Yuji Koury

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Yuji Koury


By The Numbers

Age / Grade Level: 17 / 11th

Stats and Skills

  • Feet 3 (P.E. +2, Kicking +0, Dodge +0)
  • Guts 4 (Wind +0, Courage +4, Wrestling +0)
  • Hands 5 (Shop +2, Punching +2, Blocking +1)
  • Brains 2 (Notice +1, Out-Think +1, Remember +1)
  • Face 2 (Charm +2,Intimidate +4, Connive +0,)


  • Mom (3)
  • Ellis (4)
  • Jared (2)
  • Mr. Siva (2)
  • Fenix (2)

Life Story

Appearance: Yanki. Greasy, slicked back black hair. Thing eyebrows. Often wears a black, scaly looking leather jacket over his blue japanese school uniform. Has green eyes and often has a toothpick.

Parents: His father was Elvan Koury, a photojournalist who died on assignment overseas. Mother is Aoi Koury, a former model who now runs a paint supply/hobby shop. Born in Japan, and recently migrated to the US

Personality: When he lived in Japan, he was often picked on for being half Turkish. When his family moved to the US about a year ago, he reinvent himself as a tough guy. Has more bark than bite, but heaven help you if you try to mess with his mother's store.

Favorite Thing: Painting. What, you got a problem with that? It’s called culture, motherfucker, maybe you should get some.


Mom: She worries about him. His grades are dropping and he’s started to stay out late. Yuji is very protective of her will fight anyone who speaks ill of her. He promised her that he keep any fighting outside of school.

Ellis: Her mom runs a shop next to his mom’s. She’s his girlfriend. She’s more aggressive than Yuji and he occasionally needs to hold her back. Her mom isn’t too fond of Yuji because of his delinquentness, but gives him the benefit of the doubt (most because she know Aoi well). Helps keep those rainbow punks out of the shopping district. Infact, thats how they met

Jared: He has a monster too. Really protective of her. Yuji respects that.



Appearance: Giant black catfish. Sometimes wears kimono. Always has a dopey expression.

Personality: Big goofball. Almost always friendly and never (initially) causes trouble.

Favorite Thing: Thrash around and cause earthquakes. He doesn’t so much like do like doing it as that he needs to do it so he doesn’t get stiff and achy. He prefers to do this in unpopulated areas where no one can get hurt, but the longer he goes without a good shake, the more likely he’ll break down and do it right where he is, populated area or not.

Way to Hide: As Yuji's leather jacket. If you look closely you’ll see the scales.

Bits and Pieces

1 - 4 Big Body 10d

  • Attacks (thrashing and earthquakes) Useful (Cause earthquake) useful (Can be as big as a whale or as small as a guppy) Defends(scales) Tough 3, Area 1, Awesome 2, Spray 1

5 - 6 Fishtail 6d

  • Useful (stand on end and move on land) Useful (swim) Wicked fast 1, Awesome x2

7 - 9 Big Whiskers 9d

  • Attacks(grab and whip) Useful(grab things) Useful (sense things that are underground or behind walls), Useful(find secrets), Awesome 2, Gnarly 2

10 Big Mouth 4d

  • Attacks(squirt water) Wicked fast