Talia Esteville

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Talia Esteville


Appearance: Short (4’5) and scrawny. Has short black hair and wears thin framed eyeglasses.

Parents: Steven and Marcy Estevelle.

DoB: 1/23/1998

Favorite Thing(s): Battlepet Network and roleplaying games.

Personality: Timid and easily frightened, Talia is utterly defenseless against bullies. To top it off, Talia is probably scarred for life: not only is she a vegetarian, but she is permanently afraid of aggressive carnivores. She is very friendly with those who’re nice to her and enjoys making new friends. That said, Talia is extremely nerdy; she plays obscure card and video games like Battlepet Network, engages in random acts of live action roleplaying, and is the supreme Dungeon Master in all her social circles.


  • Feet 3 (P.E. +0, Kicking +0, Dodge +1)
  • Guts 1 (Wind +0, Courage +2, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 2 (Shop +0, Punching +0, Blocking +0, Marksmanship +2)
  • Brains 5 (Out-Think +5, Remember +2, Notice +5)
  • Face 3 (Charm +3, Putdown +0, Connive +0)


Dad and Mom (1), Eastwood (5), Max (2), Charlie (1), Everett (1)


Single Action Army: Width +1 (with scars), Gnarly x 2. 6 attacks. (Currently broken)

Monster - Eastwood

Deceased. : (

New Monster? Coolrat!

Appearance: A hyper cartoon rat in rad skater’s clothing.

Personality: Obviously trying too hard to impress the kids. He does everything in the most flashy, impressive, and attention-grabbing way as he possibly can.

Way to Hide: Ninjutsu (namely through smoke bombs, a flash step, or some kind of Naruto-ism).

Favorite Thing: The slightest hint of attention from children. To Coolrat, all the world’s a stage, and any passing kid his audience. While this may mean it’s very easy to get him to do things, it also means he’s distractable as all getup.

Real Deal: Reconstituted from dark forces in the underworld and Talia’s memories of Coolrat. Not the genuine article, but that’s probably for the better. This Coolrat can be the stage Michael Jackson without also being the behind-the-scenes Michael Jackson.

Bits and Pieces:

  • 1-2: Totally Radical Skateboard! 8d: (Useful [Sweet Skateboarding!] , Awesome x2
  • 3-5: Tubular Ninja Moves! 9d: Attacks, Useful [Ninja Tricks] , Awesome x2, Gnarly x2, Spray x1
  • 6-7: Gnarly Vest 8d: (Defends, Awesome x2)
  • 8-9: Center of Attention 7d: (Useful [Special Effects] , Defends, Awesome x2)
  • 10: Very Cool Sunglasses 3d: (Useful [YYYEEAAAHHH!!!] , Awesome x2)

Other Notes:

Talia’s former Monster, a very protective sharpshooter by the name of Eastwood, taught her how to hold and shoot a firearm—a .22 caliber firearm specifically—so she could defend herself were Eastwood not around. She’s only good at hitting stationary targets like bottles and cans, though, and would never dream of actually hurting a poor defenseless animal. She also doesn’t own a gun, just knows how to shoot one.

But she’s pretty great with a slingshot, too.

Talia now possesses an old Single Action Army. It is currently useless, as it needs to be repaired. She also lacks ammunition for this weapon. It may never become useful, but it was Eastwood’s and she loves it forever.

Relationship Note(s): Because Eastwood is deceased, Talia cannot exactly spend quality time with him. Instead, QT with the memory of Eastwood is just that: Talia sits and reminisces about all the adventures they had.

What I Did After Being Liberated from a Creepy Basement

Experience Points: 5/28

  • +3 to Out-Think (originally 1), gained from resisting (or attempting to, rather) the telepathic control of Robbie Drake.
  • +2 to Courage (originally 0), gradually developed after finally having the opportunity to say goodbye to Eastwood. Having received a greater level of finality in her relationship with him, she is able to slowly return to the state of bravery that he helped her develop years earlier (previously broken, presumed permanently, after Eastwood was killed by the Grinning Man).
  • +1 to the relationship with Max (originally 0); her relationship with him is gradually growing. Into what? I have no clue.
  • +1 to Feet (originally 2). "Ow ow ow ow owwwww. Gotta do this jumping thing better to make sure that doesn't happen again. Owwwww."
  • +4 to Notice (originally 1). Taking a very back-seat approach to hanging out with everyone, Talia has gotten very good at noticing things. This has a lot to do with not talking, looking around, and being a general creep.
  • +1 to Dodge (originally 0). "Gotta make sure Everett doesn't touch me again. 'Cause that . . . she hurts. :("
  • +1 to the relationship with Max (originally 1). She really does get worried when he's out there, potentially getting himself hurt.
  • +1 to the relationship with Charlie (originally 0). Okay, so, he can be a jerk sometimes, but he gets the job done, right? Sometimes being a jerk is necessary to solve problems! She could learn from this!
  • +1 to the relationship with Everett (originally 0). Seeing the way Everett is with Daniel is actually kind of touching to Talia. Makes her kind of wish she were like that with someone. Not Daniel, of course, as he's a pretty strange guy, but someone. Someday, maybe.
  • +1 to Out-Think (originally 4). Imagination solved the crisis with the Slendermen. She ever summoned a pistol!
  • +2 to Remember (originally 0). She had to remember how to shoot in that dream. It's a good thing she's still able to do that.