Ty Soren

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Ty’s short, he may be 14, but he hasn’t really hit full-on puberty yet. He’s a skinny little thing, and 5 foot 2. You can tell he’s going to be tall, but he ain’t there now. He keeps his hair close shave, almost shorn. He’s real pale. Super pale even. Hasn’t seen the sunlight in 20 years, lives in a cave, alabaster doll: pale. His eyes are so brown they’re black, it basically looks like he’s all pupil. Small nose, ears he hasn’t grown into, but there’s something a little mischievous about him. Hard to nail down.

His posture isn’t great. It’s like he’s in pain. His head always seems to be cocked at at least a five degree angle. He seems somber and sad, but at least one corner of his mouth is always quirked up in something resembling a smile. He’s usually in an oversized hoody. It’s ratty and a little threadbare, but always clean. If you had to guess, it wasn’t purchased for him, but he seems more comfortable in it than out of it. A nice wristwatch is always on his arm. It’s too expensive for any kid in a halfway home. How he’s kept it is any one’s guess. His eyes are closed more often than not. It’s kind of creepy when he’s talking to you.

The Basics

Age: 14

Favorite Thing: The rain!

A bad thing I did: The lady. I hurt her. She was never the same. The lady.

A good thing I did: Im not very good. I try to be. But it never goes well.


  • Feet 1 (P.E. +0, Kicking +0, Dodging +0,)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +1, Courage +4, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 3 (Shop +1, Punching +0, Blocking +0)
  • Brains 4 (Out-Think +0, Remember +2, Notice +3)
  • Face 3 (Charm +0, Putdown +1, Connive +4,)


  • Mental Touchy Feely 1d (useful. Ranged sense of touch)
  • I am a Jedi 4d (useful. Move things with my mind.) Attack, Defend


  • 2d (weird) The voice that tells me the mean truths about people.
  • 1d(weird) The voice that tells me things that are distracting.
  • 1d The watch that dad gave me.
  • 2d thunderstorms and rainclouds. (He likes the rain. It always rains when important things happen.)
  • 1d Jingles


3 pts

1d Jingles (cause they are weird non sleepers)

Notice from +2 to +3

Backstory Stuffs

Ty is totally a genius. You won’t notice cause he’s a little distracted and he tends towards the clipped short sentence. But when you turn 9, and your brain starts to do things it shouldn’t and your parents die in a car accident, you are owed a little slack.

He didn’t get any. Two halfway houses. The first one didn’t take. The owner-operator, referred to as “the Lady” was kind of a liar, a cheat and a bully.

She kind of disappeared. Weird that. And so is Ty.