAACE, it’s time for the psychics of project PIXIES to continue their training as dream spies. Their target? Their handler Alyce.
  • Episode Time: 3:40:04

Project PIXIE Episode 21 – Pants Bandits

  • Description: Following their escapades into the dreamscape, the agents are granted some further downtime. As chances would have it, a local punk group is playing in the nearby city, and our agents take interest and attend. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Episode Time: 3:46:02

Project PIXIE Episode 22: Counter-Inception

  • Description: Odd things are happening in the city of Kursk. The psychics of project PIXIE are dispatched to investigate a series of six simultaneously suicides in an apartment complex in the area. Guiding them is their new handler, Nikon Maslow. With his psychic guidance, the PIXIES will delve into a bizarre mystery that grows more horrifying with each passing moment.
  • Episode Time: 3:23:49

Project PIXIE Episode 23: The Stuff

  • Description: A Russian soldier has been murdered on his weekend leave, his body used in what appears to be a bizarre ritualistic sacrifice. The psychics of PIXIES have been dispatched to make contact with his spirit and try to determine what exactly happened. What they don’t know is how far the web stretches.
  • Episode Time: 3:38:47

Project PIXIE Episode 24: Know Your Enemy

  • Description: Following the desperate measures to contain the supernatural outbreak in the project PIXIE base, the military enforced crackdown measures continue. Meanwhile, the PIXIE psychics are dispatched on a reconnaisance mission,
  • Episode Time: 4:03:18

Project PIXIE Episode 25: Snow

  • Description: Odd things are going on in the town nearby the Project’s base. A mission sends some of the newer PIXIES into the heart of the strangeness, to seek it out and tear it down and put an end to it.
  • Episode Time: 2:54:53

Project PIXIE Episode 26: The Strife Aquatic (Part 1)

  • Description: Training takes all kinds of forms. Sometimes, it involves a mixed martial arts fight between secret Russian Federation covert-ops psychic soldiers where the entry requirements involve a crash-course in emergency diving. Clearly nothing will go wrong here, ever. At all.
  • Episode Time: 2:47:29

Project PIXIE Episode 27: The Strife Aquatic (Part 2)

  • Description: After the first round of the Underwater Martial Arts tournament, most of the PIXIES are left in the running. Of course, being psychic spies, they can’t help but investigate the heavily secured submerged base in their downtime.
  • Episode Time: 2:53:32

Project PIXIE Episode 28: The Strife Aquatic (Part 3)

  • Description: As the time onboard the secret sea base comes to a close, the agents must bid farewell to their comrades, but premonitions of the bizarre MegaCorp taint the end of the trip.
  • Episode Time: 1:54:33

Project PIXIE Session 29 – Scaring the Birds Away

  • Description: Several new members are being added to the Project, and it falls to the psychics of PIXIE to shake them down and get them used to the team. Of course, the brief training will be pushed to the edge almost immediately, when a daring mission comes to the fore.
  • Episode Time: 3:09:44

Project PIXIE Session 30 – War Games (Part 1)

  • Description: Note: The previous episode was lost due to hard drive failure.  We have since set up multiple redundant backups to prevent losses like this in the future.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:51

Project PIXIE Session 31 – War Games (Part 2)

  • Description: The war games continue with the psychics of the PIXIE Project in full swing. Their reputations and futures in the project are on the line. Can they work together well enough to win the game?
  • Episode Time: 3:19:14

Project PIXIE Session 32 – Pigeonholed

  • Description: After punitive detention from the previous Operation’s failure, the Project has need of its psychic warriors again. A low orbit operating station has run into unknown trouble. There’s just one problem: it’s crewed entirely by pigeons.
  • Episode Time: 3:25:41

Project PIXIE Session 33 – The Chechen Candidate

  • Description: The psychics of Project PIXIE, almost immediately after the previous technically successful mission, are thrown back into danger. Their target is exceptional for many reasons, however. This may well be their strangest adventure yet.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:56

Project PIXIE Session 34 – The Exiled (Part 1)

  • Description: There are odd things occuring in the bowels of the Projects. All of the psychics are having nightmares, and hallucinations. Arsen is behaving oddly. Something is stirring, and it has evil intentions.
  • Episode Time: 3:27:30

Project PIXIE Session 35 – The Exiled (Part 2)

  • Description: After plunging deep into a dreamscape, the psychics of project PIXIE must pit their mental might against a monster feeding off of the mind of one of their own. Can they overcome this demon, or will they be brought down into the depth of nightmare?
  • Episode Time: 2:51:24