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Tim would obviously be rather scrawny if he didn’t keep himself occupied with physical project after physical project. He wears his shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, and is usually clad in a plain white t-shirt and cargo pants with as many pockets as possible. He is almost never without at least a small set of tools, whether they are in his backpack at school or on a tool belt he wears around outside (more to spite his father than anything).

The Basics


  • Norman Rodgers, a retired, middle-aged former Broadway actor. Has frequent arguments with Tim about hobbies, career direction and style of dress. Tim insists on practicality and efficiency, Norman favors theatrics and stylishness. Frequently overdramatic.
  • Sarah Rodgers, a middle-aged hippy that has similar arguments with Tim about his practicality. Clinging to a time period that ended in the late sixties, and has the libertarian philosophies to match.

Age: 15

Height: 5’6”

Personality: Industrious, practical, efficient and unwavering on all of these aspects. Typically very laissez-faire, simply going with the circumstances. However, when the chance comes for him to use his particular skills, usually when something needs to be built, he kicks into high gear and gets to work.

Favorite Thing: The feeling of potential that comes from having tools and the materials to use them.

Birthday: September 4th

By The Numbers

  • Feet 3 (P.E. +2, Kicking +0, Dodge +3)
  • Guts 5 (Wind +2, Courage +4, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 5 (Shop +5, Punching +1, Blocking +0, Macguyvering +3)
  • Brains 4 (Out-think +4, Remember +1, Notice +4)
  • Face 3 (Charm +2, Put-Down +2, Connive +3)


  • Norman Rodgers 2: For all the arguing they do, Tim still loves his dad, and thinks hard on his advice from time to time.
  • The Shop Teacher 2: Taught Tim a new hobby at a time when he really needed one, freshly exasperated with his father’s pushing towards theater.
  • Macguyver 2: The patron saint of mechanics everywhere, Tim has always wanted to be even half as resourceful as him. He got the box set for his birthday one year, and has been hooked ever since.
  • Manny 1: Friend time in the forest. Manny’s a pretty cool dude.

Equipment: Wrench, Hammer, Dual Head Screwdiver (removable bits), Pliers, Pocketknife, etc

MONSTER: Hammerstein


Appearance: Looks like Frankenstein’s Monster (or maybe more like Herman Munster), with the notable addition of a pair of hammers for arms. His left arm, starting at the elbow, is an industrial sledgehammer with a silvery glint, upon which the name “Maxwell” is written. His right arm, also starting at the elbow, is a cartoonish wooden mallet, upon which the name “Maslow” is written. His neck bolts constantly spark electricity, which can occasionally be put to useful purposes.

Personality: He speaks bluntly, grimly and sarcastically. Laments his lack of manual dexterity, and treats every problem as if it were a nail, so to speak. Very nosy at times, but usually manageable.

Way to Hide: Takes the form of a small toy mallet that Tim carries around, usually on his tool belt.

Favorite Thing: Any problem for which the ideal solution is brute force.

Bits and Pieces

1-2 Lightning (Neck) Bolts 8d:

  • Useful (Supercharge!), Sharing, Sweet

3-5 Maslow 10d:

  • Attacks (problem-solving), Defends (block), Awesome x2, Gnarly x2

6-8 Maxwell 10d:

  • Defends (block), Attacks (crashing down), Gnarly x2, Tough x2

9-10 “Borrowed” Skin 8d:

  • Defends (Leathery), Tough x2