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Tall and fairly thin. His light-blonde hair is fairly messy, but tends towards a “slicked back” look. His eyes are a weird sorta gold color and have a much larger than normal iris. He always wears a hoodie or long jacket (regardless of the temperature) to hide the plumage (including wing and tail feathers) covering his upper body and arms. As a result, he smells like a locker room inside an old barn (though he's been working on fixing that last part).

The Basics

Life Story

Favorite Thing: Young adult literature and being left alone

Personality: Insecure wallflower. Reads a lot. He’s very soft-spoken, and he tends to get screechy if he speaks aloud.


By The Numbers

Height and Weight: 5'3" and 80lbs (but looks about 90lbs)

Age: 13


  • Feet 3 (P.E. +5, Kicking +0, Dodge +0)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +1, Courage +5, Wrestling +3, Snuff The Rooster**)
  • Hands 5 (Shop +4, Punching +2, Blocking +0, Gliding**)
  • Brains 5 (Out-Think +4, Remember +3, Notice +2, Senses**)
  • Face 5 (Charm +3, Putdown +0, Connive +3, Presence**)

**Indicates Weird Powers (as given below)

  • Snuff The Rooster 3d: Useful(He ain’t gonna die), Awesome x2
  • Gliding: 3d Useful (Falling with Grace)
  • Senses: 2d Useful(See Really Far), Useful (Talk to Birds), Awesome x2
  • Presence: 4d Attacks (Piercing Screech), Useful(Intimidating Gaze)

Relationships: His Dark Materials (0), The Hunger Games (0)

Emma (4), George (2), August (0), Manny (2), Jingles (2)

Weird Relationships: Avian Ancestry (5), Warren Marcus (1) Death (5)


Story Progression (HERE BE SPOILERS)

The Continuing Adventures of Eagle Boy