The Thunder and the Whirlwind

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Season 1

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 1

  • Description: Mars: 10 years after the Fall. A Firewall sentinel has gone missing two weeks into an undercover mission. Two weeks is not necessarily a red flag for the scanners and vectors until secret Firewall caches across Mars started being very carefully, cautiously, and skillfully raided. PROX-E KING has been informed and taps several new, untested agents to track down the missing and presumed dead sentinel, reacquire their cortical stack, and stop the OpSec leak. But Mars runs thick with blood and betrayal. The sentinel team is setting off on a path whose twists and turns they cannot begin to imagine. Mars will show them fear in a handful of dust.
  • Episode Time: 3:18:22

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 2

  • Description: Jared Dirac, the traitor to Firewall, has been captured, intact. Four of the Burner Morphs have been captured (two in less than mint condition.) The VTOL, the weaponry, and the gear from the smuggler’s cave have all been captured. The first step for the Firewall Sentinels will be to parse the information they gathered. Interrogate Dirac, examine the records from the Red Devils, and – carefully – investigate the nanotech, both the secured container and the nanoparticles. From there, drastic steps will have to be taken to shut down the terrorists, and fast.
  • Episode Time: 2:27:10

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 3

  • Description: The Firewall team is going undercover, posing as Jared Dirac and his team of anonymous Red Devil terrorists. They have received an itinerary of sorts, and have already completed the first task; a daring raid on a TITAN infested settlement on the outskirts of the Titan Quarantine Zone. There, they recovered a strand of dangerous nanotech for the terrorists, and almost lost Griswold Stuart to an attack by the site’s fractal guardians. Having survived their brush with horrific death, the Firewall Sentinels are poised to carry out a robbery on the Ashoka 22, a maglev train carrying a hypercorp’s secret cargo.
  • Episode Time: 2:50:36

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 4

  • Description: Having survived the TQZ and PROX-E Ghost’s ministrations, the Firewall team — posing as the Red Devils — successfully robbed the Ashoka 22. In a matter of minutes, they breached the train’s security and thoroughly neutralized its mercenary guards, making off with their cargo. During the raid, Sam Franklin, ex-Direct Action mercenary, came knife-to-knife with an old friend. Insisting on a ‘man’s fight,’ he held off the majority of the mercenary team while his Firewall compatriots secured their target cargo. Having completed the first stage of their mission, the Sentinels are being ordered to take some downtime, and stay off the radar while they look into the location of the Red Devils’ homebase. And after all, their favors are coming due.
  • Episode Time: 2:33:22

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 5

  • Description: The Firewall team, having been given some forced downtime, promptly ran smack into a series of increasingly dangerous problems. Someone has deployed a basilisk onto the mesh. Its capabilities, motivations, and intent are unknown. A hypercorp bureaucratic drone was subverted and was apparently used as a puppet to begin some sort of sabotage using recovered TITAN nanotech. PROX-E KING has ordered the Sentinels to make all possible haste to shut down Akinye and her Red Devils terrorist organization. Unfortunately, the spies have almost no information about Akinye or her organization, and their plans, location, or intents. Flying blind, they have to attempt to track down as much information as possible and then make their move, before the Red Devils strike.
  • Episode Time: 3:12:36

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 6

  • Description: Last session, the Firewall agents earned their salaries. They crashed a mech party, challenged a crime boss to one on one combat, and then impersonated too-rich-for-their-own-blood Hyperelites to gain access to the inner chambers of Skinesthesia. While Noah donned his old personality and spun a web of deceit, John and T.O.M. managed to find the lab where Dr. Worthmeyer was conducting her research. Unfortunately, what was waiting for them was horrific beyond words. The Firewall agents, barely managing to contain the exsurgent threat that had consumed Dr. Worthmeyer, beat a hasty retreat. They managed to cover their trail with some desperate clean-up tactics and composure under pressure, delaying the sure-to-follow investigation and buying themselves precious time. It seems, however, that Akinye is almost ready to make her move. She has a deadly Basilisk hack, TITAN nanotech, and her fingers on the trigger of an unknown number of exsurgents who are ready to pop.
  • Episode Time: 3:58:19

Season 2

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 7

  • Description: At the end of Act One, the PROX-E KING’s Sentinels walked into hell and survived. They stormed the Red Devil compound, fought off revolutionaries and horrific nightmare creatures, and bested Akinye. Now, Firewall would really appreciate a thorough debriefing. Worth watching: The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow
  • Episode Time: 1:55:01

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 8

  • Description: The Sentinels walked into hell, and survived. Firewall, desperate to know how they’d done it, forcefully debriefed them. Now, two weeks have passed since the assault on the Red Devils. Mars, having avoided the fires of revolution and destruction, has settled back into its status quo. It’s up to the Sentinels to track down Boutin, find out what he’s planning, and erase him.
  • Episode Time: 2:34:29

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 9

  • Description: The Sentinels have gained a valuable lead on Charles Boutin, the mysterious sponsor of the Red Devil terrorists and the father of a terrifying brand of exsurgents. Firewall has tracked his last location to the station of Mitre, in Luna orbit. PROX-E KING has tasked the Sentinel team with farcasting to Luna and tracking down Boutin. There, the web of conspiracy will unfold and the Sentinels will be plunged into thorough and complete danger.
  • Episode Time: 2:23:51

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 10

  • Description: The team, set on tracking down Charles Boutin, began their investigation on Mitre. Sam Franklin discovered that his reporter friend Solemn Zahn was altered by her contact with Charles Boutin, having lost her specific memories of the man. Now, armed with more information about their enemy than they’ve possessed at all during the investigation, the Sentinel team is tracing down Boutin’s private expense account activity, hoping to uncover his true purpose before it is too late.
  • Episode Time: 2:19:23

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 11

  • Description: Charles Boutin is a traitor to Firewall. Known to the organization as PROX-E Klein, he has left Firewall for reasons unknown. He has TITAN tech at his disposal, a seemingly endless set of resources, and motivations that stretch into the dark. And it’s the Sentinel’s team to follow him there. Burned by their organization out of necessity, the Firewall agents must track down Boutin on their own, with whatever allies they choose to make.
  • Episode Time: 1:48:01

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 12

  • Description: The Firewall team conducted a security sweep of its own morphs, and discovered some perilously intriguing things. Someone in Firewall has been going to great lengths to instill Griswold with the memories of Richard Connor, Fall Criminal and disgraced Hypercorp CEO. Their motivations are unknown, and the Sentinels are quickly realizing they are even further over their heads than they knew. All in all, it’s been an eventful first day on Luna.
  • Episode Time: 1:38:38

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 13

  • Description: Kidnapping, industrial espionage, murder, and grand theft VTOL: just another day on the Moon. The team is now moving on their lead in the city of Nectar. Boutin is still steps ahead of them, and his true plan and intentions have not yet coalesced. Meanwhile, Noah has set off to Clever Hands, the habitat owned by Somatek, following an invitation to take up an ego bounty on a dangerous uplift renegade.
  • Episode Time: 3:24:17

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 14

  • Description: The Firewall team spent some time under the radar, investigating their next lead. There is one final account payment on Luna to track down, and the team is scrambling to put together all of the information they’ve uncovered. Charles Boutin, traitor, mastermind, and murderer, is still steps ahead of them.
  • Episode Time: 3:18:35

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 15

  • Description: The Lunar Deep Delve is a sunken shaft of hell. The Sentinels have dropped into the festering pit of Boutin’s final play. TITAN has taken root here in the heart of the Moon, and it is up to the Firewall agents to cleanse the corruption with fire.
  • Episode Time: 2:02:17

Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Finale

  • Description: Charles Boutin’s long conspiracy has been fully revealed. The Firewall team dived into the depths of Luna and found the tree that would end all life: the TITAN shadowseed, grown into fruition by Boutin. The ex-PROX-E’s revenge and legacy must be stopped. The Sentinels must destroy Boutin and the thing that he calls his son at all costs. Read the campaign’s epilogue, HOSTEL COMPLEX, here.
  • Episode Time: 2:45:07

Total Length: 1:18:59:55