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  • Nate – Snow “Frostbite” Higgins. Eccentric genius with a skin condition and a love for the cold. Also she robbed banks a couple times.
  • Zach – Remilia “Remi” Vaerbond. An incredibly strong and muscular woman trained in the art of swordsmanship. Convicted on the murder of a mid-time crimelord and conspiracy.
  • Travis – Isaac Marie “Izzi” Gaylord. Foul-mouthed con man and mastermind, eventually caught for tax evasion and sent on suicide with the rest of these guys for some reason.
  • James – Doug “Kingdom Come” Charney. A man set on a divine mission to punish the wicked. Protected by his faith and a pair of silver-baller pistols.
  • Kevin – A.J. “Thrillseeker” Blaze. Former street thug with incredibly violent tendencies and a need to constantly fill his adrenaline quota.


The Initiative Episode 1 – TOP MEN

  • Description: The Initiative: the codename for the American government’s daring, highly trained special mission force. It’s purpose, to defend human freedom against any terrorist threats. When a vital oil rig is seized and its crew held hostage, the heroes must swing in to save the day!
  • Episode Time: 4:18:24

The Initiative Ep 2 – Snipers in the Hills of Fancy Gap

  • Description: The notorious bank robber-turned-action hero Frostbite was deployed on a mission vital to National Security. She has not returned.

Now the remaining members of The Initiative must race to save her from the perils of Fancy Gap.

  • Episode Time: 4:53:41

The Initiative Episode 3 – What’s Yours is Mine

  • Description: News has it that a set of schematics for a highly advanced combat robot have surfaced in Monaco. The team is deployed to infiltrate and recover them. Surely they will stick entirely to their mission goals and not be distracted by all of the excess wealth and luxury or fancy parties around the area, right?
  • Episode Time: 4:01:17

The Initiative Episode 4 – The Gang Beats Up Some Nerds

  • Description: A combat drug to surpass the modern military is being developed. The initiative team is on the case.

Until they decide not to, of course.

  • Episode Time: 2:44:44

The Initiative Episode 5 – The Gang Gets Drunk

  • Description: Still on the hunt for the source of a combat drug, the team seeks out members of two local gangs: the Priests and the Diablos. Contact has been established and meetings will be had, but first there are some important meetings to be had at the local tavern.
  • Episode Time: 2:22:49

The Initiative Episode 6 – All for Nothing

  • Description: The team ran rampant through San Diego, accomplishing essentially nothing and getting paid for it. They’re being reinforced by Thrillseeker and Kingdom Come and moving into the actual mission.


  • Episode Time: 3:24:55

The Initiative Episode 7 – The Fortress of Solitude

  • Description: The Ice: Antarctica has long been home to danger and peril to those who travel to study it. When a training site for a Mars Colony goes radio silent, it’s up to the Initiative to mount up their snowmobiles and ride off to the rescue.
  • Episode Time: 3:05:55

The Initiative Episode 8 – The Satellite of Love

  • Description: The Initiative team are hard at work solving the mystery on the Ice. But the Ice holds many secrets, and nothing is what it seems.
  • Episode Time: 2:09:53