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Season 1

Prominence, SC Session 1 – Prominence Anew

  • Description: Welcome to Prominence, SC: a city of promises and dreams that have slowly crumbled away under the heels of organized crime. A man named Elliot Walker comes to visit a promising young athlete. A bribe is offered: a request refused. Punishment is dealt out, and a vigilante rises from the ashes of his family’s home. A brilliant and innovate engineer discovers he has a fate worse than death barreling his way. When the mob enters his life, he takes up a mask. The first vigilantes are rising in Prominence. Will they be heroes? Can they overcome themselves and strive for the greater good?
  • Episode Time: 3:44:56

Prominence, SC Session 2 – Prominence Lost

  • Description: The unlikely team of The Olympian and Reverb are throwing their best efforts at the criminals attempting to attain a stranglehold on the city. After surviving an ambush, they finally get a pair of names: ‘Irish’ and an assassin named ‘The Witch.’  Their only other lead, a Louis Hudson (who has apparent ties to the Irish Mob) is being coerced into a meeting. Prominence is besieged by the Irish Mob and vigilante justice is the only thing that is standing between them and control of the city.  Can The Olympian and Reverb hold the line, or will the weight of corruption crush them where they stand?   NOTE: This game was recorded live, and as such the recording quality is lower than our norm. We apologize. 
  • Episode Time: 2:39:50

Prominence, SC Session 3 – Prominence Found

  • Description: The mob stands victorious over the vigilantes of Prominence, SC. The Olympian, defeated, fled the city. Reverb went out in a blaze of glory, slipping quietly into the underworld in the chaos. A new vigilante is skulking in the shadows. Ghost, an agile robber in a horrific mask, is looking into the sudden disappearances of Prominence’s very visible defenders. Clarence Young receives a visitor, and an offer. A man without a name leaves warnings to the masters of industry, predicting a revolution. Heroes are hard to kill in this city. They don’t stay down.
  • Episode Time: 3:33:35

Prominence, SC Session 4 – Prominence Free

  • Description: Prominence is besieged. The Wraith and Ghost teamed up to take down one of Irish’s top lieutenants, and recovered critical information about the personal history of their foe. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. The mob is preparing for its final blow against the masked vigilantes. The Olympian’s quest for vengeance is drawing to a head. The revolution that Wraith promised is coming. The cracks are widening. No matter how it comes out, Prominence will not be the same.
  • Episode Time: 4:58:59

Prominence, SC Session 5 – The Trashman Cometh

  • Description: Having defeated Irish and his mob, the heroes find themselves able to breathe again as an uneasy quiet settles over Prominence. The vigilantes Wraith and Ghost help keep order in the streets, fighting the remnants of organized crime. In the shadows, a new threat is stirring. Sorry about the audio quality.  The noisiest air conditioner kinda messed this up a lot.
  • Episode Time: 4:03:43

Prominence, SC Session 6 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 1)

  • Description: Six months have passed since Irish’s Mob was decapitated; the body is slowly dying. The companies Irish controlled are under investigation. His soldiers are scattered, his assets seized. In its place is a criminal power vacuum. Gangs are on the rise, across the city. The South Side Boys, the 843, and the Lords of Sin are vying for control of Prominence, and the city’s citizens are suffering for it. With new crime, however, arise new challengers. The Olympian is gone, but his friends remain. They are joined by mysterious new vigilantes. Prominence groans under the weight of war.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:09

Prominence, SC Session 7 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 2)

  • Description: The heroes of Prominence gained two new members; Clockwork, a dapper man who teleports via explosion, and Opera, a quick-witted martial arts extraordinaire. Members of all three new gangs have been murdered in ways that fit into the Prominence heroes’ M.Os. Gang violence is still on the rise, and the heroes must move quickly to begin investigating the murders. If an antagonist is attempting to frame the heroes for the killings, they’ll have to shut them down as soon as possible.
  • Episode Time: 3:43:25

Prominence, SC Session 8 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 3)

  • Description: Prominence is up in arms. Vigilante impostors are framing the Prominence Heroes for horrific crimes. Gang violence is in full swing, and is apparently being supplemented by a dangerous drug. Clockwork has been identified as the dangerous fugitive Mark Getman, and has delivered an ultimatum to the criminals of the city. The heroes are ready to go on the counterattack.
  • Episode Time: 2:30:18

Prominence, SC Session 9 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 4)

  • Description: The Liberators are striking back against gang violence and their impostors. An interrogation was conducted, which they managed to flub spectacularly. The heroes need to regroup, and pool their resources. They need proper focus and direction, and most importantly need a plan. Can the hard pressed heroes keep their heads above water and find their enemies? Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 3:23:47

Prominence, SC Session 10 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 5)

  • Description: Prominence is engulfed in flames. The Liberators stepped in to put down a multiple gang firefight in the streets, but their time is running out, and the violence is only escalating. A versatile and nasty combat drug is on the streets and the heroes are scrambling to uncover its source and its spread. The Witch has set off to deliver a captured gang lieutenant to her police contacts, and the Media has been alerted. News teams are assembling, swooping down to interview a dangerous vigilante. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 3:20:54

Prominence, SC Session 11 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 6)

  • Description: The Heroes of Prominence have tracked down the conspiracy, and are preparing to lay it bare. They will bring the fight to their remaining dopplegangers and strike them down once and for all. Clockwork, Wraith, Ghost, The Witch, and Opera have managed to pull together, and combined they are a formidable force. But will they be prepared when the final confrontation starts? Can they triumph over a crime boss with nothing to lose? Will Prominence survive the fires of war? Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 4:48:08

Prominence, SC Session 12 – Through a Glass Darkly (Epilogue)

  • Description: A battle raged. Heroes were wounded, beaten; but victorious. Secrets were uncovered, and those villains intent on bringing chaos down on Prominence were silenced. Now the heroes have a few moments of silence in the aftermath, to sort out exactly what in the world just happened to them. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 2:07:42

Prominence, SC Session 13 – Echoes (Part 1)

  • Description: A month has passed since the climactic battle and the breaking of the gang siege on Prominence. People sleep safer in their beds, walk the streets at night unafraid of danger, and know that the Heroes of Prominence are watching over them. The Heroes themselves are less safe. In the shadows, in the night, they are being challenged. Can they stand true against strange new enemies? Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 2:33:05

Prominence, SC Session 14 – Echoes (Part 2)

  • Description: Wraith and Ghost are breaking into Harold Lee Sound Technologies, investigating elements of the Wraith’s past. His work has continued without him, finding its way into military applications, and out onto the street. It seems Amy Vasquez is the prime funnel. But who is she delivering the tech too, and why? What awaits the Wraith down this road into his past?   Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 2:10:01

Prominence, SC: Opera Solo – Lost and Found

  • Description: The single-character focused stories continue. Opera, finding himself at loose ends, is off for a night of wine, women, and song – or the closest such experience that can be found in the slums of Prominence. Soon enough our hero finds himself plunged into a break-neck race to find a kidnapper and their victim before time runs out. Can the lone hero triumph against overpowering odds? Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 3:27:43

Prominence, SC: Ghost Solo – “Much Ado About Nothing”

  • Description: The spotlight Heroes of Prominence stories continues: Lacey Clark has a date. Lacey has fought gangbangers, interrogated men to the point of breaking, and been the quiet trigger of justice on the streets of Prominence for months now. And she just can’t get a night off, no matter how unobtrusive dinner at Applebees might seem. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 1:46:32

Prominence, SC: Witch Solo – For the Woman Who Has Nothing

  • Description: In 2007, a few months before hostilities between the government and the IRA cease, a young woman is becoming war. A member of an IRA splinter group, Aaliyah finds herself plunged into danger and violence near-constantly. Thankfully, this is where she thrives.
  • Episode Time: 2:29:19

Prominence, SC: Wraith Solo – One Man’s Trash

  • Description: Wraith and the Witch have had a bad couple of days. Emotions are running way too ragged, they’re exhausted. What exactly do two incredibly dangerous vigilantes do on their day off? Shoot pool and talk about their feelings, mostly. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 1:48:13

Prominence, SC – Clockwork Solo – Loose Cogs

  • Description: Clockwork’s been out of town for a while. Fortunately, everything is just as he left it: screwed up. It’s time for the swashbuckling, over the top, exploding member of the Spirits of Prominence to set a few things straight. Someone is smuggling things in and out of the city. Illegal things. It’s up to Clockwork to stop them. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 1:30:22

Prominence, SC Session 15 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 1)

  • Description: Prominence is sweltering under the thick, humid heat of summer and crime. The masked heroes have been working on their own these past months. Opera has found himself cracking down on the Lords of Sin, working solo to bring the gang to a heel. Clockwork has continued his training with his young apprentices, Team Justice, working to mold them into useful vigilantes. The Wraith and the Witch have found themselves spending more and more time together. The past months have been relatively quiet. All that changes when Lacey Clark, daughter of the extremely popular News Anchor Sophie Clark. The vigilantes know Lacey Clark as their companion Ghost. It’s up to the heroes to track down the kidnappers and free Lacey before time runs out!
  • Episode Time: 2:27:56

Prominence, SC Session 16 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 2)

  • Description: Lacey Clarke is a prisoner of some very bad people. She’s been taken off of the street and finds herself locked up. With no idea of when her friends — or help of any kind — will arrive, she’s left with her own wits and street tough badassery to see her through. Meanwhile, the Heroes of Prominence are hot on her trail. Can they find her before all hell breaks loose?
  • Episode Time: 3:39:26

Prominence, SC Session 17 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 3)

  • Description: Having survived their latest crisis, the heroes of Prominence are blowing off some pent-up steam. Lacey Clark is still in the hospital, and the heroes are consolidating their victory and tracking down the few leads they pulled out of the conflict. An adversary is still working behind the scenes of Prominence, and it’s up to the battered and tired vigilante team to bring them down.
  • Episode Time: 1:50:20

Prominence, SC Session 18 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 4)

  • Description: Wraith, Clockwork, and the woman known as MIA paid a visit to Prominence Memorial Hospital, to speak with a madman. The Irishman, in his depreciated state, handed them some very interesting information on their target, Coffmann. MIA caused party friction with a phone hack on Clockwork; revealing the identity of Lacey Clark, the Ghost. Will the Heroes of Prominence be able to work together in this increasingly difficult group? Can they bring down the criminal mastermind?
  • Episode Time: 2:31:13

Prominence, SC Session 19 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 5)

  • Description: The time has come to take down the human trafficking ring and the organized crime led by Kaufman. His private yacht is docked, and vulnerable. Can the Heroes of Prominence coordinate a daring assault on the ship and overwhelm a superior, better armed force? Will they strike down the darkness threatening to take over their city?
  • Episode Time: 3:25:27

Prominence, SC Session 20 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 6)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence are waging their assault on Daniel Kaufmann’s private yacht. Barges have been stormed, thugs have been punched, and crane warfare has been introduced. The heroes discovered that Kaufmann’s barges are full of kidnapped people. The authorities will arrive at midnight; they have until then to beat face in and bring Kaufmann to justice. Can they succeed in this climactic slugfest?
  • Episode Time: 3:30:14

Season 2

Prominence, SC Gaiden – Valkyries of Prominence (Part 1)

  • Description: In this Prominence side story, a serial murderer stalks  through an idyllic vacation town. While the local police’s investigation is moving forward, headed by Detective Lydia Bremmen, the murders are continuing. It’s up to the Prominence Heroes (currently on vacation) to help save the day!
  • Episode Time: 3:34:36

Prominence, SC Gaiden – Valkyries of Prominence (Part 2)

  • Description: The investigation continues as the vacation town lies in the grip of a serial killer. The Spirits of Prominence are on the case, side-by-side with the local police. They have to race against time to catch the killer before they slay again. Sidetalk
  • Episode Time: 3:07:54

Prominence, SC Session 22 – Holy War (Part 2)

  • Description: After a new group of masked vigilantes arrives in Prominence, the Spirits are quickly embroiled in a rapidly escalating conflict with a biker gang that has swept into the city. Can they protect their home from gang violence, and worse?
  • Episode Time: 2:48:34

Prominence, SC Session 23 – Holy War (Part 3)

  • Description: After a brutal fight with a squadron of Biker Gang members, the Spirits of Prominence have captured a significant member of the trouble makers: the Elephant of Chernobyl. Prominence is under siege now, it seems, and the Mask Killer is on the loose.
  • Episode Time: 2:32:54

Prominence, SC Session 24 – Holy War (Part 4)

  • Description: Prominence is under siege, and it’s up to the Spirits of Prominence to break it. The Elephant of Chernobyl must crack. The gang must be broken, their plans laid to ruin, before the city is engulfed in violence.
  • Episode Time: 2:49:05

Prominence, SC Session 25 – Holy War (Finale)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence have hatched a plan to break the back of the biker army besieging their home. The Elephant of Chernobyl will be trailed as the perfect bait, and the trap is now laid. Can the Spirits survive the battle they are plunging into?
  • Episode Time: 2:33:44

Prominence, SC Session 26 – Resistance

  • Description: Prominence is recovering from the invasion of The Crusaders and the city is on its way back to normalcy.  The mayor has announced new construction and renovation projects, including the total gentrification of Old Prominence, coming as a complete surprise to the squatter population who have made new lives there. Unfortunately this isn’t a problem that can be punched. The Wraith has chosen legal action and peaceful demonstration, but it seems one resident of Old Prominence has a different plan in mind.
  • Episode Time: 3:24:39

Prominence, SC Session 27 – The Black Knight (Part 1)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence have gotten a rare break recently, and the city has been quiet. Unfortunately, there’s a new player in town. The gangs are on the move, and someone is waging a shadow war. It’s up to the Spirits to solve the mystery and leap into action before the whole city tears down around them.
  • Episode Time: 3:57:52

Prominence, SC Session 28 – The Black Knight (Part 2)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence are sprinting against time to stop a master villain from uniting the city’s gangs and wreaking havoc on Prominence. They need to cut away the base of power being formed, and doing so will mean getting…creative.
  • Episode Time: 2:16:12

Prominence, SC Session 29 – The Black Knight (Part 3)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence have managed to cut Thaleus’ base of power out from under him. The night of the meeting is at hand, and it is time for the heroes to face their new enemy at last.
  • Episode Time: 2:52:48

Prominence, SC Session 30 – Five Short Stories About Prominence

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence have been through some tough times lately, and they’re looking forward to a break. A day off, even. Unfortunately, when a Spirits of Prominence Hotline phone number comes online and they are called in to solve the silliest of problems, all thoughts of a day off go out the window.
  • Episode Time: 2:57:34

Prominence, SC Episode 31 – Best Served Hot (Part 1)

  • Description: The Spirits of Prominence have had a break from the high-intensity action and danger that tends to surround their lives, taking time to help curb gang violence, find employment, and deal with any number of minor issues around the city. The peace is, however, interrupted as a call comes into their emergency hotline. Eternal Technologies Inc has lost a valuable prototype of theirs and several employees have gone missing. They can’t afford to let any trade secrets out into the open, so they appoint the most secretive individuals they can to the case. Should be simple, right?
  • Episode Time: 3:12:48

Prominence, SC Episode 32 - Best Served Hot (Part 2)

  • Description: A rogue robot is running rampage through the streets of Prominence. Stolen from a cutting edge technology company, someone has re-purposed a tool of safety into a tool of destruction. But when the investigation unravels an entire web of deceit, the Spirits of Prominence will be forced to choose a side.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:29

Prominence, SC Episode 33 - Best Served Hot (Part 3)

  • Description: A rogue robot is running rampage through the streets of Prominence. Stolen from a cutting edge technology company, someone has re-purposed a tool of safety into a tool of destruction. But when the investigation unravels an entire web of deceit, the Spirits of Prominence will be forced to choose a side.
  • Episode Time: 3:18:25

Prominence, SC Episode 34 - Ghosts and Thermite

  • Description: Lady Thermite is on a bank robbing spree across Prominence and the Spirits are hot on the trail. In order to get to her, they’ll have to break up the gangsters that have hired and supported the super-powered thief. Tracking her down will take them on a battle across the city that will stretch their every ability.
  • Episode Time: 3:22:18

Prominence, SC Episode 35 - Ghosts and Thermite (Part 2)

  • Description: Opera and Ghost are still on the search for a serial arsonist. Battered and beaten from their encounter with a gang of sadistic killers who refer to themselves as “The Mutilators,” they went on a favor for Prominence PD Detective Gardener to help in their search, only to find themselves trapped in a house of impossible architecture seemingly constructed from their nightmares.
  • Episode Time: 4:12:19

Prominence, SC Episode 36 - Who Wants To Live Forever? (Part 1)

  • Description: Once more, the tender calm of Prominence has been broken by gunfire. Someone with a vendetta and heavy artillery has declared war on the gangs of the city, and has marked their quarry in blood. The Spirits of Prominence are once more put to the test.
  • Episode Time: 3:18:41

Prominence, SC Episode 37 - Who Wants To Live Forever? (Part 2)

  • Description: Someone has declared war on the gangs of Prominence, wreaking havoc on the city’s drug dealers in a brutally efficient manner. After rescuing and questioning the sole survivor of one of the attacks, the Spirits have a lead. The person responsible has been taking shelter among the city’s homeless. The Spirits will have to go into the darkest parts of their city to root out the villain.
  • Episode Time: 2:56:37

Prominence, SC Episode 38 - Who Wants To Live Forever? (Part 3)

  • Description: Noah and Keiko have found themselves way in over their heads in a conflict with a PMC. When the situation escalates into all out war on the college campus, the Spirits of Prominence must fight a threat that styles itself after legend.
  • Episode Time: 3:33:20

Prominence, SC Episode 39 - Who Wants To Live Forever? (Finale)

  • Description: The nefarious medical company has come under fire from the Spirits of Prominence after kidnapping Ghost’s boyfriend Noah. Can the heroes, with the aid of the wildly competent Noah, fight their way to victory?
  • Episode Time: 4:30:35