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My name is Ginny Stewart

Ginny lores.png

I am a 10 year old girl.

My birthday is December 12th.

I am a Tinkerer and Karate-er.

I have green eyes and chin length blond hair. I don’t have very nice clothes, but they fit well and keep me warm in the winter, so everything works out.

I also wear a pair of frameless glasses. The actual frame parts are the bendy kind, which is good because people like to get in fights with me for some reason. My parents got these for me after Dougie broke my last pair because these are harder to break and they can’t get me any more for a while.

I always have my backpack with me. It’s got tools, a flashlight, radio, toothbrush, mace, and just about anything I need! It’s helpful because sometimes I forget things.

  • Move 4
  • Fight 3
  • Think 3
  • Speak 2
  • Care 3



  • It’s hard for me to Move when I don’t know where I am.
  • It’s dishonorable to Fight below the belt.


  • I can Think better when my Nature Scout training applies
  • I can Speak better when The Authorities are involved.


  • 7/7 Fine
  • 7/7 Sore (-2)
  • 7/7 Hurt (-4)
  • 7/7 Cold (-6)

Belief: 3

Spirit: 10

Wits: 8/8


Positive Qualities:

  • I am Athletic (+3)
    • I know karate (+3)
    • I can climb like a squirrel (+3)

Other Qualities

  • I can build things (+2)
  • I’m very observant (+2)

Negative Qualities:

  • My Family’s Poor (-2)
  • I wear glasses (-1)

Cool Stuff:

My backpack! (1 Point)

  • Always has exactly what I need! (+1)
  • Care +2

My Karate Belt (3 Points)

  • Makes me Ginny Jaa. (+1 Damage, +2 Fight)

My Big Flashlight (2 Points)

  • Keeps away monsters and lets me run faster (+2 Move)

My Nature Badge Sash (2 points)

  • My scout training makes me more caring (+2 Care)


My best friend is Grim Grey

A grown-up I can trust is Sgt Donelly, a member of the local police force and one of my dad’s best friends.

I once lost my brother Jason. He was special to me because he was the only one who used to have any time to spend with me. I’m alone for a long time every day now.

Scary Things

Monsters can’t hurt me as long as I’m in my room.

Monsters can’t touch my way awesome karate uniform.

I don’t go near the old steel mill because my mom lost her job there after someone lost an arm.

My biggest fear is my mom getting badly hurt or worse.

A Little About Me

The thing I like least about myself is my overactive imagination. It’s great during boring classes, but it makes it really hard for me to sleep some nights because it looks like some guy is standing outside my second story window.

The thing that gets me into trouble is telling things about other kids to adults.

When I get scared, I work something around in my hands quickly or punch the scary thing.

Tell me about your family

I live in a house with my mom, Amber, and my dad, Donald. I have an older brother, Jason, but he doesn’t live here anymore. I keep some pet mice. My dad runs the local Steak and Ale House, and my mom works in a factory.

My biggest secret

I told my parents about a baggie I found in my brother’s room. There was a lot of yelling and when I went downstairs, I saw my brother throw a vase at my dad and storm out the door. I haven’t seen him since.