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Episode 1 – Port Wander

  • Description: The crew of the Brigand’s Lament are an ambitious lot, and they’re looking for that one treasure that will secure their place in history. When they hear about an old ship called The Emperor’s Bounty, a derelict vessel that went missing several years ago, they can’t help but jump at the opportunity. The Emporer’s Bounty has turned up somewhere deep in the harsher parts of the Void, and Lord-Captain Siegmund Schoenerberg has received a valid claim to the wreckage.  The Schoenerberg dynasty could certainly use the money.
  • Episode Time: 2:47:03

Episode 2 – Warp Incursion

  • Description: Adventures in the grim darkness of the far future continue. Following his successful salvaging of The Emperor’s Bounty, Siegmund Schoenerberg receives a vox transmission that stands out from all the usual spam mail and advertisements. An old servant of his great grandfather’s is somehow, someway still alive, and also incredibly old. But no matter, he’s got an old relic that needs to fall into the hands of the last survivor of the Schoenerberg dynasty. A relic with coordinates to an old treasure ship Siegmund’s great grandfather investigated decades upon decades ago . . . What they don’t expect is warp shenanigans and the fallout that follows.
  • Episode Time: 4:10:08

Episode 3 – Footfall

  • Description: Things could have gone worse for the crew of The Brigand’s Lament. They came out of their unexpected detour with a new transport ship to add to the Schoenerberg dynasty and a useful new subordinate: the strange, yet incredibly friendly Xenos girl, Cavianne Omette. No immediate profit is gained, but a substantial investment is had, one that can possibly assist the dynasty very, very well in the future. The crew continues where they left off, back tracking past the port of Footfall and off for their fabled treasure ship. Except there’s an asteroid belt in their way, and an ecclesiarchy ship nestled amongst the debris, damaged and desperately sending vox transmissions for help–yet never once returning a single attempt at direct communication with Lord-Captain Schoenerberg. Sadly, there are about fifteen minutes of the beginning of this recording that are missing. All that’s missing is a segment where Scire does medicine to the resident astropath, and Avi gets lost in the twisting maze that comprises the halls of The Brigand’s Lament. To summarize, she called Siegmund on vox, and when he asked where she was, she said she “passed by a sign that said free oranges,” to which Siegmund said, “NO. DO NOT FOLLOW THAT SIGN.”
  • Episode Time: 3:01:59

Episode 4 – Departing Footfall

  • Description: And so we come to the climax of Lord-Captain Schoenerberg’s hunt for a piece of his family’s old legacy. It’s nothing he’s got specific claims over, but as far as the stories go, a ship so full of riches it was gutted to hold more riches . . . well, that’s bound to be worth something, right? Worth a chance to save an ecclessiarchy vessel, a sight seeing trip to a distant system that no one really wants to claim, and a journey to a pair of uninhabitable worlds with some interesting historical details. Oh, also FRIENDSHIP and TEAMWORK in the grim darkness of the far future. It’s worth that, too.
  • Episode Time: 1:52:39

Episode 5 – The Dinner Party

  • Description: Essentially beaten by Fel and buffeted by another Rogue Trader, one who happens to have a bitter history with our Lord-Captain, Siegmund Schoenerberg, The Brigand’s Lament makes a bitter port at Footfall. What’s next? Well, a great time to cut their losses and go shopping. No, really. This is how people with a near infinite supply of menial income blows off steam. Footfall, however, is a pretty awful place, rife with corruption and an incredibly arbitrary hierarchy that makes virtually no sense . . . as the Lord-Captain and his bridge crew is soon to realize.
  • Episode Time: 2:25:29

Episode 6 – Black Market Auctions

  • Description: Last session, there was a dinner party. The most ridiculous kind of dinner party. Where the most posh people (and some just pretending) were served the most awful food, all for the chance of earning an invitation to a bidding event. Bidding for what? Well, something big. Something priceless. And only the “best bids” are going to be accepted. This certainly isn’t foreboding at all. Well, to say the least, Schoenerberg and his bridge crew managed to get their auction invitation. What awaits them next? The strangest auction with the strangest people for the strangest thing . . .
  • Episode Time: 2:31:03

Episode 7 – Warp Incursion, Again.

  • Description: Where we last left off our heroes of capitalism, they were attending the big event. The event to end all events. No, not really — more like crazy voodoo hallucinations and warp bullsh**. The whole experience was fairly traumatizing, and the crew opted to take a nice breather in their ship for a few. Whereupon Schoenerberg’s chief rival delivered them an ominous message, followed by the last alert you ever want to hear on a warp-traveling ship . . . Problem: for a Warp Incursion to occur, something’s either got to damage the Gellar Field, or pull the plug on it. And it’s certainly not damaged. These guys never catch a break.
  • Episode Time: 2:28:43

Episode 8 – The Search Begins

  • Description: The Brigand’s Lament has finally entered into warp transit without any shenanigans and or horrific demonic attacks! Now, the boredom sets in. The Warp transit takes weeks; in the meantime, morale needs rebuilding and the team needs to come together.
  • Episode Time: 2:39:48

Episode 9 – Tanks

  • Description: Kupasci 12 held dangers and secrets, and a great many very angry ancient Eldar.  The crew of the Brigand’s Lament survived their adventure and gained access to the Star Map. Unfortunately, the Map and the tower it was held on was critically damaged in the battle. Now, the crew must successfully negotiate with the egomaniacal Bastille and then continue their journey. The race continues, and the Brigand’s Lament is running out of time.
  • Episode Time: 2:38:21

Episode 10 – Pilgrim’s Distress (Part 1)

  • Description: Having made their mark on the tainted Mechanicus on the planet of tanks, the Brigand’s Lament sets off for a new destination. Nestled in the system is a void-station that is ensconced with wraithbone – the Eldar star nexus has another waypoint. It must be carefully investigated.
  • Episode Time: 2:11:23

Episode 11 – Pilgrim’s Distress (Part 2)

  • Description: Lord Captain Roth was sent off into the Stars, sailing away forever. The crew of the Brigand’s Lament has gained access to the derelict ships’ cargo hold and Navigator cabin; the last bits of the mystery are about to be uncovered. As always, answering questions just raises more answers, and a new destination. The chase is on.
  • Episode Time: 2:21:33

Episode 12 – Storm Caller (Part 1)

  • Description: The Brigand’s Lament is on its way to Dross. The crew is consolidating their new treasure and enduring another brutally boring warp transit. Tempers are ready to flare and grievances must be aired. That’s of course, until the Captain goes missing. From the ship itself. In the warp.
  • Episode Time: 2:28:15

Episode 13 – Storm Caller (Part 2)

  • Description: Schönerberg accidentally took a trip through space and time, arriving on the exact planet that the Brigand’s Lament is travelling towards. He communed with the natives, learned their language, and earned their trust. Then, suddenly, orks arrived on planet, as well as the dastardly Feckward. It’s up to the crew to rescue the captain, secure their new lead, and get out intact.
  • Episode Time: 3:04:44