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Sordid Dystopia – The Taxman Cometh

  • Description: Today we have something very special for you, listeners, the first playtest session of Nate’s original system and setting Sordid Dystopia! We begin in the small, seemingly normal town of Essenvie, with the King’s tax man en route for the first time in years. In this town, the resident’s greatest enemy is “The Man Up in the Tax Man’s Cart,” and there is a great deal of this. This session, in addition to its entertainment factor, is a pristine example for you GMs on how players can succeed in derailing plots, and how to compensate.
  • Episode Time: 2:25:52

Sordid Dystopia – Lead Us Not Into Temptation

  • Description: Three young acolytes of the Paladins of Battle, zealous disciples of Ezekiel, have finished their four-and-a-half month grueling training and brain-washing period and are being dispatched on their first mission. They are tasked with finding and rooting out a “corruption of the soul” in the small village of Kassier. They find that the populace has fallen under an illness, and a strangely dressed merchant who has a persuasive tongue. What the three don’t realize is that they have entered the domain of something truly horrible.
  • Episode Time: 4:24:47

Sordid Dystopia – The Thirteen Patients

  • Description: The New Xexorian organization, the Delayers of Death, have discovered an old, abandoned pre-cataclysm hospital, known only as “Rick’s.”  While it may have sunk a few stories into the ground, it is still very structurally sound and holds a number of still-functioning facilities. Julie Lagace arrives on the scene with the rest of the Delayers, along with a few mercenaries and a local sheriff.  Before any of them have any time to meet up and talk about their times spent in the 3 months following the loss of their old town, they have to get to work fixing up the hospital.
  • Episode Time: 2:11:17

Sordid Dystopia – The Ship of More Fools

  • Description: A vessel is making its way across the ocean, filled with a band of intrepid explorers. They have a dinner party with destiny in their future. This isn’t a game played by the Drunk and Ugly! Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio was kind enough to run a playtest of Sordid Dystopia for the RPPR group. Needless to say, madness ensued. It was fantastic.
  • Episode Time: 3:07:58

Sordid Dystopia – The Not-So-Great Train Robbery

  • Description: We return to New Xexoria, where Agnes Mikhail has become a mercenary, working alongside the notorious Rave Varren and his infamous hairdo. The mercenary company operates out of the port town of Al Lagosa, and has been operating on hard times. Things are, unfortunately, quiet in Al Lagosa these days. So when a guard job for the first passenger train ride since the collapse of the Old World comes up, the mercenaries snap it up. Their journey will take them careening across the country, into the heart of danger and adventure.
  • Episode Time: 3:13:37

Sordid Dystopia – No Use Shootin’ a Dead Horse

  • Description: The cast and crew of the runaway train is back for more action! The port town of Al Lagosa is (remarkably) still standing. Rave has been contracted for his first Mercenary Solo mission. (It’s probably not janitorial work). Joined by a young Umbra, flung far from her home in search of human societies’ secrets, Rave will be sent into the dark reached of New Xexoria.
  • Episode Time: 2:51:34

Sordid Dystopia – Uncouth Rapscallions

  • Description: The mercenaries are back in business. Unfortunately, they have no idea what business that might be.  Until they’re plunged directly into it and told to swim. Will they be uncouth enough rapscallions to rescue the syndicate leader’s girl?
  • Episode Time: 3:44:46

Sordid Dystopia – The Ghosts of Opera

  • Description: The rag-tag mercenary team (amazingly) gets a new contract. Something needs investigating on Prominence Street, along the entertainment district. Several ‘disappearences’ have occurred in the area, and their client  wishes to know who’s responsible. Foul play is more than suspected.  Can the mercenaries uncover the kidnapper?
  • Episode Time: 4:32:07

Sordid Dystopia – Heavy is the Head Which Controls the Battle

  • Description: Rough and tumble members of the Vontais Explorer’s Guild are on their way to an outpost of the Polin Trading Company, seeking work and the latest news. The outpost is located in the center of a swamp, and the land is as foreboding as it is desolate. From here, they are asked to track down a missing caravan. Their journey will take them deep into the heart of danger.  
  • Episode Time: 3:20:00

Lejune's Home For Displaced Umbra

LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra – Mesik’s Day Off

  • Description: On the Isle of Night, far from human society, live the Umbra – a dark skinned, horned, tribal but civilized race. Our protagonists are young orphaned Umbra, living in the care of an orphanage. The orphanage, (like its real-world parallel, Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home) is run down, and packed full of Umbra orphans, ready to get up to shenanigans and investigate mysteries. This is the Drunk and Ugly’s first live game! As such, it is just a little bit silly. We hope you enjoy.
  • Episode Time: 2:30:48

LeJeune’s Home – Adventures in Babysitting

  • Description: Happy 100th game, everybody! We’re celebrating with our gift to you, another adorable romp with the gang from Lejuene’s Home for Displaced Umbra. Roland’s had Sekme, Mesik, Nanette, and Paskal foisted off on him for the day so Lejuene can have some “Lejuene Time.” Roland. Babysitting. A group of resourceful, slightly magic Umbra children. For a whole day.  Clearly nothing at all can go poorly here.
  • Episode Time: 2:20:50

LeJeune’s Home – In the Shadow of Vaden

  • Description: The Lejuene’s gang wakes up to an empty home. Lejuene is missing. Everyone except a few kids are missing. Nothing else seems out of place. The gang quickly scrambles out of bed (except Roland, who’s a big sleepyhead) and tracks down the mystery. What they find will lead them to the edge of events in motion that are much, much greater than them. Vaden casts a long shadow, across the island, back to the beginning of our hero’s stories. Secrets and revelations hide in that darkness, and they have fangs.
  • Episode Time: 2:32:30

LeJeune’s Home – For the Umbra Who Has Everything

  • Description: The gang survived the Shade incursion. Sasha’s gone missing and Paskal believes the only explanation can be conspiracy! Lejuene is no help, and it’s up to the gang to figure out what’s going on in their strangest adventure yet.
  • Episode Time: 3:10:13

LeJeune’s Home – “Let’s Play Pretend”

  • Description: Last time, the gang went to the strangest place in the world, and chose not to be eaten and digested in blissful ignorance for hundreds of years. Roland has also suffered the worst string of misfortune ever, and is still sans a house. Lejune’s off to scout for more horrible denizens of the island, and leaves Roland behind to babysit.  Again. We also learn about 18th Century gun safety! And St. Cat Robbelson is adorable as ever. It is just another day in Lejune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.
  • Episode Time: 1:26:40

LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra – The Isle of War

  • Description: The lovable scalliwags (joined by newcomer Luca) of Lejuene’s Home for Displaced Umbra are back, with an all new adventure! It’s Battle Royale time, and to the victor go the spoils.
  • Episode Time: 2:24:50

Big Trouble in Little Cizok

Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 1)

  • Description: The city of Al Lagosa,  New Xexoria. Half submerged, the once great city hunkers on the shoreline, bustling with trade and a steady flow of immigrants. Corruption and conflict are rampant, in both the North and South districts. In the middle of this sits a small island of hope: Little Cizok. Inspectors Attan and Trudeau, hardened upholders of the law, receive a telegraph call from the Chief Inspector, into one of the districts deep in Al Lagosa, near the new railway. Their investigation will lead them through the worst of Al Lagosa.
  • Episode Time: 2:26:54

Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 2)

  • Description: Inspectors Attan and Trudeau hacked their way through the crime of Al Lagosa, finally catching up to their murder suspect moments before he was gruesomely poisoned. Now, they are continuing their hunt for the mysterious, dark oni who murdered their suspected killer. Can the Inspectors punch crime in the face hard enough, or will they be overwhelmed by the corruption surrounding them?
  • Episode Time: 3:00:26

Reflecting the Soul

Sordid Dystopia – Reflecting the Soul (Part 1)

  • Description: Reflecting the Soul is the intro adventure that will be packaged with the Sordid Dystopia role-playing game. The adventure has seen playtesting and revision, but we’re happy to present its first running. The group of mercenaries are called before the head of the Zogby crime family and given a mission: recover a certain book, hidden away in Cizok. The book is a holy tome, sequestered in a Cizokian church. The Old Xexorian mercenaries will have to cross into a city where they will be cast with suspicion and nationalistic hatred. Can the mercenaries overcome the forces working against them from without and within to complete their mission?
  • Episode Time: 3:12:48

Sordid Dystopia – Reflecting the Soul (Part 2)

  • Description: The mission to steal the Book of Reflection is rolling along as smoothly as a train with no wheels and no track. The mercenaries, minus Omran, who managed to get himself trapped in the wheels of local crime, are dealing with elements inside the church. They aim to pry open a way to the true Book of Reflection by playing the church against itself. Can the mercenaries overcome the forces working against them from without and within to complete their mission?
  • Episode Time: 2:49:18